Green, Al - Judy Lyrics

I never thought dreams could happen,
Until one came true for me.
Since I met Judy,
Since I met Judy,
My life has been one sweet melody.
Yeah! Yeah!
I never thought I could welcome....
Two other hearts as I do.

Oh...Since I met Judy,
Since I met Judy,
Well it's been a real hip thing I'm telling you.
Oh, saying that I want Judy.
Talking about beauty,
She's got it.
I know she's got it.
Her sweet little ways,
Mean so much to me.
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

I'm making mine Judy.
To love her! Got her! Got her! Yeah! Yeah!
Gonna keep her right here with me.
Yeah! Oh yeah!
Now I find it hard to believe, that I'm happy.
All my pains and heartaches are all gone.
So glad I can tell the world:
Since I met Judy,
Since I met Judy,
Well my life has been one sweet song.
I won't be worried long.
If you think I'm gonna leave her,
Man, you're wrong.

It's only Judy.
I'm telling you you're wrong.
I love Judy.
I'm crazy about that Judy.
Judy, Judy, Judy!

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Green, Al Judy Comments
  1. Dar M.

    I Like How He Said, "Little Hot Tonight.".
    (While I'm Thinking, I Guess So, Turtleneck, Wool Jacket...Okay My Brother!!!

    Most Of All, These Damn People Were So Damn Lucky To Be So Close To This Man -Right Here. I Could Had Not Been Able To Maintain Myself...Fr...FR!!!

  2. Dar M.

    Who's Still Here 2020???
    ME...That's Who!!!
    (Wishing He Was Singing About ME!!!)
    (Wish I Knew Al Back -When!!!)
    This Is My Baby -Right Here🙂😍😘💚

  3. doc

    Jay z did not bring me here this is one of my favorite Al Green songs.

  4. Cw Dew

    WOW every song that Al Green have Song I have lived even Judy Al Green was my Compass GOD ALMIGHTY was using him to direct me been to His concerts but never met him on my way to be a preacher

  5. Michael Collins

    Just sit up and check this man out I am older than Al and have most of his vinyl Yeah The Reverend

  6. ConservativeAnthem

    All the women crying during this...

  7. Admir T

    I like this live version better....WISH I WAS AROUND IN THESE DAYS

  8. Kel Malik

    It's Live!

  9. Winner 2016

    From the soul...Al Green definitely...

  10. Dar M.

    Wish My Name Was Judy...And He's Singing To And About Judy!!!

  11. blechbuechse

    afro americans are an enrichment to our world! 
    peace & love brothers and sisters.

  12. Tam Dawson

    I Luv Al Green, ThxU for the footage...

  13. Paulinho dafra speed

    2019 Brasil

  14. Linda Thomas

    Ok that sexy stare and the licking of his lips has me in the words of my girl Monica Brown ( So Gone ) lol ! I can't stop watching this video and if you think I'm gonna leave him, man you're wrong you wrong as you can be. I'm crazy bout Al Green. Lol ! Who's with me 2019 ?

  15. Linda Thomas


  16. Betty Johnson

    My mom's name is Judy

  17. Jana L

    He's so smoooooth DANG!!!!! Lord I desire a loving man that's thus smooth and gentleman like.

  18. Linda Thomas

    Love Hova, but I grew up listening to Al , Tyrone Davis, B.B. King, O.V Wright, Bobby Bland, Johnny Taylor all the greats. I was only 3yrs. old so I didn't understand it then, but my first love 18yrs later brought all of those feelings out "For the good times" we had together.

  19. Nvthaniel


  20. Dreams of Grandeur

    Al was rocking the truck jewelry early👌🏾

  21. Victoria Juergens-Renfro

    No one today can.pull this off like Al Green. Maybe usher could go half the way.

  22. Victoria Juergens-Renfro

    My best friend was Judy in high school and she was wanted all the guys who Hung around our locker. She was the town queen and homecoming queen.

  23. reverend kemp

    The cameraman captured the soul, emotions, pain and subtle pleasure of the audience all at once, marvelously done... I STILL MISS AND THINK ABOUT JUDY!

  24. reverend kemp

    I cannot watch and listen to this just once, I just play and re-play and re-play...Love this LIVE version better than the recorded one which I loved also.
    MARVELOUS MESMERIZING MEMORIES of my beautiful Judy back in the day living in Nassau, Bahamas. This song describes my love, adoration and feeling for Judy to the " T "...her sweet little ways bring tears, unfortunately, she passed away being a was a victim of drugs. Thank you and bless you, Judy. Bless and thank you, Reverend Al Green.

  25. ronica Mickey

    This is so beautiful.!!!!!
    Nothing but pure soul.!!!You have to live it,to sing about.It's called experience 😍😍😍

  26. Dar M.

    Why All These Women In The Audience Look Like Al Green Did Them Wrong???? What’# Wrong With These People??? No Smiling...Just Miserable Looking. Plus, Why Is That Little Girl There???

  27. doc

    Man music was so much better in the 70’s.

  28. doc

    One of my favorite Al Green songs.

  29. Brandon Long

    Since I met you dear

  30. Alina Semjonova

    Too beautiful for words ❤️

  31. Chris Maggard

    My God..i grew up listening to Al Green, but sitting here tonight listening with headphones I feel every note. When he sang " I find it hard to believe that I'm happy...."I couldn't hold back the tears. So much mastery of poetry and sound. Love the Reverend!

  32. Joyce Peterson

    ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍wish the music was still so melodic and all about love~ Joyce's daughter❤🤗

  33. Luke Cage


  34. dave

    You don’t listen to soul music, you feel it and this crowd knows it. Lord have mercy. Chick with the cigarette looks like the sassy type but even she is speechless.

  35. reverend kemp

    Love this LIVE version better than the recorded one which I loved also.
    MARVELOUS MESMERIZING MEMORIES of my beautiful Judy back in the day living in Nassau, Bahamas. This song describes my love, adoration and feeling for Judy to the " T "...her sweet little ways bring tears, unfortunately, she passed away being a was a victim of drugs. Thank you and bless you, Judy. Bless and thank you, Reverend Al Green.

  36. Jennifer Lee

    The people listening are beautiful, in the rapture of an artist giving his ALL! Thank you for this sweet video. Times have changed but soul remains pure.

  37. Roberto Peña

    Here because of 4:44

  38. kathberry8

    those lovely faces looked almost afraid to believe...

  39. Aesthetic Horton

    Where is the donny hathaway performance??

  40. Andrieli Lima

    Black people voice is amazing

  41. John Cena

    Since I met you, dear

  42. Glam Glam


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  44. Andy Coz

    Is there anything so soulfull,look at those women thinking of tell me?I'm judy,no i'm judy...i'm judy

  45. Paulo Lentz

    Linda canção

  46. Arturo Stanig

    This teaches everybody a lesson and sssht plz

  47. psimmy73

    more of this please

  48. Don Caleb


  49. Charlie Perez

    ✋🤚 4:44

  50. Ana Catarina Amancio Cardoso

    Just imagine Bey dancing 4:44

  51. Garp

    All of these eyes specially the women see the Judy of their m'en.

  52. ReverendKemp LIVE!


  53. ReverendKemp LIVE!

    Like Al, I never thought that dreams could happen until I met Judy. I met her at the Show Boat Clun, Bay Street where I served as a waiter. The place was known to have Nassau's FINEST FEMALES. This brings back pleasant and sad memories of my JUDY, a fine fabulous fox that I met I was so in love with....such a beautiful, but troubled redbone darling who became a victim of drugs that invaded Nassau, Bahamas back in the '70's - '80's. MISSED and still love THIS QUEEN...peace to you darling!

  54. Marie Allison

    yes. yes

  55. Michelle Clark

    Black woman were so honored to hear a song that described true love back then.

  56. Alan Card

    When Al Green was THE LAW!!!

  57. big boi

    The lady holding the cigarette is so dark and lovely.

    big boi

    Would have loved to left with her that night.

  58. CJ Jeanie

    Wow; I am moved to tears listening to the melody and lyrics to this song.  I long for the day to be able to say "Now I find it hard to believe, that I'm happy.  All my pains and heartaches are all gone.  So glad I can tell the world."  Beautiful is not the word. Thank You so much for this video

  59. paytonkuz

    there's your replay button

  60. Vee luv

    This song brings tears to my eyes.

  61. Tray Blanks

    Live version is so 🔥🔥 than studio. Al Green is such a charmer and this song to me represents a true man's love for a woman. I'm 27 and ty for sharing, so mesmerizing😍 touches my heart through his passion and voice

  62. cherry crawford

    Wished I could've have been there !! This is what music was all about Love and not Sex. This man is pouring his heart out and really feeling " Judy" whoever she may be. She's one lucky lady to have met a sexy and sensuous man like AL Green !!! Yes, Lawd !!

  63. cherry crawford

    I love this sound so much better than the CD version !!!

  64. Alway John Rallos

    from 444 late nights and heartbreaks and this judy, jayz just brought us to beautiful songs

  65. Jessica Frias

    I hope when I die it feels the way 1:07-1:22 sounds. The perfect bliss.

  66. tipsy112

    4:44 brought me here again 🤷🏾‍♂️

  67. Gina Rivers

    Hov brought me here..💜

  68. Anderson Rodrigo

    i've found mine my heart talks to her soul since 13/12

  69. MsJollycholly

    'Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin' - by the Walker Brothers.....anybody else?

  70. Marv Cool

    I want a pretty girl that wants to be my friend with benefits, it’s this girl I seen on ig and it’s these two girls that works at Starbucks I like

  71. Aaron Verico1

    Al Green brought me here.
    Incredible and mesmerizing live version of this classic joint, by Al.

    I wish he played the guitar live even more. #Legend
    #GOAT👤 📝🎤🎸🎹🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  72. Michael Browne

    My mama brought me here! She had all Al Green records as a kid she played all his music

  73. MsJollycholly

    Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin' by Jerry & the Pacemakers?  Which one came first

  74. Craig James

    imagine seeing Al Green live, good lawd yall...insane!

  75. Rosanna Iancau

    I didn’t hear the live version of this song until 4:44
    Absolutely mesmerizing moment in the video, and so much soul here 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  76. Béhanzin

    beautiful, that song has people sitting in the audience contemplating life. and yes, 4:44 brought me here. also a great song.

  77. Trend ZONE

    Great song. Never heard it before. He's a total talent. Best singer ever.

  78. Pariah

    Love this song... but I never met a black Judy. lol j/k

  79. Derek Kase

    Get'n them lady folk hot warm n bothered

  80. Bam Rap

    Slow it down on the #4:44

  81. Vemir

    one of my favorite videos

  82. Adam Weishaupt

    Chics in the audience are looking like, "why am I still with this muthafucka?"

    Maritza Diaz Kelly

    Adam Weishaupt This comment made me crack up!!

    Maritza Diaz Kelly

    Rellz Tv because I’m not a little girl I’m 38 that’s how I know...

    Maritza Diaz Kelly

    My child hacked my device and I reported you @ Rellz TV so stop harassing me and my child!!

    Maritza Diaz Kelly

    The fuck do you care about a comment I made 11 months ago. Seriously get a life stop harassing people...

  83. Vanessa Whitney

    Yup 444 got me here

  84. scorpion goddess

    Jay z brought me here

  85. Alonzo Mourning

    yea this one real smooth



  87. Clynt Price

    Since I met Judy; talking bout her beauty!!!! Dis is a cold ass jam!!!! Only Al can bring it like this!!!

  88. Lia Tran

    Now this how real music is actually performed without all the electronic devices and studio singing I love it this is the real music we must keep supporting till the end of time thanks al green and many other real singers & musicians who make it happen. In the real music world besides this song was recorded one year after i was born my mom & dad were huge fans of al green mainly my mom who still is a loyal huge fan till this day..

  89. aaron willis

    i neva thought.....

  90. edimation

    Every black women in there is thinking " SHIIIIIIIET! My name ain't Judy! Who is JUDY?"


    Since he met Judy,, sexy song

  92. S LJ

    Tears... I was only 10 and I remember how sweet this song was then.

  93. A_____ T_____


  94. Slow Rabbit

    black ppl makes good music

  95. Carmen Carbonell Arques

    Since I met Bey