Greek Fire - Coming Out Of The Rain Lyrics

There's a blue eyed beauty in the back of my head
Covering up all the bad things you just did
I try to get up and walk but I'll settle for a crawl
And with what we did so right, it's the wrong way to fall

How far will you let this go until it's gone?
How far gone?
Here I am coming out of the rain
Coming out of the hell, coming out of the pain
I can live I can feel I can love and it's real
I can be whatever now
Here I am coming out of the rain

There's a green eyed beauty in the back of my head
Covering up all the terrible things you said
And now your sweet little lies they are stinging so real
And you keep your distance now to see if you feel

How far will you let this go until it's gone?
How far gone?
I wanna hear you say
How far will you let this go until it's gone?
How far gone?
Here I am coming out of the rain
Coming out of the hell, coming out of the pain
I can live I can feel I can love and it's real
I can be whatever now
Here I am coming out of the rain

You make me feel like I could never be loved
And like I never was good enough for you
Lost myself for you
You changed myself for you
Everything was all about you

Here I am coming out of the rain
Coming out of the hell, coming out of the pain
Here I am coming out of the rain
Coming out of the hell, coming out of the pain
I can live I can feel I can love and it's real
I can be whatever now
Here I am coming out of the rain
Here I am coming out of the rain
Here I am coming out of the rain

Here I am coming out of the rain

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Greek Fire Coming Out Of The Rain Comments
  1. Gian Zambrana

    Reminds me of Safetysuit

  2. Jeffrey Long

    Ok so heres the deal: I listen to Rizzuto in the Morning and keep hearing about Moon having to be on tour. Googled him, came across a awesome body of work and am wondering why with a frontman like Moon, why isn't Greek Fire a bigger fucking band??? Not fair

  3. Zack Johnson

    Macomb illinois! Play at WIU PLEASE

  4. Sofía Carrillo

    This is the band that I admired for so long, ultimately I moved with other bands from the same genere, but hearing this remains me how obsessed I was a few years ago. Thanks for existing

  5. Eisdef The FuriousBear

    This needs more recognition...

  6. Jeremy Tarrant

    Great job Greek Fire!

  7. Video Stealing099

    Greek fire deserve so much
    He must noticed

  8. Thot Begone

    They deserve 18m subs

  9. Oscar McFox

    Greek Fire!!
    Please, create more songs!
    I liked so much all songs, I need new music!! :'0

  10. Samuel Pérez amo su banda y me encantaría que escuchasen mi música también, sueño poder ser como ustedes algún dia

  11. Corey Hooe

    It incredibly blows my mind that Greek Fire hasn't made it mainstream, for the simple fact that I listen to their music way before most Top 10s bands... The fact that Phil hasn't become a household name beyond STL pretty much doesn't make any sense... Their talent is more than enough there to be headlining sellout shows around the world.

  12. Ashlyn

    Goshhhh y'all are slept on so much, it baffles me how no one I know has ever heard any of your songs

  13. Mogan Lichael Pro-Funko Pop

    After what went down with Story of the Year, this song has a deeper weight to it now. Here's to the future for the lost, the broken and the found.

  14. ぶらり犬


  15. Tim Berry Jr

    Moon and the guys in Greek Fire are amazing! I have been listening to these guys since they started and they keep getting better. We went to the same high school. Still jamming to all of the tunes since moving to SW Florida! Keep up the great stuff Moon. Hope to see you in Florida soon!!

  16. Customer Support

    Love this song

  17. Chi26trojans

    Hey Greek Fire, I see you're going around liking everyone's comments. You guys neeeeed to play more shows, I would LOVE to see you guys again. Saw you back in 2011 at the Q101 jamboree in Chicago. I had never heard of you before that, but your performance blew my mind and I've been a fan ever since. Keep making great music guys!!

  18. Arindra Bagaskara

    While listening into this kinda feels like listening onto 30stm hahaha

  19. eliminado fall


  20. 187

    I don't understand how this band dosent get as much love

  21. Егор Ли grizli


  22. 羅啟倫

    The Legend!

  23. xSkyBlade96x

    Dang, I've always thought Phil could Stephen Christian's little bro! I know he's not, but he sure sounds like him! Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this becasue I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else say it yet

  24. Raspberry Cruse


  25. Jordan Bewry

    i swear i am in love with everything they do

  26. damon harris-Brennan

    Love it guys!!! Maybe pump the instruments up a little? So keen to see what else you legends have in store!!!!

  27. hasan abduraji

    how can you still make video you getting older,i mean i dont hate you just say

  28. Miyu Araika

    Es la mejor cancion que eh escuchado

  29. Zxify

    These guys deserve so much more for the talent they have. Its to bad what music is "Trending" these days.

    petre Tepner

    I really like them. This is what rock music used to sound like in "the good old days". I hope praise from old farts like me doesn't jinx it for them.

    - Lucrusade -

    Yeah music today is shameful, its all rap about doing drugs and having sex but the only time they get laid is with, them and their imagination

  30. Ihtesham Khan

    This is absolutely superb

  31. Nguyen Quang

    I had never heard of this group until i watched gildedguy animation, btw great music

  32. Rebecca Marks

    Moon so emo!!!! Rockin tune though

  33. Cパート

    New song?!

  34. Lee ZN Jared

    Gildedguy bring me here and I start loving your song.

  35. Elena Porcelli

    Official "left a sh*tty relationship" song of 2017.

  36. Dougie Doug

    Who thinks moon should be the new front man of LP


    Nah they are not on his level

  37. Untraveled Legend

    good Coming Out Of The Rain

  38. Debs C

    Wow! Just found you through instagram, loving it already! 💖 (UK)

  39. Cande Lencina

    This band its so underrated

  40. Thregor

    This was shot at the rock pile down old highway 94 located in Weldon Springs, Missouri.

  41. reNINTENDO

    Kind of has an REO Speedwagon vibe to it. Good stuff as always!

  42. S Black

    It's no "Dreaming in Deja Vu" but it's pretty good.

  43. Ernest Fries

    Is this going to be found on the album found the follow up too lost? Great song keep it up guys!

  44. Logan Petersen


  45. Vaishnavi Nistala

    How are there only like 500 likes on this???

  46. Brad Hall

    Ryan, what camera do you use for the videos?

  47. J R

    Amazing song!!!!! Well done worth the wait
    Gotta get some more weirdos to watch this for sure!!!!

  48. Javi G

    I can't get enough of listening to it. You've made my day. This is the true meaning o music. So Emotional, spiritual and epic. Keep making music, guys, you're awesome. And come to Spain, please! :D

  49. mimi mimi

    so like

  50. Iara M V


  51. Angie Andrews

    Yay for the green-eyed girls!

  52. EonMetal

    шикарный трек. спасибо вам за столь крутую музыку :)

  53. Rico MissleKid

    0:52 My Reaction To Trumps Win!


    Rico MissleKid Just turn it political, that's cool.

    Rico MissleKid

    SOAWplays, You're Welcome!

  54. Jessie

    Another great song <3

  55. Jac Jannie

    So emotional! Great job guys!!! Brazil here

  56. Matt Kidney

    I always have a slight worry that Story of the year or Greek Fire will finally release something I don't like, but as usual they've done a great job. This is ripe for a Dash Berlin EDM remix!

  57. msaad

    before it goes viral. 3200 views.

  58. Chi26trojans

    I thought these guys were some making music... so fucking excited to hear this. Great song, guys!!

  59. Pia Dorador Riquelme

    awgawdyisss friggin' finally

  60. Preston Groves

    This son is amazing straight up!!!

  61. Jamie Sparkles

    totally obsessed with this song

  62. dominick Martino

    great stuff🔥

  63. Hank Valencia

    Welcome back, guys!! I really love all of your originals!

  64. Rebeca Sanchez Gonzalez

    Finally these men gave me more music <3

  65. Ronald Alley

    Alright Story of the Year, it's your turn

    PipertheDJ12 0

    I met Greek fire in real live 😀😀

    Ronald Alley

    Ella Smith me too

  66. Christian Berens

    definitely ready for Carrie Underwood to walk down a street in just body paint now :D

    Nice work Moon and Greek Fire!

    Timothy C.

    Christian Berens What was the video that someone copied before? I can't remember.

    Timothy C.

    Christian Berens Who copied Top of The World's video? I can't remeber the artist & song.

  67. Chris Ramirez

    Love it :3

  68. Ricky L

    Amazing as usual! Awesome job guys!

  69. summerwolf57

    Sounds really 80s. Good job.

  70. Julie b

    Love this!!! I have yet to hate one song from you guys...amazing! ❤

  71. cadcats

    such a shame pointfest got cancelled... i was looking forward to seeing you guys again, but anyway, the song sounds good. i like the lyrics mostly, its nice and uplifting. reminds me slightly of something i recently went through. deus ex machina album will always be my favorite... love you guys, i'll forever support you.

  72. Jeff Gabriel

    I absolutely love this song and video. It makes me so happy to hear new music from Greek Fire.

  73. Andrew Swinney

    Is that the mound in Weldon Springs?!?!?

  74. Lps girl 188

    Love the Song :3

  75. Nathan Smith

    Love you all

  76. Miguel Ignacio

    Took your damn time din'cha

  77. cloudcollector

    Sweet tune but turn those guitars up, guys!!! ;)

  78. Patrick Blair

    I was waiting so long for this. My day is made

  79. Anii Ornelas

    I love it ❤

  80. Seven And A Half

    Love it!

  81. Doug Schulte

    I like it more each time I hear it! Great job guys!

  82. Alex VanDover

    absolutely incredible song!!!

  83. JonnyB

    Great video, great song.... even if they did paint the singer up to look like some kinda weirdo. #weareweirdos


    JonnyB I see what you did there!

  84. shadowlink dth

    Aww yeahhhh a new vid!! Awesome!

    shadowlink dth

    570 Views 82 Likes so far

  85. Eric S

    cant wait for who album to come out on vinyl!

  86. 。タナカ

    What a good Music !

  87. Brian P

    Love it!

  88. Kaylee T

    This is fantastic! as per usual

  89. TheJoshstorm

    How come when *I* wander down the street wearing mostly only paint I get the cops called on me?

    Great stuff though.


    Because he was wearing pants, and most people call wearing just socks the same thing as "naked".

  90. Garren Hixson

    who did the directing for the lyric video? one of the better ones ive seen

  91. Craig

    It's aight

  92. Rock


  93. Marcia Sousa

    This music is beautiful. 😍

  94. PapaBearArcade


  95. Pav Stamp

    Wow, this is actually good! Amazing!

  96. Lexi TheDrolf

    Great Song Guys xx ❤❤❤

  97. ItzMeDondu

    oh my God 😍