Gray, David - Watching The Waves Lyrics

I'm here watching the waves
Just how long can it be
Till that melody strays
Through my mind and I'm cancelled
Can't see no wood for the trees
Can't tell the land from the sky
When you're in up to your knees
Soon find out who your friends are

Ah for the taste of it sweet
One more time from the top
Thoughts like crumbs in the sheets
Words thrown like coins in a cup
Just one more house in the rain
Just one more spoonful of salt
And now I'm at it again
Banging on like it's my fault

Everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are I long to be
Everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are I long to be

I gave it all I could give
I took that ghost for my bride
Went day by day trying to live
With my heart on the outside
I watched the shape of it rise
To dance like wind through the wheat
And steal the light from your eyes
In the space of a heartbeat

And everything fills with distance
Yeah everything

Everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are I long to be
Everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are I long to be
Everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are I long to be
Everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are I long to be

Songs that push through the dirt
Ploughing these roads into fields
Sounding the notes of the words
Till everything fills with distance

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Gray, David Watching The Waves Comments
  1. Slimme Sjaan

    Excellent music and lyrics. There's always so much depth in his music, hits me inside like a hammer on my heart

  2. cadamdo1982

    That piano part at 0:03 is from another song and it's driving me crazy trying to remember which song.

  3. Ed Cady-Ross

    Just love this song still

  4. Yvette Robertson

    You are by far one of the best artists from our time. We always play a game with friends called volt. If the world ends now but you can put 5 songs in a volt to keep safe, what would they be. You are always in my top 5.

  5. Marissa

    🤒 Burned into my heart—if 8 Were 9 has a similar affect upon me. I need therapy. 🤗 Ha! I’ve been advised to “branch out, try and listen to other artists.” 😆
    I find that process to be extremely difficult for me. I’m hardly satisfied. Sincerely.


    Marissa I meditate to it I can feel the meaning too it so weird but good every single song on the album.

  6. Charlie Soste

    Just brilliant David! You always raise the bar for the rest of us.

  7. Miguel Guzman

    El mejor cantante

  8. Bibbles Boop

    Beautiful David Gray

  9. paul cook

    Best song on album.following David from the day id love to meet my idol.fantastic in Cardiff .

  10. Bella shars

    Loved this song so much in Dublin last nite.

  11. Zac Rouse


  12. Led Ge

    This is an amazing song! Perfect

  13. Tony Edwards


  14. Leane Staab

    Absolutely love your music!

  15. East Blue

    :20 in and I could tell... this one is bound to be a classic

  16. Sára Mészáros

    First line into the song and I think... hell I missed that melancholic sound 😢😍

  17. tracy williams /waddon

    sick my g.your lyrics.are sad.but your voice i could 24/ it gives me goose bumps always.been listing to your music since you been be 20yrs.i love you x

  18. Ken C

    love this song

  19. Joseph Voll

    @2:17!!! He looked like a proper psycho with that deranged smile 😃!!!
    Hey David Gray! Have you ever considered Acting? As a side gig, of Course! I wouldn't (and I'm sure many agree) want anything to get in the way of your music, cause we depend upon your music to keep us sane! But I could certainly see DG playing a Homicidal Genius Serial Killing Murderer on the big screen! Best Wishes.

    Glen Harper

    Watch the movie, this year's love. He's the band in it

  20. Magda Dębek

    The best song from the new album so far. I love it. So full of emotions. Love his voice. Hope to see David Gray live this year. He is like wine.

    Mark Worthy

    He's on road this year

  21. Christine Grant

    Nice Chill Song Luv you music

  22. DK Youngson

    Another DG instant classic.

  23. Gary Heart of Arts

    Thanking all you who have been been singing . In my secret room I still love to sing alongside

  24. Lissi music

    Very calming song ♡

  25. Gary Heart of Arts

    Find out who your friends are . Haven't got any now Ive nothing left to steal but they can't take what I really love can't even perceive it . And I can't wait no more to share it

  26. Eric Rogers

    "This kid's so damn underrated"

  27. S O

    Everything I am I long to be

  28. Peter Sheppard

    So looking forward to the new album & new songs . ☘️Peace.


    Merci beaucoup ! 😘

  30. Mark Rigsby


  31. Cats Rule

    Hello and thank you from Alberta, Canada. Love, cat.

  32. Dolly Price

    I like this song

  33. Not Sure

    I love your songs. I have loved learning to play many of them over the years. You were my daughter's first show at the Ryman in Nashville. We have the signed poster framed and hanging in her room. Your creativity is brilliant!

  34. WorldFamous Gamer

    @David Gray can I talk to you about music please? I have some awesome ideas , please thumb this up so he sees and thanks in advance.

    Eddie Murray

    Link to some samples?

  35. Yudit baz

    hi from israel.ty David Gray.i share

  36. Shorty W

    Fantastic 😀😀😀

  37. Allan Anderson

    Thank you David Gray. Every thing you are I'd love to be!