Gray, David - Gulls Lyrics

This land belongs to the gulls
And the gulls to their cry
And their cry to the wind

And the wind belongs to no-one
The wind belongs to no-one

I gave my breath to the song
To the song, wasn't mine
Neither of ship nor of sea
Neither of glass nor of wine

Leaving this ghost of a road
I'm climbing hand over hand
Toward that pinprick of light

Toward the seed that God sowed
Toward the seed that God sowed
Toward the seed that God sowed
Toward the seed that God sowed

Oh Baby
Try to recognise it in my mind
Try to stamp it out before it happens
Yeah I try to recognise it in my mind
Try to stamp it out

The writing's on, the writing's on
The writing's on the wall
The writing's on, the writing's on
The writing's on the wall [x4]

This land belongs to the gulls
And the gulls to their cry
And their cry to the wind
And their cry to the wind
And their cry to the wind

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Gray, David Gulls Comments
  1. Francis attrill

    And so here we are in 2020 all listening to this great song. Happy days everyone

  2. Burning IceX7

    Chills at 2:24 the music that began playing before Derek was killed. Rest In Peace McDreamy.

  3. orlaith kiely

    I love how the most of the comments are about greys anatomy cuz this is the song that played when Derek hit by a truck

    Burning IceX7

    orlaith kiely 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. orlaith kiely

    Rip mcdreamy

  5. Gustavo Macias

    Somebody 2019?

  6. SolidSaber

    “To walk, to se- *BEEEEEEP* “

  7. Gege Andersen

    Love you David. Thank you.

  8. Anthony Rowe

    Beautiful perfection x.

  9. pedro sacramento

    Derek you will always be in every grey anatomy fans 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Helle Dahl Kristensen

    Gulls are so underrated, love them❤

  11. Jim Green

    Some songs just bare listening to more than once. This is one of them.

  12. Polar el shingon

    Te amo Derek Shepherd 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Randi Behrends

    Very good work. <3

  14. Guitmake Hobby

    RIP Derek Christopher Sheperd 🙏🏻

    pedro sacramento

    Rest in piece derek we will always love you 😭😭😭😭

  15. Filipe Pereira Filmmaker


  16. Matheus Podiatzky

    We ALL miss you McDreamy

  17. Marilyn Medina

    Derek! Please come back!!!!

  18. Rob Whitehead

    Modern day hymn, this.

  19. Matheus Brandão


  20. katie h.

    here’s to McSteamy & McDreamy.

  21. Barry Webber

    Just great DAVID why people anre talking about some second class soap confuses me

  22. Gege Andersen

    For Isabella, Sebastian and Andres.

  23. Dana

    Brothers Wreck brought me here :)

  24. Kesi G.

    😭😭Rest In Peace😭😭 Derek Shepherd

  25. Marl Monte

    It's a beautiful day to save lives...

  26. Gege Andersen

    Will kill myself if this is another fake job. I just can't take this anymore. Four years without my child, a crime I never committed. And a stalker that won't leave. I am truly tired. He sends fake jobs, so I have tô prostitution my body, lose all my dignity, my core. My god, why? If this is my life I don't want it.

  27. poll roll

    love how the transition is arranged in this tune. so class

  28. Beauty Beast

    It was Grey who brought me here, but Gray who made me stay!! 😃

    Bunnicula Vampire Bunny

    Beauty Beast

  29. Parth Behl

    Greys Anatomy and This is us has the best songs ever .

  30. Parth Behl

    It was a beautiful night to save life , but no one saved his . #DerekShepherd #McDreamy #GreysAnatomy .

  31. Anna Emily

    Lol when everyone’s talking about grey’s and ur here like “I learned a combo to this at a dance convention”

  32. Bill Leugoua


    Bunnicula Vampire Bunny

    Bill Leugoua

  33. Steven Wrigley

    I listened to this album while taking a winter walk on the Fylde coast. When this track and Birds of the high attic came on, it made this album come alive more. David is definitely my favourite male artist ♥️

    Beauty Beast

    Steven Wrigley Sounds like *serendipity* ! 🌅. Anyway, thank you for sharing the beautiful connection you made to the song!
    I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Gray in an intimate concert setting. He is one of my favorites, too. ❤❤ A few of my other favorites are Ben Harper ❤❤ up and-coming Taylor John Williams (from The Voice) ❤❤ Dave Mathews ❤❤ John Mayer ❤❤ and Damien Rice ❤ plus old-school Christopher Cross, Dan Folgeberg Elton John and Neil Young... not to mention Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bob Marley! ❤❤❤. Quite a long list, I know... hehe 😃
    Take care and be well!

  34. barb


  35. S Al

    We miss you McDreamy 💔

  36. rezaq1

    I totally missed this album. Now I wished I'd bought it earlier!

    Musical bliss from the one and only Mr Gray

  37. Theonestine fabian

    RIP Derek.... sad back ground song

  38. J S

    Someone somewhere in a now lost comment on this song said that this summed up exactly what they were thinking and feeling at the time. Three years ago. Exactly that. Powerful. Throws it all back into the present. Incredible song.

  39. Keri Aldridge

    Please please come to CHRISTCHURCH New Zealand..... I would love that so much

  40. Maria Tereza Almeida

    Derek <3

  41. Patrice Leconet

    J'ai découvert sur E Concerts cet artiste et je trouve cet album très intéressant avec de belles mélodies

  42. Gabriel Heinemann


  43. Scott Edwards

    I so love your work, David. It inspires. Love "Mutineers" - your brilliant and soulful voice and lyrics, the shifting of mood, the layered sound of this work. Thank you for being you!!

  44. harry

    What a beautiful piece of music, must come from the very pit of his soul

  45. shymama8

    As a poet...this video emulates the feelings and thoughts of which i cannot scribe into words.

  46. Renitra Peatros

    "Derek.. Derek! “
    Grey's has put me on to so many great songs

  47. Adam T

    This song is hypnotic, like a chant. Brilliant use of repetition in the lyrics.

  48. Hannah Faith


  49. Yasmim Lima

    Missing Mcdreamy <3 <3

  50. Michele Almeida

    Dr shepherd brought me here :'/

  51. Vanessa Crislene

    Grey's Anatomy 😢

  52. Marlon Gomez

    missing Mcdreamy 😢

    Marlon Gomez

    @Marcella Jorge but I'm be sadnesses when his die... More I overcome it !

    Marcella Silva

    Marlon Gomez You're a smart person because you talked about Mcdreamy 😉

    Marlon Gomez

    Marcella Jorge hooo thank you girl... impossible listen this music and don't remember of Derek.

    Marcella Silva

    @Marlon Gomez truth. Only a few still do not know what makes life meaningful
    good evening

  53. elie b

    Rip Dr Derek Shepard 😥

  54. Taís Pio

    Mcdreamy 😭😭

  55. Andreea Ellena

    Derek is not dead
    in Grey's Anatomy,yes, is dead but in real life he is alive :)


    Everyone knows that dumbo

  56. Lily

    I wish Derek didn't have to die.😭😭

    pedro sacramento

    Missing him a lot 😭😭😭

  57. Augusto Melo Vital

    Mcdreamy 😢

  58. Demetrio Alvarado Ibarra

    We miss you McDreamy! 💔😢

  59. fraser harding

    I was totally moved by Alibi,
    I have been moved again

  60. Anthony Boame

    This song is really good. It is very Bon Iver-esque

  61. John Williams

    I came to 'Mutineers' a year later than I should have... much to my shame and to the betrayal of all David's work I have loved before this album. Somehow I slipped off the DG radar... but now I am back with renewed vigour and passion!I must now conclude that this is not only my favourite David Gray album - but quite likely my favourite album of any artist of all-time. That's one serious accolade to place upon a body of work - but I have to stand by this claim. I just cannot stop playing it. I am seriously OD'ing on it. Seriously. It moves me in ways I didn't think possible.'Gulls' is possibly my ab fab track on it... but then I could perm any song of about 4 or 5 which, on other days and depending upon my mood, wrestle with my heart and my soul.And of 'Last Summer', I dedicate this to the woman who I met earlier in the year, and who I love in a way I never thought possible. Dived. Plunged into your eyes. Living every hour like a century. There will I always be.

  62. Rayna

    Goodbye, McDreamy

  63. Ken C

    Wow. Beautiful.

  64. Jędrzej Bańkowski

    real music still exist...

  65. Jesus Rodriguez

    I really hate how Derek was killed off.......:(

    Cara Mason

    I love extremely grateful for your music. 1# Vermont Fan! Love you!

  66. alex mahon

    Yes , let's go back to the old albums , let's go to flesh , love those old ones , this album is getting close

  67. Haley Watson

    Greys brought me here. They picked the best music for that episode 😥❤️

  68. Andrew McClenning

    What an awensome song! It will break your heart if you let it, and feeling in a particular way.

  69. MrRevertis

    This song is painfully melancholy.

  70. shymama8

    the day that the world stood still in Shondaland...


    Still tearing up😭....

  71. rodo419


  72. Giulia -Giovanelli

    Rest in peace, McDreamy.

    Marlena Doppler

    Rest in peace.

  73. Aidan Johnson

    Greys Anatomy brought me here.. Rest in peace Derrick.

    just joon

    Who's "Derrick"?

    pedro sacramento

    @just joon she means derek

    just joon

    pedro sacramento
    obviously! I’m just kidding 😂

  74. Sarah Spears

    Grays anatomy brought me here. Great music as always David.

  75. lummers12dub

    going to see him in Kilarney Ireland - cant wait. He is an epic performer. Love Davids music. love the comments Michael Roberts

  76. monkeycrud

    This is magnificent. David, reflecting on your lyrics of late, have you had any changes of perspective on God and the great beyond?

  77. Raven Nocturnus Henderson

    To a certain one, with which I am accidentally in love:
    Oh Baby
    Try to recognize it in my mind
    Try to stamp it out before it happens
    Yeah I try to recognize it in my mind
    Try to stamp it out

  78. Raven Nocturnus Henderson

    Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.

  79. devilskinn

    This wonderful song reminds me of a poem by Gustavo Bequer
    ”¡Los suspiros son aire y van al aire!
    ¡Las lágrimas son agua y van al mar!
    Dime, mujer, cuando el amor se olvida
    ¿sabes tú adónde va?”

  80. Alan Martin

    wow great new stuff from mr gray !!! what a song writer, once again thank heaven for Tunein radio or i would never hear this music in toronto :(

  81. Terence Monaghan

    Who would want Christian Grey when you could have David Gray....

  82. Thea Jordan

    So in love with this jam!!! I cannot wait to go to this show next month!!!!

  83. Jeremy Gilchrist

    Chills at 2:24

  84. nr4dd

    true original music is a rare thing in this day and age

  85. aidan gill

    Still gives the goosebumps with the lyrics and arrangement. Hope you enjoyed Westport House David, it was amazing to have you in my home town after seen you first 20 years ago! How time flies!  Hope the food was good in An Port Mór! :D

  86. Tina

    Love it-Thank you!!  Please come play Miami again- you and the band were amazing! 

  87. Agija Freiberga

    Beautiful song! Love it!

  88. olajaviz

    Amazing song! Heard it last morning on BBC Radio 2. Thanks for it you made my day.

  89. 33fitzy

    saw him last night 24/06/14 in word - Brilliant.

  90. DarKe Live

    My vinyl is on the way, can't wait! 

  91. simone frendo

    uno dei più grandi songwriter degli ultimi vent'anni.

  92. Sarah

    Probably my favourite David Gray song. Going to see him live on the 26th can't wait!! :D


    15 soul less people gave this song thumbs down.......

  94. AndreaSpeaksBand

    Really nice music and video -  both. Nice job!

  95. Mister Echo

    This song is great.  David's music keeps evolving that's why i like it so much.  Keep up the great work and i'll listen to you forever.  

  96. Szprot001

    I stopped for a while, I stayed for hours... Magic...

  97. Glenn Triggs

    This is real good stuff, as always! Can't wait for this album. Loved everyone so far! 

  98. MiragegariM1

    Thank you David for your gift to us!  Really enjoy your work!  My GF and I sat together on the couch somewhere in the High Desert of California and kept hitting repeat, holding and squeezing hands.  Blessings Brother.