Gray, David - Birds Without Wings Lyrics

Wishing that something would happen
A change in this place,
'cos I'm tearing off the fancy wrapping
Find an empty package

Take for a while
Your trumpet from your lip
Loosen your hold, loosen your grip
On your old ways
That have fallen out of step
In a changing time
Hoist a new flag
Hoist a new flag

Angry sun burn down
Judging us all
Guilty of neglect and disrespect
And thinking small

And death by boredom
And death by greed
If we can't stop taking
More than we need

But across the fractured landscape
I find the same things
Tired ideas
Birds without wings

Birds without wings
Birds without wings

And these are just thoughts
On lack-lustre times
I've no interest
In excuses you can find

Like you've had a hard day
Now you've too tired to care
Now you're too tired to care
You've had a hard day

Well across the fractured landscape
I see the same things
Tired ideas broken values
Many with the notion
That to share is to lose
A hollow people bound by a lack
Of imagination and too much looking back Without the courage
To give a new thing a chance
Grounded by this ignorance

(and the cat comes)
We're just,

Birds without wings
Birds without wings
Birds without wings

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Gray, David Birds Without Wings Comments
  1. welcome2braggers

    Did someone from Angry Birds ask to use this on any of their movie soundtracks yet? It's kindof their selling point blank.

  2. Tacomusic

    ..I don't like the music you make right now (2019) very much.. but you will be my Hero 4 ever !! -Thanks for that mr. Gray-

  3. Hayden Samson


  4. Craig cassidy

    had this album for years got it with the white ladder. never listened to it until a few weeks ago now it's my favourite cd of all time

  5. Finbar White

    sounds scottish in way

  6. Temparnillo69

    Love those lyrics :)

  7. Bryan Palmer

    His best work.

  8. GMcC.Still I Rise

    David Gray if your not married do you want to be ~~~~ <3

  9. Ruth Bainbridge

    This man says what so many of us wish we could. I'd love to meet him. He is a burning emerald among so many colorless diamonds. Wish I could stand out enough for him to notice me. Not as a crazy fan but as a fellow human being.

  10. Ross Edwards

    Grew up in Solva in Wales.

  11. Ross Edwards

    Positive anger is always more powerful and beautiful when sung with a Welsh accent...

  12. Ross Edwards

    That performance on Jools was one of the best I've ever seen.

  13. Southern Gentleman

    @june1932 - INCREDIBLE SONG, remember when I first heard it in 1998, I was living in Paris, blew me away, he touches on the boredom, the waste that can be life when stuck in a rut.........the dead life, rightly angry at it, so many just going through the motions, taking the cheque and move closer to the end, we need a revolution of the human spirit.

  14. whatthegunks

    I have been thinking about the oil in the gulf and came across this song and it struck a chord. "Angry sun burn down judging us all, guilty of neglect and disrespect and thinking small....and death by boredom and death by greed if we can't stop taking more than we need". And we can't and we won't and so it goes that we remain birds without wings.

  15. missgriffin777

    @june1932 Love you Junie.....;) You said it all.....

  16. sonofscars

    lets just restart where the indians left off...

  17. 23mako

    Obama's is redistributing the wealth in this country. Why should my dad, who worked hard to start his own business and employ people have to pay more in taxes. It's fucking bullshit. People need to get off their ass and quit looking for government handouts. Don't be a slave to the system, work hard for your money and you will be a better person for not getting a handout. Be responsible and take the blame for your actions. (Not directing this at 98buick just venting)


    Sure miss him now

  18. Thaulopi

    Absolutely true and very well perceived. David is the one singer I love and foremost because he is so perceptive too. Thank you for your comment

  19. 98BuickGSX

    Grays 1st single from 93 is more relevant than ever
    "Wishing that something would happen
    A change in this place"
    -Obama/Biden '08
    "Cos I'm tearing off the fancy wrapping
    Find an empty package"
    "On your old ways that have fallen out of step"
    -GOP & Conservatism
    "Death by greed
    If we can't stop taking
    More than we need"
    -Energy Conservation, Econ Collapse
    "Many with the notion that to share is to lose"
    -Obamas tax policies =Socialism

  20. neilfo90

    I love this song! magic never knew there was a video lol

  21. jhg1234

    Good song. Weird video. Song more poignant today then ever.