Gray, Conan - YouTube Is Changing Lyrics

I was browsing through YouTube the other day
I saw that YouTube was changing
In a good way?

All these kids are really hot and make lots of money
But I'm just a flop who's not that funny
I try really hard to fit the expectations
When did it get like this?

When I first started YouTube everything was good
Just tons of stupid videos that people made on the loo
(Remember "Sittin' On Tha Toilet"? Yeah)

People made videos and just didn't care
About the public side, 'cause the content was there
We laughed at mistakes in our oddly fun lives
And the fan girls came in
And we shot to the skies

As time passed by people got really famous
Producers rolled in, in their white Mercedes
YouTubers changed now their making a livin'
But something just isn't right

It's almost as if we want a physical perfection
And forgot about the things that made us giggle in our bedrooms
YouTubers shoved themselves in tiny molds
And now are no longer rewarded for being off on their own

And I'm not saying you should be real bored
I look up to the ones who've gone from rags to world tours
Just wish we could go back to the time when we were
Just a little more real

So you can go off and do your Cinnamon Challenge
And I'll laugh really hard as you cough up your nasal passage
Yeah I'm just a kid tryna poke a little fun
I really like the big shots and I wish I could be one

Yeah I'm not a cool kid
I probably make you drool
I sit in my bedroom and act like a fool
But that's what makes me happy
And probably you
And that's why it's called YouTube change
And hopefully for the good

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Gray, Conan YouTube Is Changing Comments
  1. ceci loves yves

    he's so cute

  2. Vonnie 8623

    he is literally so cute uwu ahhh WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS WAS A THING sooo cuteee (so proud of my baby, he is my baby...yes)

  3. Cosmic

    Wowie its been years!

    past canon and present Conan is so different , it was fun watching this soft boi grow up

  4. Dj_toxic 14

    i remember subscribing when you had 70k and now you’ve blown up im so proud 😭

    ceci loves yves

    omg you're so lucky!!!😭😭😭 I'm a fan of him since last year but i wish i had know him before:(

  5. [mason jar of sad]

    uhhh it's almost 2020 and it wasnt for the good. shit's going downhillll

  6. Rihab alalyan

    2019 anyone? its been 4 years and conan is still killing it

  7. leif

    "i really like the big shots and i wish i could be one" i just wanna jump back 4 years and tell you everything. i just saw you in concert 3 days ago and i think i can wholeheartedly say that you are now one of the big shots <3

  8. teffi mcneiley

    this was my first video i ever watched of his. ever since i’ve loved his content. to see him grow so much is so inspiring. you made it luv. :)

  9. rizky amalia

    i enjoyed this so much actually ^^.

  10. Ola Rozkrut

    While rewatching all of his videos I can see that he is really smart and deep boy behind jokes. He talks about being yourself and stuff and HE REALLY IS YOURSELF and stuff. I personally can learn sth from him and it’s awesome. Thanks Conan!

  11. Asia-li Greenlay

    "I really like the big shots and I wish I could be one"
    Just wait lil Cone

  12. Lydia Leon

    I looooove hearing him sing

  13. V A P O R W A V E TM

    You're a big shot now :)

  14. Charlotte

    I just discovered this omg

  15. Charlotte F

    shall i laugh or cry

  16. Jenny Atencio

    ...2019 anyone?

  17. Grace

    this and youtube culture by jon cozart have the same energy


    Wow he's so cute ! It's crazy how much he's grown since then !

  19. alanna azrizal


  20. keira jadczak

    okay but conan singing about going on a world tour and now he’s on his own tour makes me so so happy

  21. lmaodrewww


  22. asiya hassan

    i cant stop singing this 0:55

  23. VioletsAINTBLUE xxx


  24. Geeh Abuda

    Conan, why r u sooooo cute? Huhu 💙

  25. Maya

    Personally, in the Pewdiepie vs T-series war, I think a lot of people subscribe to pewdiepie because, if T-series (a music company) overtakes him, it would represent the beginning of the downfall of youtube. Recently many parts of youtube have become very commercial and materialistic, especially with monetization and pressure to pump out tons and tons of videos. I think a great part of youtube where creators can just have fun to make videos has been lost with all of the company competition and soullessness.

  26. Baes at

    This was way too good

  27. Clare shaughn


  28. yasmin

    really came back after he made his TV debut

  29. awesome lemon child

    Friends: Why are you learning ukulele? Me: “Because ukuleles cannot sound sad, it’s scientifically proven!”- Conan Gray 2015

  30. emo_sascha

    Just seeing Conan saying he's "not a big shot" but look at him now! He is going on tour A CONCERT I'm so proud of him so so proud can't say it enough I love you Cone your such a big shot now your always in my heart bye!

  31. juice box

    youtube has gone so downhill woops

  32. chunky banks

    awww bb conan. now hes so much more successful :,) i remember when this video first dropped. and how hes on tour with p!atd💗see this or not conan, i love seeing how far youve came

  33. Mrs. Riggs

    What's the title of the song in the end?

  34. E W


  35. Smoked Salmon Thot

    Honey, queen, DARLING, sugarplum, you make it in the end. So proud of u 💕

  36. oh god sålly

    omg I just love how his voice is so high pitched I just love him

  37. mosquito jul

    mid puberty conans voice is lower than his actual voice now

  38. Dania


  39. Jade Stoppel


  40. Bradyn Price

    who else watch the first 2 seconds over and over again (**random ukulele noise** **ow** **phhhhh**)

  41. Shara Janolino

    2018 ???

  42. screaming souls

    I- this is the best thing I've ever seen, you're fucking perfect.

  43. Chas

    now you’re a big shot

  44. Elliot Is Peculiar

    Oh the old dayss

  45. Liberty Werner

    You are so good at this I love this and love you 😍

  46. Crøss.

    "Ukuleles can not sound sad it's been scientifically proven" then explain almost every ukulele song cavetown ever made

  47. Mireia

    "I really like the big shots and i wish i could be one (please), yeah i'm not a cool kid" aand about 2 yrs later GROW is getting big in itunes<3 love ya babe:3

  48. Julia Wang

    your lyrics and vocals are amazebeans

  49. Abianna Quezada

    How do you play this on the ukulele??? Please show me or tell me!!! 😁🙏🏻 It’s so great

  50. nope ericka

    Conan this is so amazing ♡

  51. Hallie Lucille

    This was the first Conan vid I watched when it came out!

  52. andi choi

    i love thisss

  53. : 0 w h y

    n o s t an g i c.

  54. iamlily

    Can someone please explain how such a perfect human was created with such a beautiful voice 😖

  55. I need friends

    *”why is Conan so hot?”* the question that haunts me

  56. Anja Kane

    This remind me of Jon Cozart (which is definitely a good thing)

  57. VeryUnHeoly

    So Smol! <3 ive enjoyed watching conan grow for sure ^-^

  58. Emrys Unusual

    Balloons everywhere...

  59. crazy friends 246

    This is amazing

  60. - superwholockin07 -

    2 years later and this song remains very relevant

  61. Kookies Tims

    Why is Conan gray so hot 😂❤️

  62. Katarina Adele

    yes. both questions were right, Conan

  63. Riel


  64. Wardina Safiah

    u are so cuteee !!! im not even kidding i love u so muchhh !!!🙁❤️❤️❤️

  65. Chelsea Ann

    He kinda sounds like Shawn Mendes when singing

  66. Madeline Beatrice


  67. maycie cooper

    The balloons

  68. kronk


  69. Her Fish

    Conan you deserve sooooo much more 💙 I love you

  70. mikkahela

    oh my god i have the same jacket as him aaaaaaaaaahh

  71. Dominic Walker

    1:20 why is one of the coolest sounding parts about being asphyxiated by cinnamon

  72. Emma Ruth

    this dude is pretty lit.... second video ive watched of his..i subscribed:)

  73. Just Lexie

    "it was really sweaty though.. it was kind of... no, thank you."

  74. Laila Ribeiro

    this made me so happy lol, i loved it! So fun to listen <3

  75. andi choi


  76. Gabija Sebs

    haha Jake paul is here now

  77. Ellie Elephant

    Looking back on this adorable vid as he just hit 500k subscribers! 💛

  78. Abby Lyons

    Omg the balloons 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  79. ewa

    1:48 what conan stop reading my mind

  80. Zoey Ellamae

    I L O V E T H I S
    <3 . <3

  81. Twelve Assassins


  82. Aram Karamanian

    I love his voice!

  83. Carmen Colibri

    Preaching you are saying the truth :) This is really true

  84. Alex Serrano

    You sound like Shawn mendes

  85. serena fawcett

    yesss conan!

  86. Anna Kathaleen

    hEY CONAN you wanna see "good original content" WELL you can watch my videos they're actually not that original but idk you're my favorite and the popping part i'm laughing so ok bye

  87. - kassandra -

    My Favorite video

  88. Ronia

    This was the reason i subscribed! 😀

  89. Awkward Manatee

    I love this

  90. nearlywitcches

    conan is such a ball of sunshine. we must protect him, keep smiling x

  91. nearlywitcches

    conan is such a ball of sunshine. we must protect him,

  92. Helen Sileshi

    this is so OG youtube

  93. chantal gs


  94. Haddie Laura

    Conan read my mind. I was thinking why is Conan so hot😱😍💞

  95. Zero Mehdi

    God conan I love you

  96. a girl

    through the whole video I never realized the ballons

  97. lil vi

    nASal pASSage

  98. elif

    love u conan

  99. Joshua Telemaque

    Incredible at how relevant this song is to today, especially with YouTube changing it's monetization policy.

  100. Andrea Rose

    I love how he thinks about the world and he is so inspiring