Gray, Conan - Treehouse Lyrics

I see your face in the moving lights
The leaves are falling as time slips by
And I wish in this moment
That I could've died right there

The wind was howling but we weren't scared
Remember living on bikes those years
When we lost all control and
Scuffed up the soles of our shoes

So baby come with me now
High above the leaves, bring
Apple juice and freezies
Relearn how to dream we'd
Make our little nest
It's always the best
Back at the treehouse
Let's go back to the treehouse

We fixed our eyes on those flashing signs
We didn't think we'd make it out alive
But we rode on those coasters
'Till apples were oranges too

And the ocean's freezing, they warned us well
But our hearts were burning; our limbs propelled
Into icy saltwater
To us it's euphoria still

So baby come with me now
High above the leaves, bring
Apple juice and freezies
Relearn how to dream we'd
Make our little nest
It's always the best

Back at the treehouse
Back to the treehouse

And I see it coming, not so inviting
The blue coast is calling, I'm so scared of falling
Seasons are changing, we're rearranging
Our plans in the sand, I'm so tired, could we just
Skip down the road back home?

Please, baby, come with me
Forget about your fears
The world could all be yours
If you'd stop being a realist
There's no need to stress
You'll be a success
Back at the treehouse
Let's go back to the treehouse
Back to the treehouse
Back to the treehouse

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Gray, Conan Treehouse Comments
  1. Ahmad Fajar

    Like this song alot, but not available on spotify :(

  2. cudi,the champ

    it is now 2020 and i’m STILL waiting for conan to put these songs on spotify🥺

  3. Joycetaoexo

    I love you

  4. paige is cool

    this song gave me butterflies wow

  5. ツ Ochako Uraraka

    i need that backpack

  6. Allix Fiscus

    If you are here in 2020..
    It's okay...
    I get it...
    Me too...
    It's just another one of those nights, huh....

    ツ just remember... It's okay... It might be super late at night... You might be having an exenstential crisis.. you might just be crying... But just know...
    You can come back to the treehouse.
    I'm always waiting here for you at the treehouse.

  7. Emma Templeton

    i love watching these 2 years later knowing how far hes come and he got the recognition he deserved :) i love you conan

  8. James bboone

    1:22 I come for that vocal bruh

  9. susannah may

    i got to see him in concert in 2019 and it was incredible but its nice to come back and listen to the calming, nostalgic songs as well :DD

  10. Kayla Alleman

    this will always be one of my favorites <3

  11. •jessica•

    of course i'm unbelievably proud of him and his success, but i remember first listening to this right when it came out and instantly feeling at ease and forgetting about all the little inconveniences in my life. his old simple songs like this are so important so me, and i hold them close to my heart :')

  12. Nicole Park

    I thank God that I found u! So aesthetics❤ I love you! Sorry that I found u late☹

    Allix Fiscus

    EVERYONe is VALID who liStens to Conans music!
    Even if you are a bit late, we accept you here at the treehouse ツ

    Nicole Park

    @Allix Fiscus thank you😭😭😭❣❣❣

    Maryam Al Omari


    Nicole Park

    Maryam Al Omari yayyyyyy❣️❣️❣️❣️ you guys are so friendly and im already happy to be a part of this fd❣️

  13. Maggie Warren

    this song makes me wanna hug my friends

  14. Morgan Hobbs

    I come back to this song constantly because it’s one of the most nostalgic and beautiful songs I’ve ever heard

  15. katie s

    i’m mad they took this song off of spotify so i’m back on youtube :)

  16. Haiide Gasulas


  17. Brooke Tullos

    i have so much love in my heart for conan gray

  18. lana colinares

    i’m currently blasting this is my car while mourning my child hood :/

  19. rose_in.therain uwu

    It’s like Barbie life in the dreamhouse but now it’s Conan life in the treehouse

    Janie Feltner

    rose_in.therain uwu yessssss

  20. cecile

    this song got me in my feels :(

  21. Anika Samudrala

    omg this song is so underrated!

  22. Durabikhya Gogoi

    Please put this on Spotify please Conan♥️

  23. addie uwu

    ,,,and a success he was. :) cant wait to see u in 10 days luv

  24. Amélie Pichon

    I'm in love ❤

  25. fuckin uwu

    need this on spotify :(

  26. Starling Blossom

    this makes me feel so nostalgic... even after you've made it big, Conan, I still come back and listen to this because it makes me so happy. thank you for all you do 💕

  27. brittany

    this song reminds me of my ex and i wanted to see if i could listen to it again without crying and well, i failed lol

  28. Ida Hegland

    I love this

  29. jjoshee

    I need this song in Spotify. NOOOW

  30. pell joe

    You've got a beautiful soul Conan 🥰

  31. Carleena

    this sounds like a sunset on the beach

  32. Eileen Plett

    thinking my own sht: the thing is with religion or none, life should be about love, that should be our religion in life, if its not loving, its not right, and if its loving, its not wrong... somethin like that at least?? I blv in god, but just saying thats kina my conclusion and id love some criticism and disagreement. <3

  33. Jalisa Mcneill

    I dont have a treehouse and now I'm sad :<

  34. Millie Mao

    I just wanna know how small Con got up on that tree.

  35. Carolina Schmidhuber

    This song is literly the most beautiful I've heard for a long time

  36. hey it’s croissant

    its crazy how fast conan blew up like wow im crying :'|

  37. Zulfa Nurul K K

    who is still listening to this after checkmate

  38. Troy Forbush

    I always come back to this song. ❤️

  39. Gracie Gamez

    this is so beautiful! ❤️

  40. dhea

    how can you be so awesome when you only sat in a tree and playing an ukulele

  41. Camp Schaum

    i had this downloaded in my phone for a month without listening to it because i know its gonna be good because its a Conan Gray original. I just finally listened to it this morning while i was showering and i was so lovestruck right to the core. i was even screaming in excitement in the bathroom and i am so in love with the lyrics and the melody. so inspiring and moving and. love it so so much. love you so much too Conan. you inspire me to write songs with these kind of genre. 😍😍

  42. Scarlett Anderson

    my favourite song by this angel :)

  43. Scarlett Anderson

    i absolutely love this song more than anything, in fact i used it in poetry for a song lyric poem task but that’s another story, but all my friends really don’t like it and i just don’t understand them. i love this so so so much i always watch this at 3am and it makes me so nostalgic. thank you

  44. p0_0ppy

    I need this on Spotify 😪

  45. gabriella

    his voice makes me feel so at home. i've never felt that before with any artist, it's an amazing, and calming feeling.

  46. birdiesophia

    two year difference and now he's singing about a loaded gun lmao


    and now maniacs and then two boys who wished they were more and the bestest friends of all 🥺

  47. Moe J

    jeez conan you could've just aSKED for my wig you didn't have to snatch it like that

    aries’ world

    Moe J exactly

  48. Briannia Nicole

    please cover hallelujah. xoxox thanks

  49. Eve Lily-Mai

    so beautiful...

  50. Danielle Formica

    when will we get these spotify

  51. Eileen Chen

    hey cone, put this on spotify?

  52. amanda


  53. Nukshi moa

    i love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  54. ligma balls

    i can’t see it on spotify. anyone else?

  55. nxstellar

    1 MILLION!!

  56. Jennifer


  57. Oriana Natania

    This song makes me happy and sad at the same damn time😭😭, ur voice is so great conan! I love this song sm

  58. Eddie Gasulas

    Love you conan❤

  59. BSuGw

    Oh shit you rhymed something with oranges

  60. Kat Gilmore girls

    Bridge to terribithia?

  61. young & dumb

    i wanna this music on spotify

  62. Coffee Mylk

    please,,, i’m begging u,, put this on spotify,,,

  63. Eric Blocker

    i love this guy

  64. 『D a s h i r a 』

    I love U❤
    You're so fucking incredible

  65. Lee Ray

    I want to have a crazy night of fun or honestly just anything around you because you make everything better and then I wish fall asleep with you on your chest in your arms holding your hand. God how I wish you could know , But we're best friends and you have someone. So ill suffer because I'd rather suffer than make you feel anything besides happy. You're my angel and I love you my beautiful sun flower

    Lee Ray

    If I could start over id do it and try my best to see how your mind works. You will never stop interesting me. I just want to understand what you think. I want to be okay with things like you are. You seem invincible and it hurts because I know I will never effect your emotions. I'll never mean that much to you.

  66. arbielhyn

    a petition to put this on Spotify. Like this comment

  67. Cierra J

    2019 anyone?

  68. ani

    i love u

  69. Alex Elizabeth


  70. Mars Queen

    Strumming pattern?

  71. holly keiser

    youtube conan level 30000

  72. holly keiser

    plz put this on spotify your 2019 squad wants these ol beauties tooooo

  73. emily wang

    conans come so far im so proud i feel like a mom im so emo my babu

  74. Tria Febriyanti

    So good cone🌻

  75. Becky Nuttall

    conan im unstanning unless you release this
    that may be a lie but still pleaseeee

  76. Becky Nuttall

    the world could all be yours if you stop being a realist

  77. RedLynx107

    spotify please 👊 ❤️


    does anyone know the strumming pattern?? :))

  79. ᄋᄉᄋLilBumbBee

    Thank you... Thank you very much 💖

  80. Miki Yobel

    Felt the same way so I made a cover of this on my channel, hope you check it out

  81. emmavanhall

    "Sung by me
    on a tree"

  82. Abigail Renee

    pease put this on iTunes Or Spotify omg 😭😍

  83. maylin ø

    why did i just find this

  84. Trey B.

    Ok so when will this be on Spotify?😂

  85. Sidonie Wittman

    what are freezies

  86. Sophie Trash

    This is so relaxing btw

  87. Gabriella Moldaver


  88. Jeon Jungkook

    This is what I live for :D

  89. Quynh Anh Diep

    Why do I keep coming back to this song,
    can't help feeling sad and blessed at the same time?
    his songs never fail to make me want to shed happy tears,

  90. Loverboy Peaches

    Lmao now you gotta remake this song too for itunes, please and thank you :)

  91. ImNotOkayAndThisIsGospelForCenturies

    I need this on iTunes. Or Spotify. ITS AMAZING

  92. Gabriela Martinez

    my childhood friend and I were always back at the treehouse, life was simpler back then, wish I could start from there again

  93. Gabriela Martinez

    honestly one of cony's best songs it is everything

  94. lauren mcduffie

    *But this on spotify plz :)*

  95. Crazy top Fan boi

    Thank you Conan for making everyone happy

  96. kare bear

    i'm cr y in g

  97. Danna Rhymer

    this is so beautiful

  98. Marcos Lopes

    u show some really private feelings in this i feel like... closer <3