Grass Roots, The - The Runway Lyrics

I've been a brother to sorrow
I've been surrounded by gloom
'Cause this hotel's got hot & cold runnin'
Heartache in every room
Checkin' out of here in the mornin'
Even that will be too much time
I'm gonna get up on a big white bird
Waitin' after you with a line

Oh the runway is the one way to get back to you
Oh the runway is the one way to get back to you
If I have to beg, steal or borrow
I'll be seein' you, girl, tomorrow
Oh the runway is the one way to get back to you

TV's gonna get to me
Haven't heard a bit of good news
Who needs that when I'm sittin' here chewin'
I'm goin' struttin' in blues
I threw 'way to wake me at 7
Don't you wait a minute too long
I'm gonna leave with a one-way ticket
Goin' back to where I belong

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Grass Roots, The The Runway Comments
  1. kevin joseph

    dennis is on the cover..but goes uncredited as a player on this. he left.

  2. Matthew Clark

    Their last Billboard Top 40 hit peaking at # 39 in July of 1972.

  3. Gabaldon c&r

    I remember this song! I don't think I ever knew this was the Grass Roots, though. "The runway is the one way to get back to you!" Heard it out of El Paso, but don't remember the station. Could only get it at night.

  4. Juan Delgado

    Regalenme a rob liiindo. Elba rosa

  5. Juan Delgado

    Que hermoso y buen cantante rip. Elba

  6. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill 😍

    Dhanah Shimmer

    I have been fortunate to have met Rob on 3 occasions at performances. And yes, OMG an incredibly handsome man. And a gentleman; pleasant, poised and funny. I don't cry over many celebs who pass, but this one hit me very hard. You know he was in pain most of his life? He had 2 at least and maybe 3 total titanium hip replacements due to a degenerative bone diesease; and his son died of cancer. Yet through it all, he maintained dignity. Didn't ask for sympathy and unlike other spoiled celebs didn't feel the need to be crass, vulgar and violent.

  7. filly devotie

    whoa,just found out..really sad..was lucky to have heard them live...but other members in band,like mark dawson..i dont know all their history..leaning...

    Nancy Hoke

    None of the original members are with the current band. And since none of them are original, in my heart, the current Grass Roots are just a tribute band.

  8. Paul Hirschberg

    Last song they played at their concert in Brooklyn, July 1972. Then I went to Europe and heard it in a record store in Malmo, Sweden. One of my favorites!

    kevin joseph

    where in brooklyn?

  9. Moffett Coates

    Great stuff!

  10. NextSongs4God

    Too many of their tunes didn’t get on the radio....but DJs would only give just so much time to bands....even super groups. Three things I’ve learned: heavy bass, vocal harmonies, and key transposition in the right places. And some deep lyrics made to seem like regular conversation....GENIUS!

  11. Paul Hooson

    A very skillfully produced single that was far better than it's #39 position on BILLBOARD would indicate. Although the original band was much a creation of Dunhill's Lou Adler, the band evolved and the immense talent of Rob Grill really came through. I was lucky enough to see them live once, where they were good in concert and far better than just some recording studio creation of a producer like other acts like Crazy Elephant.

  12. Kerry Schlegel

    Now this song did not do good on the charts, but it sure was a big hit with me!

  13. James Russell

    I had the 8-track tape of this album. I wonder has it ever been released on CD.

  14. philip tucci

    one of the best groups of all time, great music & memories of life

  15. Dolores M

    This is the group of guys who performed together that brought the "Grass Roots" sound at its' best. Weber, Kailing, etc.

  16. Maria Pratiwi

    This is so great!!

    james pennington

    Listened to this as a kid. My buddy had the album and this song always somehow stuck in a corner of my mind. I used to fly alot and would be thinkin of my girlfriend and coming home on a plane to see her. Thus the 'Runway."

  17. Benny Bitch

    I wish this was on iTunes

  18. ChihuahuaboyDH

    Love it!!! Should've been a top ten hit!!! The Grass Roots' early 1970s output is phenomenal!!!

    R.I.P., Rob Grill & Rick Coonce. Miss you both!!! :'(

  19. Karen Manemeit

    I don't know if I've ever heard Rob's voice sound so phenomenal , I honestly go through all their songs on here everyday and he just blows me away on this song

    Karen Manemeit

    I wish there was a clip of him singing this song ❤️

    Karen Manemeit

    I don't think either Rob or Warren had ever sounded better

  20. Jo Burkham

    Can never get enough of this music . Such talent . I still get goosies !

  21. DutchGirl859



    I used to play this song in high rotation in a discotheque in The Netherlands, back in 1972 and 1973. What a great song ... timeless ...

  22. yvwic50

    Thanks for posting- for whatever reason, this did not get a lot of airplay where I grew up in rural GA.  I probably only heard it once or twice, but the lyrics stuck with me!

  23. xeuropn

    I guess this was their last hit, often forgotten. Long live 1972.


    In '75 The Grassroots had a hit with a Cynthia Wiel / Barry Mann song: "Mamacita" ...It was played all over the A.M. dials...Fun song.

  24. Leslie Law

    talk about peace love and understanding happy feel good music for real
    it starts from the bottom up thank you my roots

  25. Leslie Law

    the grass roots make me cry with touching music

  26. OtisVision

    Great Band.Nuff said R.I.P. Rob

  27. Max Brand

    This is my firt time hearing this son another of their great hits and RIP Rob saw him at the 1050 chum Oldies show at Skydome 1992.

  28. xeuropn

    Great song, Mike. I sure miss your introductions, though.

  29. Frank Conti

    VERY COOL. !!!,,,:D

  30. skynyrdfan56

    Nice, good song, posted in view of the sad occasion, the sudden death of Rob Grill. (67). Thank you, Mike.

  31. 1313agents