Grass Roots, The - Lovin' Things Lyrics

It's the lovin' things you do
That make me grow so close to you
Gonna want you my whole life through
For the lovin' things, baby, that you do

It's the lovin' things you say
That give me comfort every day
By your side I'm gonna stay
To hear the lovin' things, baby, that you say

Since that day our love began
I've become a new and happy man
I can hold my head up high
When you are near I touch the sky

With your soft and sweet caress
You brought me such tenderness
To think I was once forsaken
With your kiss, I've been awakened

It's the lovin' things you do
That make me grow so close to you
Gonna want you my whole life through
For the lovin' things, baby, that you do

With your soft and sweet caress
You brought me such tenderness
With a smile from your young face
You gave me back my inspiration

It's the lovin' things we share
That assures me how you care
Our friends call us a perfect pair
For the lovin' things, baby, that we share

It's the lovin' things you do
That make me grow so close to you
Gonna want you my whole life through
For the lovin' things, baby, that you do

It's the lovin' things you do
That make me grow so close to you
I'm gonna want you my whole life through
For the lovin' things, baby, that you do

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Grass Roots, The Lovin' Things Comments
  1. Sam Carson

    One of the things I find myself gravitating to on this album cover is the shot of the late Rick Coonce. When he smiled it was like lighting up the place. I did some reading on him and if it is all true, he was a most remarkable person who walking away from fame and became a social worker dealing with children in trouble. I have no idea what his educational background was, but it seems he was most beloved and trusted. What a wonderful second career. RIP

  2. mad michael dennis


  3. MrSteveb80

    this should have been in the top 20. what a great song. our class of 1971 had them play at our high school in early 1970.

  4. Brad Harmon

    Saw this band in paducah ky 1979 at crazy Larry they sounded AMAZING just like their records

  5. Dan Pulos

    Listened to this on WING in Dayton Ohio. And, took my girlfriend to see them at Dayton’s Memorial Hall in Jan 1971. Loved their music then and still do now.

  6. Linda St John

    Love this song. Love these guys!

  7. debra direen

    I love it more than Midnight Confessions

  8. John Lopez

    Why aren't they in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame?

  9. Rolff Geoffroy Quinn

    Bella dancing! 1969 en la memorial. Una de mis favorites bands de USA.

  10. Jeremy Doe

    Carol Kaye rocking that bass!

  11. SoloPilot6

    I listened to this song on KHJ.

  12. Paul LaD

    Brilliant Pop Music from 1969!!! Rob Grill was one helluva lead singer.

  13. theshameofthesun

    Very hard to cover this song..the singer is totally ACE transatlantic A Great Song

  14. theshameofthesun

    Its an Ace song..but listen to the Scottish Original

  15. Jon Francois

    Not a patch on the Marmalade version. Dean Ford had a great voice.

  16. Allen Spearing

    of course the original song was by Marmalade

  17. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill 😋

  18. Allen Spearing

    Sounds so much like Marmalade

  19. Josie Weir

    Wow fantastic ! remember it even after 49 years

  20. Frankie C

    Done originally by Bobby Rydell in 1968 on Reprise records. The Grass Roots blow him away on this,though. One of their best records.Thanks to WOR-FM 98.7 in NYC for playing this a lot early in the year.

  21. MrMartybearass

    prolly didn't become a big hit because sounds too much like their other one "two divided by love"... which was much better than this for sure

  22. matthew stetson

    Hey Now!!! Number 49 is where it peaked and that's why I don't remember it. That regardless I was 9 or 10 and constantly had the radio on, transistor or otherwise.

  23. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    Both versions of "Lovin' Things" are great, but I give a slight upper edge to The Marmalade. Both bands are amazing bands with tons of great material! The Grass Roots were revolutionary. They were the foundation the 70s were built upon and they continued in the 70s to be a great band and continue pushing pop music forward. They have so many great songs I don't know where to start even. Incredible work from both Grass Roots and Marmalade.

  24. carole Looney

    Loved this song from my childhood. XXXXX

  25. jsbach15

    Another favorite from a terrific band; only second to "The River Is Wide!"

  26. Hedgemist

    Prefer Marmalade's version but this one's very similar.

  27. Ricky Nihan

    Luv luv luv this song

  28. mark tyner

    We listened to this on WHB in Kansas City... crusin all the time

  29. mikeletz

    Keep up the great work Mike. Please come join me on my Facebook Music Page called " The Music of Our Lives" We post any song new or old

  30. Karl Maier


    MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"


  31. Jack roper

    Music Mike!!  I was there in San Francisco, in High School back in 1969!   Great song from a special time.

    MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"

    Cool time to be in San Francisco...for sure.

    Jack roper

    Music Mike,  you remind me a good friend on mine, from back in the Day in San Francisco. His name was Mike also. we all Irish, growing up in the outer Sunset District. we all are and were old car collectors, and music lovers. lets keep old School Alive my friend! God Bless!

    MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"

    Jack, you may enjoy my internet radio version of "Flashback Favorites". Check it out at Rock On!

  32. Mike Marvin

    big in Louisville Ky


    1080 wklo am on daisy ln new Albany kickin out 1.21 jigga watts


    super 790 waky

  33. james lindholm

    I love the aggressive drumming on this track. I wonder if it's Hal Blaine?

    Jeremy Doe

    Carol Kaye on bass with Hal Blaine on drums... Perfect rhythm section.

  34. lilly d

    I love this version of "Loving things" much better, probably because it's the only version I remember hearing when I was only 12 yrs.old, The Grass Roots my favorite group


    I had to go to Marmalade to get this to pull up

  35. Sergio

    Thanks !

  36. Clayton Tamm

    have this on 8 track. what great music!

  37. Daisy Flowers

    Gosh.. I just loved them.   They were indeed the hit makers.  I had their "More Golden Grass" 8 track  I loved that one.  I don't know which of their songs were my favorites, because there are too many great songs to pick from.

  38. FA Barragan

    I collected those Boss 30 surveys as a kid growing up in "Boss Angeles!"

  39. Tony Craddock

    A nice effort but Inferior to The Marmalade's version.


    record sales tells the story

  40. silverbird58

    1080 AM from the mighty hillside of daisy ln. WKLO

  41. FA Barragan

    Can not believe this song did not crack the top 40, I always thought it was a top ten hit for them. It was very popular in Southern California when aired on"Boss Radio" 93 KHJ!

    Dave Carver

    FA Barragan me too

    JD Nolin

    currently researching 20th century charts,Charted at #35 in Cashbox magazine in March 1969.

  42. DutchGirl859

    LOVE this song...Grass Roots ROCK...!!!  LOVE their lyrics; unmatched by any other band no matter who wrote them...!!!!  This band kicks butt and takes names...LOVE you guys so much...!!!  These songs bring back so many good memories...

    Timothy Thorne

    This is one of my favourite songs by this group. Full of melody, energy and warm and tender feeling

  43. brad lewis

    Mike,I gotta tell U.Your sound on all your recordings R SUPERIOR!!! Thanks  Mike!!

  44. John Greek

    This jam is lovely - the bass especially shines in MusicMike's vid. Thanks so much.

  45. cbak12sg

    Only difference from the Marmalade version is that the words of the first bridge are repeated whereas Dean Ford sings "Then you walked into my life, said how you'd soon end all my strife".
    In the USA, Marmalade are only known for Reflections Of My Life.

    thanganakl p

    @cbak12sg Really? How 'bout Just One Woman? Classic.


    @thanganakl p I am happy to stand corrected. I don't know that song at all. 

    Lorne Campbell

    Vocally inferior and bass/drums played much less sensitively than Marmalade.

    jack jc

    +lorne campbell,

  46. oneself violet

    my mom is inside the cover of one of the Grass Roots records when she was a little girl, Demian foutz Casey Foutz daughter from Crabby Appleton. Anyone have any more info on that or any word of mouth anyone remember that???


    I remember that pic. It was on "The Best of the Grass Roots" album.

  47. B17b25guy

    Yep, a copy of the Marmalade's version, except this is infused with the best LA session musicians at the time. Those musicians played on all those Grass Roots tunes (and many other bands). Joe Osborn on bass, and Hal Blaine on drums. These guys played on so many hit records, its amazing.

    Jeremy Doe

    I believe it's Carol Kaye on bass for this one...

  48. bill murra

    This sounds like a copy of the original recording by the Marmalade from Scotland. I think you should have a listen to the Marmalade.

  49. josh pollan

    this version is wonderful but i prefer the marmalade's version !

  50. Sheila Godfrey

    I much prefer The Marmalade version of this song which was released a year earlier.They were a Scottish Band who reached the UK charts with this & lots of other hits. The Grass Roots even used the same arrangement for this cover version. Good effort though, checkout The Marmalade version & also look out for Reflections of My Life :)

  51. Kathy Hamer

    Another great hit that should have gone straight to the top. What an amazing band!! Something is so wrong with the rock and roll hall of fame, The Grass Roots should have been inducted years ago!!. Thanks so much for another awesome song Mike!!!

  52. chuckcollins

    What the heck happened?!! They should have re-released this one. Obviously it got lost in the shuffle somehow as it should have easily been another top 10 hit.

  53. SQDLVR

    Awesome!! I'm loving the Grass Roots posts. "Lovin' Things" was my first Grass Roots lp that my Dad bought for me at the PX at Camp Zama, Japan back in 1969!! I loved them since!!