Grass Roots, The - I Can't Help But Wonder, Elisabeth Lyrics

My fingers lay silent on the skin of her conga drum
They're covered by black Spanish hair which I touch with my thumb

I could hear heavy breathin', my heart was pounding, I...
Knew the moment had come
To do what must be said
And to ask what should be done...

And I can't help but wonder what it might have been
I can't help but wonder, Elisabeth

I looked at her quickly, avoiding her watery eyes
In the awareness of the scene I was playing, well I just had to cry

Elisabeth stood silent, draped in defenses
A victim of tongues that had lied
And I was hoping she'd say something
That would stop me from saying goodbye

Well I can't help but wonder what it might have been
I can't help but wonder, Elisabeth

For every word that I poured out a million more formed in my head
Trying to cover up or bring back to life something we both knew was dead

And there we froze motionless like two crystal statuettes
With nothing more between us to be said
Each of us lost in our frayed-collared thoughts
As into the darkness I fled...

And I can't help but wonder what it might have been
I can't help but wonder, Elisabeth...

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Grass Roots, The I Can't Help But Wonder, Elisabeth Comments
  1. Shirley Zukas

    Beautiful song. Rob Grill's voice was so one of a kind. RIP Rob


    Thanks Shirley for checking it out and have an awesome day from Lloyd :)

  2. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill 😋

  3. Chema Fernandez

    Beautiful song & voice & arrangement but don't forget that P. F. Sloan wrote it: A true genius!!


    I agree!! Thanks Chema for listening to this song and have a great week from Lloyd :)

  4. Karen Manemeit

    so beautiful


    Thanks for listening and I hope you had an awesome holiday season. Best wishes for 2017 from Lloyd.

  5. MrGoldenthroat



    Thanks for listening to this almost forgotten song(in today's music world) by the Grass Roots.

  6. MrGoldenthroat

    Rob with an incredible lead vocal here!! Rob's voice,in the early years especially, 1967- 1970, was great!!


    Thanks again for listening. The Grass Roots are timeless!!

    Karen Manemeit

    MrGoldenthroat I'm in total agreement with you about Rob's voice. Superb

  7. MrGoldenthroat

    This song puts anything by the Stones, Grateful Dead, and The Who to shame!!! - as do many of their other great songs!

  8. lrh1966

    Thanks for checking out this Grass Roots track...Friends, Lloyd.

  9. marcia ferguson

    Thanks to whoever posted this song. In my opinion one of the very best they ever did. His voice is like velvet to my ears!!!!!

  10. MrGoldenthroat

    The beauty of this tune ranks up their MELODY FOR YOU and HERE'S WHERE YOU BELONG which is probably my favorite Grassroots song ever! Oh, I must not forget WHAT LOVE IS MADE OF!!!

  11. MrGoldenthroat

    One of the most gorgeously beautiful ballads ever by anyone!!! A true masterpiece penned by the great P.F.SLOAN!!!

  12. lennieavirett

    This song is AWESOME! It has "haunted" my memory for years and I am SO thankful to see it here! One of the best they recorded!

  13. fotocristofer

    Wonderful!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting this song, which I've been searching for since 1982.

    One of the very best songs from the Grass Roots . . . Superior to their more popular "pop" hits.

    Thanks so much!!!