Grass Roots, The - Glory Bound Lyrics

All the sun on the outside
Doesn't touch what I feel within
When I've got you beside me
I'm reachin' out for the rainbow's end
You get to me & give me a feelin' that's comin' on
Gettin' stronger & stronger

Glory bound to that everlastin' feelin'
Glory bound, oh I'm never never comin' down

It's 5:00 in the mornin'
I'm lookin' out on a sky of gray
I don't care, let the rains come
If I'm with you it's a sunny day
You make me feel so close to heaven
Whenever I'm beside you

Glory bound to that everlastin' feelin'
Glory bound, oh I'm never never comin' down

I need the comfort I see in your smile
I need the touch of your hand
Come on & bring out the best in me, girl
Don't you know that you can

Glory bound to that everlastin' feelin'
Glory bound, oh I'm never never comin' down

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Grass Roots, The Glory Bound Comments
  1. Gerard Kijak

    Ridiculously underrated

  2. Jeffrey Barna

    Years ago, I was fortunate to be able to interview Rob Grill on the air when I was the afternoon-drive guy on a local oldies radio station. I remember telling him off-air that 'Glory Bound' was my favorite Grass Roots song, and I was disappointed that it never got any airplay as an oldie. I saw Rob in concert a couple years after that and 'Glory Bound' was in his song-set! Always wondered if it had anything to do with what I'd told him! RIP, Rob. Your music was among the very best of the era.

  3. Cathy Rosborough

    7-11-2011 Rob was glory bound! Fly high with the angels baby!💝

  4. mikeletz

    Still a great song Mike

  5. reina coffee

    I was very young back in the 60's, and now I'm older in 2019...and still think this group is one of the greatest, most talented and most handsomest group we've seen throughout the years. Rest in Heaven, Rob Grill.

  6. filly devotie

    miss rob so much..his loving songs will 4-ever ...

  7. mikeletz

    One of the best bands ever!!~

  8. filly devotie

    wish we where immortal miss him so much,once i did photo shoots pompano fish festival..geez i thought it last 4ever XoXo

  9. lam bda

    I remember this song from a high school dance.

  10. Frederick Glasser

    I heard this song yesterday on SiriusXM an American Top 40 (4/1/72). First time I'd heard this song in about, ohhh 47 years. Man, what a refresher! This song combines the best of the Guess Who, the Babys, and Pure Prairie League. Amazing that this song didn't even break into the top 30. This group should've had a half dozen or more #1's.

  11. phyl overdyk

    I adore this band so much! this song rises to the top of the charts!

  12. Bob

    Although this great country was in a state of fabricated turmoil in the early and mid 70's, at 17 years old I/we had the music by the greatest groups of all times.. bar none. We didn't have the phony sense of being of social media or cell phones by being someone we weren't to make a statement as to who we were. We had vans, bell bottoms, platforms but most of all a true sense of belonging to a society of peers that accepted us. Rob Grill was a genius.

  13. philip tucci

    Very Beautiful Masterpiece, great music & memories of life forever

  14. Linda St John

    Love this video!!

  15. John K. Beaver

    The Madson IN. Hydropllane Boat Races Song

  16. Bill Guill

    Sad that there's so many "re-recordings" of their hits on the market, and NOT the real thing! Why Amazon & iTunes cannot get the rights to the ORIGINAL recordings is beyond me........ABC/Dunhill needs to realize it's a respectful TRIBUTE to the group, and their company's catalog, that people want the originals, and not a "threat"!!! These record companies - ALL of them - are just plain GREEDY, and only want the public's $$$, and don't seem to be interested in the original music being available, instead of the "ersatz" crap!!!! Re-recordings need to DISAPPEAR, and the services ought to be ashamed of themselves for even offering this GARBAGE!!!!

  17. Aurora Band

    Great song

  18. kevin fonte

    Glory Bound is a great tune.My favorite Roots melody

  19. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill 😋

  20. philip tucci

    Magnificent A+ Masterpiece

  21. Deb Long Mathenia

    DEFINITELY a favorite -- great video!

  22. Jeni Jones

    Dennis co-wrote this. You can hear his harmony!


    Jeni Jones , there's an office Dennis Provisor Facebook page, check it out 😎

  23. ..this song makes me feel so happy, and so strong....!!

  24. Rhonda Hancock

    the greatest group that has ever been in the world loved them since age 10 in 1969 Rob grill was the best who agrees with me?

    mary stevens

    I was 8 in 1969 ,but always loved this music - loved Rob's sexy good looks and amazing voice !!!!

    Aurora Band

    Rhonda Hancock my second fave group right with the Beatles. So many great vocals and harmony and sitar use before the Beatles. Lets live for today. All their albums had top notch songs,all of them!

    Mike Karoliussen

    Rob Grill was the best! He was the reason why I learned to play the guitar! He was the coolest and I wanted to be just like him. He’s why I grew a mustache and got a shag hair cut. Too bad I could not sing like him. Here’s to you Rob, you were and still are my idol.

    Gerard Kijak


  25. Maria Pratiwi

    Why oh why I just knew this band now!

  26. Karen Manemeit

    I love this band, they were so freakin awesome don't think there is a song I don't like!

    mary stevens

    I agree !!!! Loved this band since I was a little kid - still listen everyday !!!! Rob was always my favorite !!!!

  27. Bill Lesshafft

    Awesome...purely awesome

  28. nello pinello

    I just dig it a lot along with a great deal of emotion!!! Rob Grill and you guys are missed a lot!

  29. Mattigrooves

    Thanks man

  30. DutchGirl859

    One of my favorites from The Grass Roots...awesome!!!  The best 60's and 70's band in the universe!!!! 

  31. toppop100

    This is great, but the funny thing is that it sounds exactly like Elton John wrote a song for David Coverdale.

  32. marty h

    it was a great time growing up in the 50s 60s and 70s, i miss this great music, not like the crap these days


    +marty h I agree with you there. Today its rap crap, or pop bull shit. Today its about, sex, evil, killing, gangbanging. Today its about,money, looks, and fame with no talent.

  33. sequentialable12

    fantastic song

  34. Kathy Thompson

    there isn't a better song to pay tribute to Rob! you have beyond excellent taste in music. great job!

    Bob Bennett

    I love that tune!!! FOREVER

  35. Edward Owen

    Nice work. Thanks for the effort.


    the grass roots forever

  37. Nick Brown

    Great video!

  38. eydie sanders

    i grew up with this great music. he and the grassroots are amazing.

  39. Frank Conti

    ---Sure be missed! !!,,, :)

  40. Jeff Ferguson

    The Grass Roots were part of the soundtrack of my life back in the early 70's.
    R.I.P. Rob.

  41. skynyrdfan56

    It`s a bad and sad message of the death of Rob Grill. R.I.P. Rob. Thanks Mike for this songs you have just posted. I like them much. Back to the "grass" roots . . .

  42. 1313agents