Grass Roots, The - Fly Me To Havana Lyrics

Worked all my life
For me and my wife, yeah
All sweat and frustration
But I've been saving my money for my tropic vacation in Havana
I gotta get some sun
Take me to Havana
Or I'll be losing skun

It's been hard-working tears
For 40 long years, now
Can't wait any longer
And now I'm on my way to my tropic day down in Havana
I gotta get some sun
Hey, take me to Havana
Or I'll be losing skun

I am now 65
And my wife ain't alive, yeah
At last I'm a free man
And no communist scheme is gonna ruin my dream of Havana
I wanna get some sun
Hey, take me to Havana
Or I'll losing skun

Oh, fly me to Havana
I've gotta get some sun
Hey, take me to Havana
Or I'll be losing skun...

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Grass Roots, The Fly Me To Havana Comments
  1. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill, 😍

  2. Thomas Ponzio

    found it funny back cover of album very similar to Beatles 1970 cover Let it be


    I agree and this one came out one year earlier. Thanks Thomas for checking out this song and have a great week from Lloyd :)

    daniel gc

    Chorus sounds a lil bit like "Baby Come Back" too.

  3. Steve Garland

    GREAT F'n song.  I first listened to it in 1972' ish.   love the humor there


    Thanks Steve for giving it a listen, from Lloyd.

  4. Bill George Schaniel



    Thanks Bill for checking out this Grassroots album and it needs more play on the radio.

  5. MrGoldenthroat

    Sorry I seem so fickle but I have absolutely verified, by looking again at the ticket stub, that The Grass Roots concert I spoke of was actually held on April 16, 1969. I was correct initially!


    Hang on to that ticket stub and thanks for checking out the Grassroots track here which is almost never played on oldies radio.

    Bill George Schaniel

    incredible song.. not much air time back in the 60's.. why?.. Who knows.....

  6. Thomas Ponzio

    great rock song with great cuban sounds and was later the B side to I'd Wait s Million Years


    Thanks Thomas for listening to this Grassroots track and they are a timeless group!!

    Thomas Ponzio

    +lrh1966 my sister bought this LP way back in 1969

  7. MrGoldenthroat

    A great number by the lads. I saw them perform this live on April 16,1969 in Tampa, Florida! Creed was still with the group at that time. 2/3 of the way through the song Rob, Warren, and Creed put their instruments down and departed the stage thereby setting the table for Rick to launch into an incredible 8 minute drum solo. He had this enormous drum set. I have always contended that Rick Coonce was the most electrifying, dynamic drummer of the sixties - and I've seen many of the best, such as Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Bobby Elliot, etc.etc. But in my opinion no one could hold a candle to Rick! This remains as the greatest concert I have ever seen - I wish all of you out there could have been there. After the performance, I went backstage and met the group. They were all great and Warren, Rick, and I, all sang Here's Where You Belong. Warren gave me some love beads he was wearing around his neck that his beautiful blonde girlfriend made for him! We hung out and talked for well over an hour. Great memories that will live on forever! God bless them all. Rest In Peace Rob and Rick.


    Thanks for listening and the compliments. It was awesome that you got to meet the band backstage and being at the concert. It would have been great if the concert you were at was filmed or recorded and available on audio or video recordings.


    +lrh1966 I also have had a fervent wish that someone had recorded that concert and it would surface for all to experience!! By the way Irh1966, After checking my old ticket stub from that show, I see that this concert was actually held on April 22,1969 - not April 16th. God Bless and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all!!

  8. lrh1966

    You are welcome. Thanks for listening to this Grass Roots record...Friends, Lloyd.

  9. lrh1966


    Thank you for the compliments. I try to add what many people like, and also for preserving audio recording history on original records...Friends, Lloyd.

  10. lrh1966


    Thank you for checking out this classic that the late Rob Grill helped create...Friends, Lloyd.

  11. brian cunningham

    Thank you so much for uploading this track - I haven't heard it since I bought "I'd wait a million years" in 1969 when I was 13. I think I liked this song even more and have wanted to hear it again for SO long and guess what, it"s much better than even I remembered. The Grassroots were so much better than most people remember. Thanks again.

  12. lennieavirett

    HA! Oh, yeah! Have been searching for some of these songs for absolute AGES! Thanks so much for sharing these. You are the best!