Grass Roots, The - Come On And Say It Lyrics

What I don't know
You could tell me
What I should know
If you'd let me know
How you feel
How I love you
What I don't know
Couldn't hurt me
But what I could show
If you'd let me know
Just how you feel
How I love you

Come on & say it
Sooner or later
You're gonna need it
You've got to make up your mind
You gotta choose
You're gonna lose everything
Tell me just one good reason
Why you won't say
What you feel inside
Dismiss your pride
Why don't you tell me

Come on & say it
Sooner or later
You're gonna need it
You've got to make up your mind
You gotta choose
You're gonna lose everything

Come on & say it
You're gonna need it
Come on & say it
The sooner the better
Baby, baby, baby
Come on & say it
Come on & say it...
I know you want it...

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Grass Roots, The Come On And Say It Comments
  1. Purple Sword 5

    My favorite single from them..

  2. Purple Sword 5

    Great group.. Can't tell me the grass roots, the association & the classics IV aren't top of the line 60s groups..

  3. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill 😙

  4. ,John Mac Donald

    one of the best bands ofc the period

  5. philip tucci

    Magnificent A+ Masterpiece

  6. Kim Duckworth

    Awe, this was on the album we had. Nice song.

  7. Top40Bill

    If you have the stereo version of "Let It Go" from this album, will you kindly upload it? I can only find that song in mono. Thanks.


    Top40Bill - Sorry, right now I don't have the stereo lp 'More Golden Grass' and can't find any download files for it. If I get a hold of it, I will definitely post that version and let you know. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Margie Roberts

    One of the Best Groups ever!! Saw them in person and was an awesome time!!

  9. philip tucci

    great music & memories from one of the best groups of all time

  10. Rhonda Hancock

    more golden grass was one of the best albums ever made

  11. Randy Turner

    The effort you put into the photo display on this video is much appreciated! I haven't seen many of them in years. Great song!
    I have a million good memories of that day and age. "More Golden Grass" was (and still is) a favorite album of mine...


    Happy to do it... they are one of my very favorite bands! Thanks for the nice comment and for visiting!

  12. Kathy Ortiz

    I'm a late bloomer. What I would give to go back in time and see Rob Grill perform!♡♡♡

    mary stevens

    Me too , I remember them from when I was a little girl and still love Rob the most !!!!!

  13. tom manzer

    Great song & words

    Jeni Jones

    tom manzer written by the great Dennis Provisor!!!! My fav!!

  14. rexsaw

    Great upload, thanks

  15. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1970 {October 3rd} the Grass Roots performed "Come On and Say It" on the late Dick Clark's American Bandstand...
    One month earlier on September 19th it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100; eventually it peaked at #61 and spent 6 weeks on the Top 100...
    Bassist and lead singer "Rob" Grill passed away on July 11th, 2011 at the age of 67...
    R.I.P. Mr. Grill and Mr. Clark...

  16. AnthonyT50

    I've never heard this song! It's a winner!

  17. Charles Forssi

    This song should have gone to #1. It was the best one out at the time.

  18. northran

    Underrated song by this group - one of my favorites by them

  19. charliedontsurf70

    these guys were the best.