Grass Roots, The - Baby Hold On Lyrics

You're such a natural woman
But you're so far away baby
Your love is driving me crazy, coming home
I know you can't live without love
I know you're feeling so lonely
Save all your sweet loving for me
I'm coming home

Save all your sweet loving for me
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
You gotta hold on babe, I'm coming home
So baby hold on don't throw your love away
Cause I'm coming home, so baby hold on baby hold on
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
You're such natural woman
You know my feelings about you
You know I can't live without you
I'm coming home
I'm sorry I ever left you
I thought this free life was better
I know you can't wait forever
But baby hold on
I know you can't wait forever, so baby hold on
Cause I'm coming home
You gotta hold on baby, I'm coming home
So baby hold on, don't throw your love away
Cause I'm coming home so baby hold on, baby hold on

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Grass Roots, The Baby Hold On Comments
  1. Purple Sword 5

    Love these guys so much..

  2. greg mcgee

    My older sister had the Grass Roots greatest hits L.P. I would always make fun of the stuff she liked because I was a little brat, but I absolutely love this album

  3. Ed Smith

    Love this album

  4. Bob Lewis

    What a rich full sound, great vocals, so upbeat. ROCK ON!

  5. Andrew Patrick

    These guys were something else.

  6. Gary Hahn

    There is not a chance that any year 2000's bands could write or record a song like this. What a hit song!!--the hand claps with the snare drum make a huge difference too!!

  7. sam Tinnirello

    Love this group they had so many hits !

  8. Steve McCoy

    I used to write songs when I was a teenager. I met the Grass Roots twice. They were kind and very respectful even though I approached them just before they had to go on, a time of nerves for musicians. They didn't use my songs but respect from guys who are on top is too rare of a thing. They were my favorite band. They were designed to be a hit machine, and they delivered. I haven't checked recently, but in years past they rated Number 7 overall on record sales. Rob Grill said when you're in the top ten with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, that's something.

  9. Reaper Ronin

    No,,,, that can't be....!
    That song had to chart better than that.!
    If it didn't, that's a crime in itself....!
    Either Way... Thank You For Posting..!
    Great Song.

  10. 40belowful

    you used the "time tunnel" intro:) just sayin:) love the grass roots:):)

    MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"

    Yes...good eye.

  11. Stevie G

    Is it just me, or does the beginning sound like "Sign of the Times" by Petula Clark.

  12. Linda St John

    Love this!!!

  13. Jay Walker

    I truly do enjoy your work mike!

  14. Howard Clegg

    The ultimate Sunshine band. I dig em so much.

  15. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill 😜

  16. Paul Hirschberg

    Just a perfect song in every way. Drums, bass, horns, tempo, vocals, one of the very best!!

  17. Cindy Shirey

    Where can I get cd of grass roots

  18. Phoebe Fugate

    Don't You just love this ,,,Grass Roots,,Baby hold on ,,lots of hits

  19. tammy thompson

    I am so glad I checked this out!!!!!! Good memories

  20. Robert Walker


  21. Pontiac GTO

    This group never got the respect it should have


    Yep. And they had a Ton of Great Songs.

  22. mary stevens

    I loved the Grass Roots as a kid and now thanks to YouTube I can listen again all I want - Love Rob Grill and his heart pounding bass line ...................

  23. Kim Duckworth

    Love it!!

  24. craigd426

    where is this fun, bubbly music these days. Awesome sound. Love my 45s

  25. Jerry Weber

    glade i'm a boomer great time to grow up great music awesome bands and wild times

  26. Jerry Legrand

    super great thank you

  27. giampaolo scrofani

    looks like"the letter" of box tops

  28. philip tucci

    great music & memories of life, phenomenal sound

  29. Rhonda Hancock

    this song got lots of air play in alabama

  30. Rhonda Hancock

    Andrew I've got most of my records on u tube now can't live without my grass roots thanks for caring I bet Ur a real nice guy God bless u too from alabama

  31. Andrew j wheeler jr

    man oh man what a great gem of a tune I just love classic rock and roll period no question about it not one I live for great down home music it just doesn't get any better well peace everyone.

  32. Laura Peace Stafford

    cutie pies in this group😘😘😘😘

  33. Brenda Quick

    And it was written by Dennis Provisor, Warren Entner and Rob Grill.

  34. i Palaver

    Gotta love the Grassroots! Gotta love YOU for posting this!

  35. Rhonda Hancock

    all my grass roots records were destroyed in a house fire thank God for u tube now I can listen to my fave group again

    Andrew j wheeler jr

    sorry for the lost of your collection baby but your right thank goodness for y tube it's the best way for music for me too goodness you know something theirs more and more musical gems on this to find and I haven't lost faith in it yet so keep searching for what makes you feel better and pretty soon you'll find what you've lost so hang in there baby and may God bless you and yours love Andrew jr.

  36. Jack roper

    How's " Music Mike" doing here in March 2017?  hope all is good with you?  You D-Man!

    MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"

    All is good, thanks. Working a lot on my internet radio station

    Jack roper

    Good show " Music Mike".  Take care.

  37. To Tell The Truth

    Music Mike nails it AGAIN because The Grass Roots were a melodic + percussion music machine SO underrated for some reason? I saw them perform fall of 1971 at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario before an arena jam packed ! This song charted poorly summer of 1970 in my home area and as a drummer plus eventual opera singer, I thought FELT it was a sensational JOYOUS song almost letter perfect ... so in retrospect, I often ask whyyyy? "Bella Linda" has to be my all time fave Grass Roots tune as a sucker for sentimental songs.

  38. Jack roper

    I like " Music Mike"  You da man!!!

  39. Vital Vector

    Of all the Grass Roots songs, this one has my favorite horn arrangement. Just fantastic. Timeless classic!

    Don Bishop


  40. Paul Hirschberg

    Great bass line and drums. Song did better than #35 in New York - I think #17. One of my favorite Grass Roots songs.

  41. DutchGirl859

    Ohhhhh this song is good!!!!!!!  Grass Roots rock!!!  The best band in the universe!!!


    I couldn't agree more!


    The wrecking crew played all their music in the studio . They didnt play a note. That's Hall Blain on the drum parts. Carol Kaye did most of the bass parts.

  42. Tschunasun

    Super song by a super Band, Underrating..., this one is the best for me with "Temptations eyes". (like this Band more than Beatles)

  43. Nunya biz

    One of my all time favorite bands. Saw them in concert twice. Love this song and all the others. I was broken hearted when Rob passed away.

  44. Kathy Hamer

    I love this song!!! Sure don't get why it only reached #35. Rob's voice is smoking hot. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Kristina Tenerowicz

    That's because he was hot !😍