Grass Roots, The - Anyway The Wind Blows Lyrics

Get myself together
That's the only thing to do
The memories of you
Are fillin' my mind

I can face the mornin'
It's the night I can't get through
Baby, without you
I'm wastin' time

(Anyway the wind blows)
(Anyway that you want me to be)
(I'll go where your love goes)
(Without you I don't wanna be free)

Don't forget forgiving
I remember you; remember me

Stare into the silence
Of a room that's dark and cold
No one there to hold
All through the night

And I can feel my heartbeat
And I now I'm growin' old
'Cause deep inside my soul
You are the light

(Anyway the wind blows)
(Anyway that you want me to be)
(I'll go where your love goes)
(Without you I don't wanna be free)

Don't forget forgiving
I remember you; remember...

A piece of me is dyin'
Soul of me is cryin'
Can't you see I'm tryin'
To bring you home again

(Anyway the wind blows)
(Anyway that you want me to be)
(I'll go where your love goes)
(Without you I don't wanna be free)

Don't forget forgiving
I remember you; remember...

(Anyway the wind blows)
(Anyway that you want me to be)
(I'll go where your love goes)
(Without you I don't wanna be free)

(Anyway the wind blows)...

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Grass Roots, The Anyway The Wind Blows Comments
  1. Linda St John

    Precious Warren Entner!!

  2. Juan Delgado

    Rob love. Elba

  3. Tango Bango

    Rob Grill was a very talented fellow. LUVED The Grass Roots.

  4. Kathy Voland

    No one will ever sing as well as Rob Grill

  5. Mike Omo

    So many good hooks in their music

  6. Linda St John

    Really love these guys.
    So cheerful and happy singing together.
    Missing Rob and Rick.
    May they rest in peace.
    Warren and Dennis are still with us. Stay healthy and happy. Love you and all the great music you gave us.

  7. Aurora Band

    One of my most fave bands, very underrated !

  8. Linda St John

    Wonderful band.
    Great music. Great voices.

  9. Roger Lee

    Brings back so many good memories :)

    Linda St John

    I agree!!

  10. music ffan 18

    Green eyed handsome Grill 😍

    R. McDermott

    You are on almost every one of the Grass Roots vids.

  11. Gloria Woodie

    Beautiful voices love to see all the album covers.

  12. Tim Drumm

    GR's as good as it gets - chemistry and sheer excellent musicality to rival any super group ever!

    Tim Penfield

    U right, The boston song, Something about u" sounds a bit like the Grass roots song, "SOMETHING ABOUT U" HAHAAAHhahaha

  13. mary stevens

    I was 11 when this album came out !!! I loved them then and still listen everyday even now !!!! So much talent , not like today !!!! Rob Grill is still one of my favorite singers !!!

  14. Heather Gall

    Finally some pictures of the guys in the band along with the music. Warren Entner especially I want to see. These guys were great.

  15. JoAnn Klingaman

    Love this song... The Grassroots were so good with all the competition in the 60's and they should be in the R&R HOF.....

    Annamarie DeCarlo


    Jeni Jones

    JoAnn Klingaman listen to Dennis! He received no credit for this! 😡

  16. souldeep69

    This is the LP version. The single version was remixed with lead guitar added as well as additional vocals on the chorus. The feeling was that the vocal harmonies on the LP version were rather shrill - which they were. However, I prefer the LP version, and I think most people would.
    The "Move Along" album was released on CD in 2014 by Geffen/Universal, but was only available directly from the Japanese company that made the CD. It had a cardboard mini-LP sleeve with exact reproduction of the original album art. It was released in the SHM-CD format, playable on all regular CD players but with notably improved sound. It contained the LP versions of ""Sooner or Later" and "Love Is What You Make It" as bonus tracks, the singles that immediately preceded and followed this album. There were liner notes (in Japanese!) and lyrics to all the songs in both English and Japanese. It was a limited edition, and at rates that changed daily with the yen, a good deal at around $25.


    I got this off a double cd marked Made In Italy, that included one bonus track... their performance from the Ed Sullivan Show. May be a boot, but I thought the quality was decent. Don't think I paid more that $15 at the time. This is it:


    +60s70sVintageRock Yes, it's a boot! ;) From vinyl, cleaned up pretty well. That Japanese CD sounds sensational!

    music ffan 18

    Do you know if Robs Uprooted album was released in cd form?


    @music ffan 18 It was only released as a double album bootleg, similar to the import I mentioned above. (Basically the vinyl was transferred to cd format.) Unfortunately, it's getting hard to find and very pricey:

    music ffan 18

    @60s70sVintageRock thank you very much. Looked all over and couldn't find it.

  17. Karen Manemeit

    Love this song and great video!

  18. John Egelkrout

    I have a vinyl copy of it. I might be willing to sell it.

  19. aljabi2008

    I have 2 vinyl albums. One is still wrapped in plastic, never used. The other is opened, but still the cover is in good condition and the vinyl is perfect. The albums are Move along. For sale. anyone interested. let me know

    Jeni Jones

    aljabi2008 I saw one in a old record store for $7. Lol! But I love Dennis!!

  20. Edward Vallone

    Thank you very much.

  21. 60s70sVintageRock

    Very rare, getting pricey. There's some used vinyl floating around...check out sites like Gemm and MusicStack. Otherwise, the only cd was a 'vinyl rip' import featuring 'Move Along and Got Alotta Mileage.' There are still a few available on Amazon, if you hurry.

  22. Edward Vallone

    Where can you buy the album " Move Along"

  23. 60s70sVintageRock

    @cforssi It is posted.

  24. 60s70sVintageRock

    @cforssi There is no remastered recording of this album...I have a mono vinyl rip only. Give me a couple of days, stay tuned :)

  25. Charles Forssi

    How about posting "Claudia" by the Grass Roots.

  26. Charles Forssi

    I love this song! Thank you for posting it!

  27. Daniel Ferrell

    Move Along = BEST Grass Roots album ever!

  28. Wanda Burnsworth

    This is a great song!! Of course The Grass Roots are my fav group of all time! I am so glad that you are getting better! Can't wait until I get to see you in concert again! Take care of yourself!!

  29. Rodrigo Neuenburg

    i have hat single i seed

  30. souldeep69

    Love this song. One of the most eloquent lyric lines I've heard: "I remember you remember me".
    I picked this to be the follow-up single to "The Runway", and then so did Dunhill. Alas, we were both wrong. Still, shoulda been a hit!
    Nice job on the video. Thanks for posting.

  31. 60s70sVintageRock

    @MXRACER268 You're welcome--This was on their 2-disc 'Anthology,' from '91, which thankfully I have! (It is now out of print!)