Grant, Natalie - When I Leave The Room Lyrics

Good night
Looks like we made it through the day
The moon sighs
And I know that we're okay

Sleep tight
I love to watch you drift away
I would come with you but on my knees I'll stay

Good night
Five little fingers holding mine
Take flight
Into your dreams and lullabies

There's nothing more that I can do
But just fall more in love with you
And ask the angel armies to stand by
When I leave the room

I'm gonna fail you
I already have
Ten thousand times
I will fall down flat

You'll have a seat in the front row
Of everything I don't know
And all I'm trying to be
You'll see

Good night
There will be storms that we come through
In time
We will slay dragons me and you

I'll always wanna hold you tight
Keep you safe with all my might
So I will leave Jesus next to you
When I leave the room

And you will run ahead
As if you know the way
And I will pray more
Then one should have to pray

There will be words we can't take back
Silences too
And I'll be on my knees
You'll see

One night
When I am old and unsteady
You'll want me to fight
But I'll tell you that I'm ready

When there's nothing left to do
I will still be loving you
Then you'll fold your fingers into mine
And I will let Jesus hold you tight
When I leave the room

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Grant, Natalie When I Leave The Room Comments
  1. Coko Fans

    This song is amazingly passionate and beautiful! 😉😍

  2. Chloe Chandler

    this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard my grandma showed it too me. I cry everytime I hear it. and im not a very emotional person. this makes me think about my mom. I love her so much. it also makes me think about my first love. we aren't aloud to see eachother. cause his mom hates me. I havnt seen him in at least 5 months or talked to him cause his mom broke his phone when she found him texting me. I truly believe I love him.we dated before but I broke his heart and I hate myself for that... but he forgave me, its been over 5 months and I still think about him every day all day... if you are reading this just know I love you. and I always will.

  3. Lynda Sapiro

    😁🤣🦍🍉🍉🏐🌋🔔☎️📱🚼 lol

  4. Lynda Sapiro

    May I have his Bible

  5. Lynda Sapiro

    Ask jesus if I can check out his new bible verse I would sing this when I die I'm sneezing

  6. Lynda Sapiro


  7. Lynda Sapiro

    My mom pushed me down her floor last night!!!!
    I'm so mad at her now! I am 6

  8. Lynda Sapiro

    my church singed this
    i sleep with my mom she plays this at night!!!

  9. Deborah Keith

    listen to her everyday. Gorgeous voice and such inspirational songs..

  10. Emilie Burns

    This is my solo song

  11. Carrie Wilson

    I just lost my mom yesterday. I haven't heard this song in years. my heart is overwhelmed with sadness.

  12. Autumn Raine Peck

    I lost my mom 2 months ago and its been the hardest time in my entire life. I love you mom, I miss you so so much💜

  13. Phebles

    i love this song. "i will let Jesus next to you when I leave the room"

  14. Kitty Kat

    This song always makes me cry. Literally. I don't cry often, but this song makes me cry a river. I love you mom.

  15. omakay01

    Mom left the room November 21, 2015. I miss her so much.

  16. flo m.c

    My mother she is 86 year old, she loves God and she is ready to leave the room... She give me the most precious gift ever exist " Jesus " Thru this gift we will be forever together...I love mom... I love you

  17. Kirstin JW. Wilkinson

    My mother just shared this song with me, and I listened and now I am sitting here crying.
    I love my mom and we have been through some crazy storms together. Now I will be getting married in just over a month and things will change yet again.

  18. karen white

    When I wasn't in his room my son died...taken by Jesus...and somehow it is okay most days because he has always been his from the very moment I knew I was expecting him 31yrs ago. I have faith it will make sense someday soon in the presence of Jesus, too. He gives the faith I needed to not despair.

    Lynda Sapiro

    I miss that son token jesus I am so sad

    Coko Fans

    Aw! So sorry for your loss!! May Jesus always comfort you!!! 😭😭😭


    Wow. What a beautiful testimony.

  19. Bryan Phelps

    My wife sings top my daughter every night before we put her down for bed and tonight I'm hearing it all the way through for the first time. Makes me grab my daughter and hold her tight s tears roll down my cheeks.

    Lynda Sapiro

    Today my mom is going to sing this song

    Lynda Sapiro

    Never mind

  20. Michelle Gilstrap

    Just found out a dear friend from my child hood has gone home to be with the Lord.On New Year's Eve. Her family posted this song clip on their page. How appropriate. I'm so sad, because we had grown up together. I know she is in a much better place. 

  21. Esmeralda Pinto

    Listening to this song while I watch my son sleep.... Tearing up because I know that all the words in this song are exactly true and that one day I will have to let Jesus hold him tight "when I leave the room".....

  22. Canaan B

    this song reminds me of "When You Come Home" by Mark Schultz.

  23. Loretta Henke

    awesome--a tear jerker.  I love it.

  24. Venice Botticelli

    05/10/14 1:13am lovelyyyyy

  25. Lisa Selby-brood

    A beautiful picture of the circle of life.  I'm at the stage of "there will be words you can't take back, and silence too."  She a wise woman in that she understands they will get past that precious little perfect stage they are at right now and grow into their own person, who you will more than likely disagree with on more than one point.  Still made me bawl.:)

  26. jaxgatorgirl2005

    This song is beautiful... I want nothing more than to be a mother but for now I'll keep praying... I have a nephew who I love more than words could ever express...

  27. jaxgatorgirl2005

    This song is beautiful... I want nothing more than to be a mother but for now I'll keep praying... I have a nephew who I love more than words could ever express...

  28. Jeannette Dixon

    Simply put....Beautiful....

  29. Patti Scheller

    Melissa, God's Angels have their arms wide opening waiting to hold you tight.  We love you so much.  

  30. Fushine22 Roblox vids

    doesn't sound like her no offence 

  31. Krista Stanley

    Every time i hear this song it makes me cry. I don't know why... I'm 14 and i have no "mother experience" but it is just the most beautiful song I've ever heard..

    Sylvia Bell Washington

    Is it a longing for the mother experience? I know my daughters' hearts long for the earthly Father experience when at their friends' weddings.....

    Lynda Sapiro

    How old is she?

  32. Mattia Terranova

    This is life

  33. I_Speak_Jive84

    I will never be a mommy but I have a nephew that means the world to me. What a beautiful song!

  34. Kerri Bandvik

    Saving this for my Son/Mother dance at his wedding!

  35. April Ottinger

    Just had my first child 6 weeks ago today. He is my pride and joy. We've had a rough first six weeks due to jaundice, clogged tear duct, weight gain issues, reflux and double clubbed foot. I thank God everyday because at 19 weeks the Dr told me he had a spot on his heart and double club foot that could be markers for downs. We were lucky its only the club foot but we would have loved him just the same. This song is all I want to say but couldn't.

  36. Brandy Gutierrez

    beautiful song...beautiful voice!  What perfect words to this song!  A mothers love was described to me once as your heart walking outside of your so true!  In Jesus' hands is the best place to be.  He loves and cares for us more than any earthly being could<3   

  37. Ilse Venter

    A Mother's LOVE is the best!!!!!  Thank you Natalie


    I disagree.  A mother's AND father's love is the best.  Can't leave one out.  That's incomplete in a child's life.  They need both for proper growth. 

  38. Nancy Gant

    My daughter heard the song in Delaware. She called to tell me how much she cried and to say it reminded her of she and I. I listened to it and bawled. Then we had a wonderful conversation. Thank you Natalie.

  39. Nancy Gant

    My daughter heard this on the radio in Delaware. She called to tell me how she Called ask me if I had heard it. She

  40. Meagan Pittser


  41. extremely bored

    I am so sorry. I don't even know what to say except you are in my prayers

  42. Pastor Matt

    Just sent this beautiful song to my two adult daughters to remind them of how much I love them and how proud I am of them. This song puts into words the deep feelings of this father's heart. Thank you Natalie Grant. May Jesus continue to watch over our children as we seek to point them to Him.

  43. enderfan

    I have an autistic son who is 25 now... I can't live long enough to take care of him... what can I do? What?

  44. Tonya Fisher

    Balling! I have a child with special needs (Down syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes. This prayer and song is me...many nights when I have to get some rest myself. I pray God and His Angels to watch over him. :)

  45. Lydia Bozeman

    This one one of the most beautiful songs that I have every heard!

  46. Kamaria Laffrey

    I haven't stopped thinking about this song since I heard it this morning. Absolutely beautiful, such anointed lyrics...just beautiful. Thank you Jesus for this temporary home being full of souls like Natalie's to write songs as this that help us get through our loved ones leaving the room.

  47. Laura Tirado.

    Just beautiful

  48. SavisoanMom

    Absolutely beautiful - Thank you!