Grant, Natalie - Burn Bright Lyrics

Lately I don't recognize you
the fire in your eyes it fading into embers
So while you're out there in the darkness
I'm pray you'll remember

You were made to shine
You were made for life
Even if you've lost your way
Turn and you will hear love say
You were made for more, so much more
Child of everlasting light
Made to blaze away the night
So baby burn bright
Burn bright

You can rise up from the ashes
Make something beautiful of all the broken pieces
And I'm believing you'll come running
Into the arms of Jesus


There will always be somebody in the dark
ready to rain down on your last spark
trying to blow out your flame again
They will do it if you let them
ohhhh, so don't you let them


Oh, burn bright
Oh, burn bright
I'm believing you'll come running
Into the arms of Jesus

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Grant, Natalie Burn Bright Comments
  1. Mariah Sierra

    Just hang on...God’s got you. Just hang on a little longer, you can beat this. Just remember who you are and who God sees you as! HIS child! You are amazing, strong, and just keep fighting. Don’t give up! Don’t quit! ❤️

  2. Jonathan Warren

    First time I heard it thought she said “Baby bird brains” 😂😂😂 sorry if I ruined the song for ya that’s all I hear now!!! Hahah awesome song thou!

  3. Lol Pops

    This is one of my favorite songs. It has helped me deal with so much. I hope that anyone who reads this and all those who don't have the chance to burn as bright as they can!

  4. Jesse White

    Beautiful powerful song.....does this song have an accompaniment track? I've never been able to find one😞

  5. Bernadette J.M Wilson

    So anointed

  6. wolfywolf dreams

    this season on my dance studio we dance to this song no joke!!!!!

  7. Goddess Athena

    It touches my life and my heart

  8. Peri the Panicked PineTree

    this singer has a gift.

  9. Claire B

    this song lifted me up when I was recovering from chronic illness. beautiful words from a beautiful talent.

  10. Debss Ineza

    Love this song yo death