Grant, John - Metamorphosis Lyrics

Acid trips and glugs of gravy
You transformed, there is no maybe
Glaciers, caffeine, have you met the smiler
Married to the nothingness
Don't tell Granny Kyler

14 year old boy rapes 80 year old man
Tickets to the Met
Sweet corn from the can
Baby's in the whitest house
Playing with his toys
Earthquakes, forest fires, hot Brazilian boys
67 yogurt flavors
Which one do you want?
Can’t decide on toothpaste
Emmanuel Kant
Do you really think they don’t know what they’re doing?
Everything was okay
Someone needed screwing
Yeast infection
Who created ISIS?
Emotional blackmail
She knows what I mean
Broccoli with cheese sauce
How long you been clean?

As I enjoy distraction
She just slipped away
It didn't seem to matter
How much she had prayed
They took her in an ambulance
And that is where she died
And still until up to this very day
I don’t think I have cried
About life's selfishness
My self-absorption
Questions left unanswered
Spiritual extortion
And in my my dreams
Her face is vague
A mere suggestion
And when I wake I can’t remember
Why I’m feeling sad

A new shooting
Fresh for breakfast
This one’s in Florida, not in Texas
Manchurian Candidate
To subconscious trigger
Have you seen the remake?
I have to watch my figure
Lemon Bismarck doughnut
That won't hurt now won't it
Tiki bar, rat souffle
You agree on Marvin Gaye
Sylvia, Sylvia
Would not take the garbage out
Now just look what you’ve done
Your delicious secrets out
Whirla Whip, bloodlust
Who do you think you can trust?
Empire crumble, calculated stumble
Are you ready for your black awakening
You’re not gonna wear that
Are you Dr. Freak'n'thing?
Do you know what they did that faithful night on Jekyll island?
Rockefeller salad
Sandy Duncan smiling
It’s almost as if you always knew what’s coming
Hark into the wind
You can hear that fate is drumming

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Grant, John Metamorphosis Comments
  1. Brian Smith

    The second half sounds very slowed down segment sounds very Bowiesque

  2. alucard salty


  3. zio ledeux

    i LOVE john grant but i find this album difficult to enjoy

    Brian Smith

    I much prefer Queen of Denmark

  4. fatwhitejen

    Heard this at the gig last night. Amazing! What technical difficulties? Amazing!

  5. Cloruro di Vinile

    I love this song ❤️ thanks John 🧸