Grant, Eddy - Water Lyrics

Water, water look what you brought into my life
Water, water you're a misery to me
Water, water look what you brought into my life
Water, water you're a misery to me

It seem like yesterday never knew nothing about ya
I go work just to pay to keep my little belly from hunger
We don't fight no one till you come running to me


You bring them company fetch you away in a bottle
They sell you back to me soon they applying a charter
I couldn't fight no one till you coming running to me


They changed my destiny now that you fool everybody
And it be good to see everybody drilling for money
I didn't see no one till you come running to me


Seems like yesterday that I found you way out yonder
The sound you seemed to make told me you were from down under


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Grant, Eddy Water Comments
  1. Sir Frankie Crisp

    Can't believe this isn't on Spotify

  2. Chris Luta

    MR GRANT 🤙

  3. nai emma la douce

    J adore ♥ 😘 😍 j adore ♥ 😘🎶🦁💧🌊

  4. nai emma la douce

    j adore cette chanson 👍 💪 ♥️😍

  5. nai emma la douce

    que de bons souvenirs j adore ♥ 😘 🎶👍💧🌊

  6. nai emma la douce

    Very very good 💋 j adore ♥ 😘💦

  7. baza7008

    Eddy Grant!!! The King of Reggae!!!👌✌👍

  8. Jaime RC

    Any idea where I can watch this film? I was so young when it came out I barely remember

    chaz max

    hard to find, try Ebay, or Amazon.

  9. Will Bunnell

    This stuff makes ya shit like clockwork!

  10. Maulan Wong

    I guess eddy grant loves water cause in almost all of his videos theres a beach a lake or just water

  11. klavss76

    It's not true that it is in the album Born Tuff, by the way

  12. klavss76

    - He is my son, my son
    - So you are his father, Father??
    underrated movie, so funny and with a lot of great lines

  13. mark harris

    water !!! an awesome movie , 1985 water !!! a must see movie , a fun ride all the way through !!

  14. drpapa26



    drpapa26 Hey, that's terrific. I'm Rob Waring, this is Ben Branch. We're with SpenCo.... The ruthless Yankee capitalists..... Of Houston, Texas🤣🤣

  15. baza7008

    Never mind the pineapples old sport.... rap ya lip round that.... took a bit of a chance.... crossed the blocka chica with the Bolivian red leaf.😂

  16. Layna 's Gaming Show

    hate it

  17. Carlos Alberto

    i could not find its lyrics in the web...

  18. S. Maher

    Brilliant film, excellent song.


    this movie is a masterpiece

  19. Pete Van Berg

    i saw the movie just yesterday cause I love Michael Caine as actor so i ve chosen one i haven´t seen but i recognized immediatly this song... nice melody, you feel better after listening

  20. Mannchild11

    Every song he's made had some type of hypnotic charm to it. Infectious.

  21. Mick Allen

    This was used in a Michael Caine film, Can't remember what it was called though. Probably "Water" lol

    Jimmy Murphy

    You hit the nail on the head with that one :D Yep it's from one of my favourite Michael Caine films 'Water' Class film and a class song!

    Mick Allen

    @Jimmy Murphy Thanks :-)

    Jimmy Murphy


    Michael S

    There is living on the frontline song too in it :) I jumped with joy when i accidently watched it 3 years ago at my grandfather's village.Thos were the times

  22. FilmC0llect0r

    I have a funny idea:
    BUY the album! It's available for only a few bucks!


    FilmC0llect0r but it’s free on youtube

    Stefan G. Bucher

    Wish I could buy it on iTunes. I keep searching.

  23. warlockkarl

    Free Cascara !!! Right now.

  24. warlockkarl

    Love this song

  25. celesiotube

    were FIVE, now we are SIX 28/41

    124 - glass in windows,
    125 - THAT keep the house.

    were FIVE, now we are SIX 29/41
    Roger Waters. four minutes & the tide is turning

  26. Marwin Win

    @coldrockdaspot Right. All songs sucha as this are about girls. Maybe the girl is called water because she exists in his mind as association with water.

    Anyway, I can't be sure till I see the lyrics because my english is not good enough to pick up every single word. And that's my misery ;D

  27. Marwin Win

    @coldrockdaspot I ask about it myslef but I can't find the answer...

  28. MackMeadowsguitar

    Good gravy, thank you SO MUCH for posting this song. God bless George Harrison and Michael Caine. and of course, Eddie Grant.

  29. regeboj

    I will upload problem

  30. Alno Ualesi

    hi man..can u upload melody of the night and in LA from Born Tuff album please

  31. todi scurt

    Does anyone know where i can watch or download this movie?

  32. 20cFilmWannabe

    uknown classic

  33. regeboj' s about water :)

  34. bigmull

    Great song from one of the funniest filmes ever made.I even managed to buy it off Amazon last night!

  35. Rodolfo reyes fierro

    LOVE THIS SONG...brings back memories...thanks for sharing this ...does anyone has the lyrics??

  36. Universum Centar

    Iv' been looking for this song for like 15 years...
    GREAT SONG from the great movie.

  37. regeboj

    Yeeeaaah. This song always cheers me up :)

  38. Dark Helmet

    Great happy song.