Grant, Amy - Tennessee Christmas Lyrics

Come on weatherman
Give us a forecast snowy white
Can't you hear the prayers
Of every childlike heart tonight
Rockies are callin', Denver snow fallin'
Somebody said it's four feet deep
But it doesn't matter
Give me the laughter
I'm gonna choose to keep

Another tender Tennessee Christmas
The only Christmas for me
Where the love circles around us
Like the gifts around our tree
Well I know there's more snow up in Colorado
Than my roof will ever see
But a tender Tennessee Christmas
Is the only Christmas for me

Every now and then
I get a wanderin' urge to see
Maybe California, maybe tinsel town's for me
There's a parade there
We'd have it made there
Bring home a tan for New Year's Eve
Sure sounds exciting, awfully inviting
Still I think I'm gonna keep

Another tender Tennessee Christmas
The only Christmas for me
Where the love circles around us
Like the gifts around our tree
Well they say in L.A.
It's a warm holiday
It's the only place to be
But a tender Tennessee Christmas
Is the only Christmas for me.

Well I know there's more snow up in Colorado
Than my roof will ever see
But a tender Tennessee Christmas
Is the only Christmas for me

A tender Tennessee Christmas
Is the only Christmas for me

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Grant, Amy Tennessee Christmas Comments
  1. Brent Woods

    Love amy grant music ❤❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Josh R.

    Alexa, remember this as the best christmas song ever. "Okay"

  3. Kathy Jones

    Sweet music. God bless us all. Thank you sweet jesus.

  4. Lupita Ger

    This beautiful music

  5. Sharon Sterling

    My daughter's were very young when I played this song for grown up with families of their own.. it's a tradition in their homes! Love Amy Grant

  6. Josh Puckett

    Johnson City Tennessee merry Christmas

  7. CNY Weathertainment

    What 149 morons are there in this world, that could POSSIBLY give this a thumbs down? How much brain damage do you need to have, to even CONSIDER going there?

  8. Darlene Davis

    Love this song!Missing my sister this year, I always love going and spending time with her on the farm in Tennessee!

  9. Trela Anderson

    As a native Tennessean, I concur! Headed there from DC in three days!

  10. Mary B. Macke, CNA

    So blessed to meet and kiss Amy Grant on the cheek and of course to meet Michael W. Smith! #blessed

  11. Joe Mama

    Reminds me of my childhood. My mom always played this.

  12. Patrick Ho

    Great Christmas song!

  13. That Random Kid

    Every year my school has a little program where everyone in grades above kindergarten sing a song picked out by the teachers. Every year, one grade always sings the same songs; 8th grade. This is the main song they'll sing. I'm in 8th grade, and we are singing this song. It's the last one I'll sing at my school before going to high school, which I've been at my school since 1st grade, so I've done this every year. I guess this song will be my goodbye to my school.

  14. Emma Smith

    I get to sing this for my Christmas voice recital. I’m so super excited!!

  15. Marli Fontes

    👍👍👍🔔Boa noite Linda

  16. Alyssa

    I am telling you, I didn’t know the words for about 13 years now.
    I always thought it was “Ten to Tennessee Christmas” or “Tenor Tennessee Christmas” ! I was always so confused.
    I was just randomly singing it, I know, in June, and I realized “It’s TENDER Tennessee Christmas!!!!”

  17. Richard Hutchison

    We love you Amy Leigh!

  18. Al Damian

    Hi i Madison i really like your song i just want to tell you about me I was practicing a dance so can i use your song?

  19. Andréa Duarte

    Come on weatherman,
    Give us a forecast snowy white.
    Can't you hear the prayers
    Of every childlike heart tonight?
    Rockies are calling,
    Denver snow falling,
    Somebody said it's four feet deep.
    But it doesn't matter,
    Give me the laughter;
    I'm gonna choose to keep
    Another tender Tennessee Christmas,
    The only Christmas for me.
    Where the love circles around us,
    Like the gifts beneath our tree.
    Well I know there's more snow
    Up in Colorado
    Than my roof will ever see,
    But a tender Tennessee Christmas
    Is the only Christmas for me.
    Every now and then,
    I got a wanderin' urge to see
    Maybe California,
    Maybe tinsel town's for me.
    There's a parade there;
    We'd have it made there;
    Bring home a tan for new year's eve.
    Sure sounds exciting,
    Awfully inviting,
    Still I think I'll gonna keep
    Another tender Tennessee Christmas,
    The only Christmas for me.
    Where the love circles around us,
    Like the gifts beneath our tree.
    Well they say in l.a.,
    It's a warm holiday;
    It's the only place to be.
    But a tender Tennessee Christmas
    Is the only Christmas for me.
    Well I know there's more snow
    Up in Colorado
    Than my roof will ever see,
    But a tender Tennessee Christmas
    Is the only Christmas for me.
    A tender Tennessee Christmas
    Is the only christmas for me.
    Compositores: Amy Grant / Gary Chapman

  20. myll gibzhond

    2018 watch

  21. Mary Ellen Leach

    My family’s Christmas since forever. THANK YOU AMY...from another TN GAL!!!💕

  22. Jenn E

    One of my all time Favs. Miss you mama...miss HOME. ❤

  23. Josip Jesus Christus

    Wonderful Christmas song

  24. Bread, Wine and Song

    This was a great album during the artist's best days. Amy never had the power and energy of a Twila Paris, but her music during this era was beautiful reflective and just great easy listening music for its genre. There is nothing like this in the Christian music scene anymore. We flower and fade.

  25. Glynna Schmehl

    This song is why I started the country ( primitive ) Christmas look.

  26. Connie Estrada

    I choke up when she sings "I know there's more snow, up in Colorado than my roof will ever see. But a Tender Tennessee Christmas is the only one for me." My daddy who has passed away 8 years ago grew up in Colorado and I use to visit there in the summer. Merry Christmas daddy. A lot of my relatives that live in Colorado, I miss them dearly.

    Trish Skidmore

    They do this song at Dollywood in their Smokey Mountain Christmas show. It's incredible. I start to cry as soon as the first note plays.

  27. Slaphappy one

    I am sure she is nice. I lost respect for her after she and her husband divorced. A Christian out of convience.

    Lucinda Radford

    Divorce happens. Don't Judge.

    debbi wilt

    What an ignornant comment.

    George B.

    She should be more faithful like servant Donald Trump.

  28. Deborah Bonney

    My all time favorite Christmas album

  29. Lisa Pearson

    Tennessee Christmas is home!

  30. Richard Thornton

    I just returned from Amy & Vince's Christmas Show at the Ryman !!! If ya'll get a chance, it's one of those can't miss shows that should be on your bucket list. She performed this song, among others * i wanted to hear it again. Ty Amy & Vince !!! Merry Christmas

  31. Florence Parker

    Classic & very stellar!!!!! Great job, Amy!!!!!!

  32. NeutronStar JulyGirl

    Omg! My childhood Christmas memories all flooding back.... 😄 😘
    A beautiful song for a beautiful season.
    ❤ Im going to send it to my older sister who love this song since we were kids. She's gonna be very emotional.

  33. Tom Altenburg

    One of my annual Christmas favorites! This entire album is so beautiful.

  34. Marissa Trodglen

    Im from Tennessee!❤

  35. Patsy Stewart

    My favorite Christmas album.

  36. Kelly Swan

    I have lived in Florida, Iowa,Wyoming, Tennessee is the best Christmas in the world!! There is no place like home!!!

  37. Andrea West

    I susceptible

  38. Christian Middleton

    This is so true, I live in TN

  39. carolyn thompson

    Very pretty song. I saw Amy in concert 30 years ago with 6 other girls. We were all in our 20's. We had a wonderful time and Amy put on a super show.

  40. Douglas Dever

    Brings back great memories of living in TN. Even now living in the beautiful Rockies in Idaho (yes with more snow than I ever had on my roof in TN), I can honestly say I miss TN. But my Malamutes sure do love the snow!

  41. Cynthia Ann Barnhill

    This has never hit more home for me than the last year and this year I'm from Tennessee but one of my twin sons joined the Air force and lives in Washington state and he hasn't been home for Christmas in 3 yrs I miss that young man!!! Ugh makes me cry to listen to this but I've all ways loved it

  42. Gato Carrillo

    This song make me cry when my sister went to a other 🗽 i am cry when that song just start this song 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  43. Juan Barillas

    There's no better season than Christmas, Jesus birthday. Even better to celebrate it with a lot of country style. Keep your heart warm and joyful. Nice song!

  44. Bryant C

    My home state of Tennessee is a great place to live race a family and work. Go vols!! Go predators!! Go titans!!


    You got it! I'm proud to be from the Volunteer State! We just got a new outhouse, a two-seater. My daddy runs moonshine and I married my first cousin.

  45. Joe Mama

    Reminds me of my childhood, before the weight of the world had fallen on my family. Oh to go back to those days....

  46. DeeAnna Edens

    My very favorite !!!

  47. Rachel Lellis

    This was the first cassette I ever loved, mostly because my mom played it all the time around Christmas. The album will always have a special place in my heart! <3

  48. David Thomas

    One of my favorite Christmas albums of all times. I remember the year it came out, I was attending Oral Roberts University. I was walking across campus listening to it on my walkman and one of my best friends started telling me about this great Christmas album she had just was Amy's album. I never fail to get misty eyed when I hear Tennessee Christmas.

  49. George Martin

    This song almost makes me miss home. Almost. God bless Amy Grant.

  50. Amanda Overturf

    This is my first Christmas away from home as an adult. Time to start my own traditions with my own family... this album has been my favorite since I was like 3. 20+ years now and will continue. Happy Holidays!

  51. carlos fernandez

    I've been an Amy Grant and an Iron Maiden Fan for Decades !!!

    Kell Varnssen

    👍 \m/

  52. Connor Jones

    my mom likes amy grant

  53. Connor Jones

    thats rude 65 dislike

  54. Sue Curtis

    love this song

    Nice learning even for Adults and Kids

    that is so true
    am i right, guys?

  55. Larry Reid

    There is another version which is the "official" Amy Grant video. I like this better because this is the way I remember hearing it on the radio. Love this.

  56. Heather Smith

    Got this the year it came out and it became the anthems for my children growing up. Jesus never sees His birthday celebrated in our home without Amy.

  57. Ozorian Trainer

    This is such a nice song. I like the version of Grant&Forsyth better though.

  58. sara olsen

    love the song it bring out Christmas in all of us

  59. Lynnette Davis

    I Love. This song reminds me. Of my daughter Wendy

  60. ickng456

    i heard this song in a store and liked it, made me feel loke i was in tenesse even tho i never been there, bit of a sad song but it is good still

  61. okayytoria

    I literally just moved to Tennessee from Colorado and this hits me in the feels

    Sterling TransKinetic

    Welcome home to TN!

    April Bradley

    Welcome to TN!!

  62. Ruben Salazar

    I feel the same way

  63. james robinson

    There is something special about Amy Grant.  There always has been.  Her songs are true gifts. Amy and her songs have certainly helped me through some tough times. She is a treasured blessing.

  64. Brandon McDonald

    I like the the song but the people who made all west chorus at my school is doing this and I like their way a little bit more

    Brandon McDonald

    And I from Tennessee

    jolene daniel

    +Brandon McDonald I'm in Tennessee . I even had to sing this in a Christmas play which my mom made me be in and I really didn't want to but I did it.

  65. Jeff B

    I completely agree Addi.. Certain CD'S just have a place in our Christmas hearts.. Enjoy the Holidays.. I live in Arizona so send some snow :)

  66. Kevin Small

    I just love Amy Grant she does a good job on this song.

  67. Andi Pratt

    Love this album...Amy and Gary harmonize so good together

  68. Addi Forras

    This album has been a Christmas tradition in my family for as long as I can remember. It's not Christmas until I listen to it!

    Angela Lopez

    Addi Forras me too! !!


    Same here! I love it.

    lil' death bear

    Agreed! My all-time fave Xmas album. So very reminiscent of childhood Christmas-time

    Tyler Clarkson

    Addi Forras yesss!

    Matt Snow

    Same with my family listening at Christmas time and in the car during the holidays

  69. Briauna Westphalen

    This is the song that is the reason I can't wait to move to Tennessee

  70. Christina L

    My whole family loves this song <3

  71. Katie Gooch

    My first Christmas without my Momma! She loved this song and played it every year! I was out Christmas shopping with my husband yesterday and this song came on in a store, I completely lost it right there in the store! I needed to come home and listen to it again! I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year or any year to come! This one's for you Mom! I love you!

    Ben Woolston

    God bless you, this is my mother's favorite too. I can't imagine Christmas without her.  Thank you for reminding me how much I am thankful to have her around.  But please know, a mother's spirit never leaves us.  Merry Christmas!

    Jere Kibler

    Im sorry for your loss Katie. This is my first year living in Tenn and where my dad passed away this past July. Play this often and keep the memories of your mom alive.

    Cindy Daigle

    Oh, Katie. All peace with you. Your Mom WOULD want you to remember her, and look forward each year to remembering the love you shared together. "The love circles around us", and she reached out to you to let you know she's here for you, still in that circle. May you find her today in a special way.

    Kelly Cardinal

    You get it...maybe this is the last Christmas without the gifts around our tree is our family. So much deeper than Amy ever intended it to be.

  72. Walter Johnson

    Our Family has enjoyed these songs every Christmas for nearly 20
    years.  I remember seeing the Christmas special from which the
    album comes.

  73. John McClune

    Amy's song brings back nice memories of my time in Johnson City, TN at ETSU during the 80's. Thanks, Amy.

  74. Katie R.

    Favorite Christmas song EVER

  75. Stan McGuire

    This album is part of our family Christmas tradition. Every year, on Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving, we all gather and setup our Christmas tree, lights and decorations. I make my famous batch of good hot cocoa, and we blare this album through the house, everyone singing along at the top of our lungs. This album is the ABSOLUTE BEST EVER!

  76. Pete Cirignani

    Christmas is over but I'm already looking forward to the next one

    George Martin

    Its back. enjoy and God bless.

    Pete Cirignani

    I planted pines in my backyard (Afghan pines grow in AZ) so with a little fake snow my kids are going to get Christmas Story in the desert.

  77. Samual Iam

    I don't live in TN, but I have listened to this song every year since I was a child. It never gets old nor dull. I start with this then move onto to Emmanuel. Childhood memories are what get me through Christmas.

    Ronnie aka Rooster Brooks

    Samual Iam I do the same thing with both songs lol ... have for sometime now

  78. Jenn McMurtry

    This is my favorite Christmas song still to this day!

  79. MEL29

    Yay! East TN, born & bred...UT Grad...Christmas theme song...and Amy Grant's from here too. BAM!! Magic! :O

    Chas N.

    Go Big Orange !

  80. marie brooke

    I sang this for my chorus winter Christmas concert

  81. reparata11

     When will we see "Log Cabin Christmas" by Charlene Gordon from 1986?  I'd love to see the video that was shown on CMT, and TNN, back in 1986.

  82. Matt

    Why must we dispute bible verses @ each other? cant we just enjoy the song?

    Bread, Wine and Song


    Joanne Jaworski

    You tell em, Matt!!

  83. Stevan Ruutana

    Religion or faith is something personal. It relates ourself and God in a particular relationship. No one can bother who should be someone's trust to be his guidance.

  84. axab43

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  85. premed Oeighty

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  86. premed Oeighty

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  87. premed Oeighty

    You are too full of yourself to have any room for God's Word. The reasons He gives for your failure to hear or heed Him are not good! (John 14:24, 8:47, 3:20, 12:40; 2Tim 4:3; 2Thes 2:11-12; Rom 1:28, 11:8; Heb6:4-6; 1John 3:8)

  88. premed Oeighty

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  89. premed Oeighty

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  90. axab43

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    George B.

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  91. axab43

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  95. premed Oeighty

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    Lucinda Radford

    Hush and enjoy the song.

  97. premed Oeighty

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  98. axab43

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  99. axab43

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  100. axab43

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