Grant, Amy - I Have Decided Lyrics

I have decided
I'm gonna live like a believer
Turn my back on the deceiver
I'm gonna live what I believe
I have decided
Being good is just a fable
I just can't, cause I'm not able
I'm gonna leave it to the Lord

There's a wealth of things that I profess
I said that I believed
But deep inside, I never changed
I guess I'd been deceived
Cause a voice inside kept telling me
That I'd change by and by
but the Spirit made it clear to me
That kind of life's a lie


So forget the game of being good
And your self-righteous pain
Cause the only good inside your heart
Is the good that Jesus brings
When the world begins to see you change
Don't expect them to applaud
Just keep your eyes on Him and tell yourself
I've become the work of God


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Grant, Amy I Have Decided Comments
  1. Tamm Knuth

    This is one of my many favorites!!!!!

  2. Nobre


  3. Nes cat

    im atheist now but i love Amy's songs

  4. Swei-Shiro Pamela

    In an all women's boarding high school was tough, this song got me through and it will always have a special meaning in my heart.

  5. Robin Wilbur

    In the past 5 mos I have gone from Courtney Love to Amy Grant ! I once was lost but now iam found! God is good! Saved since 4/7/19, Baptized 8/11\19 and now i know what LIVING truly means! Praise Jesus!🙏❤

  6. zapfanzapfan

    I don't believe in Santa Claus but screw it, I like the song anyway :-)

  7. L Koby

    Amy's music has brought me peace. I have been listening to her for a long time. They need to bring it back in the church. This is such a great song to get the heart moving again.

  8. Robert Blessing

    I love Amy grant music so much ,I grew up singing them.

  9. sprayarm

    29 people have not decided.

  10. Ami Contreras Barrutia

    Songs like this show the freedom there is in faith: there is strength, there is passion, there is commitment. The music transmits it, words state it.
    Being a believer demands from us and leads us to trust God, too. God´s path is full of paradox that make perfect balances. Isn´t that finally what He is all about? The All-powerful!
    The cross, the Word, the heart. Love, the way, the aim.
    Eternity awaits us with open arms. Let´s live up to it!!!

  11. The Best Music Mix

    I grew up listening to Amy Grant but just look at her now...married to Vince Gill who is is now a member of the Eagles rock group..anyone see something odd here??

  12. Nathanael Wassmann

    How many of us know that this song is actually a cover originally by Michael Card?

  13. Raindeer Projekt

    I can still feel the Holy Spirit in this!!! Its been a while...... Praise Jesus I want to live it for the lord!!

  14. Destroy Everything

    This sounds so much like Billy Dean either We Just Disagree or Only Here For A Little While

  15. Julie Johnson

    This is a really good song, please listen to all of the Amy Grant albums (Trust me you would like them!)

  16. Nordic Princess

    This Amy Grant album got me through the toughest parts of my life - Jr High ... I still live a Christian life and I love her music

  17. Anja Naifar

    Good Old memories

  18. Johnny Sundby

    Thanks Amy for sharing your beautiful voice and beautiful spirit with America all these years.

  19. Michael Gross

    We need churches all across America to start playing this in praise and worship time again to ignite the fire again!!!

    Leann Mansel


    Nate Balcerak

    If there is to be a fire, GOD himself will ignite it, and fuel it, he has NO need from you. He is Alpha and Omega.

  20. Bambi Brosemer

    I love my cousin Marcy for bringing Amy Grant into my life. Her music always gets me up and going. When my grandson was sick he made me sing her songs to him all night. He said they made him feel better. I love her music.

  21. Valerie Camina

    Love this song so much! ☺

  22. Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    I heard this song in my mind before, during, and after my Baptism in Lake Wekiva in the Spring of 2016. Never went back.

  23. Bernadette Montano


  24. Cece Richardson

    I love Amy Grant songs...

  25. Stephen Dixon

    I bought this album around 25 years ago on cassette tape. Great album. Going to get it again on CD some day, or download it, or both.

  26. Steph Furness

    Oh, man. I grew up on Amy Grant's The Collection. Brings back so many great memories.

    Anita Ramsey

    Yeah me too

    Brittnee Broussard

    The same here

    Rachael Woolner

    I grew up listening to Amy grant and I'm almost 35 years old

  27. Portia Ann Abbott

    Thank You Lord for Your forgiving grace and reminding me of the prodigal son.

  28. Thomas McKeon

    God's Word is God's Word. Either you believe it or not. There are statements here that I would stand by with according to God's Word. The only thing I will say right now is that we have a responsibility and desire (if you are a true believer) to see anyone (no matter how bad a sinner he/she might seem to be) to come to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Amy for a wonderful song.

  29. mansenmias

    I really, really hate the stupid lyrics of this song! :/ Amy and song in general are ok though.

    Luke Swann

    mansenmias I know your comment is five years old but...
    What do you mean?


    One of her best lyrics ever!! LOVE this song!!

  30. Manoa Ralte

    well, if you read my comment carefully, you will know what I mean and it would really be appreciated if you not point fingers on me without knowing who I am and what I've been through and how my relationship with God is. To tell anyone that he or she would go to hell in the name of God that to me is evil. Jesus never teaches hate, if you read the bible, when the people of Jerusalem brought a woman who cheated on her husband he told "who ever has not sinned shall cast a stone"

  31. TheToolman47

    you can not sereve Jesus and do such vile things read a bible its an abomnation in his eyes and those who do these things will not enter into heaven but are dammed for all eternity, its the truth, the lie is all gays want this life style to be ok with him and its not, it wasnt meant to be and your are no christian if you live this life style

  32. Peter Droumev

    God forgives us, not with gloomy face and sad eyes.
    God forgives us with a broad good smile, I think.
    All we're created in His image and likeness.
    He loves us. He fights for us.
    Thank you Lord!

  33. Christina Forrester

    I love that every video of this that is posted has controversy stirred up on it...means Amy's music still gets the self-righteous blood to boiling with its TRUE Christ-centered message.

  34. Manoa Ralte

    Thanks for uploading Tiffany. I'm a gay Christian, I recently broke up with my boyfriend who cheated on me. I decided to go the lord's way, whatever God plans for me I will thank him.

  35. Kenny McCormick

    i love this song im going to sing it at church your an a some singer amy grant