Grant, Amy - Don't Run Away Lyrics

Tell me, does your head keep turnin'
From the feelings churnin' deep inside of you
Tell me, when your mind is racin'
Are the things you're chasin' worth your while
Well, tell me, don't you ever question
Why you're always guessin' reasons for your life
Listen, there's no need to waiver
Long ago the savior died for you, so

Don't run away
You're headed nowhere
Keep up the pace
You're gonna go there
You'll fell alone
Who do you know there
Please turn back now
Don't run away
He wants your heart now
Hear what I say
And play it smart now
Wise up today
And give Him all of your love

Tell me, does the fear of losin'
Keep your heart from choosin' who has hold of you
Tell me, have you felt a yearnin'
Deep inside a burnin' need for love now
Tell me, can you sense the fightin'
Hate is now igniting fear of love in you
Listen, God is still here waitin'
He'll remove the hating part of you, so


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Grant, Amy Don't Run Away Comments
  1. Tube Vídeos

    Um dos melhores discos da Amy Grant sem dúvida...

  2. Firecriss

    Sounds like a Michael w smith intro.

  3. Justin Richardson

    At the end of the day it's really about not running away and giving it to Jesus

  4. drmjr78

    A German keyboard player, Dieter Falk, also recorded an instrumental version of this song.

  5. Brandon Larratt

    fantastic intro with the fade in fade out in the production!!!! love this track

  6. Tobi Adegoke

    Grew up on this....nostalgic!