Grannis, Kina - When Will I Learn Lyrics

Wanted to get away
Thought I could find a place
Where everything would just make sense

Wanted to see the light
Thought I could find the fight
In me to get me through my day

Oh, the ocean is breaking me apart
In darkness fighting just to swim
How can I hold my heart

When will I learn

I tried to have a voice
Knowing that it's my choice
Whether I'll ever break away

Maybe it's just pretend
But I will try again
Until I'm happy in my space

Oh the mountain is crumbling from all sides
Frozen, I could try to run
Or I could close my eyes

When will I learn

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Grannis, Kina When Will I Learn Comments
  1. Eileen L

    Coming back to this song after a long time. Still love it. What beach is this filmed at? So lovely.

  2. Sexy scientist

    Birthday month for the album, but I can't believe that it has been more than 2 years for this song.

  3. itacs ltd

    I have been told that God ordered to upload this song to every island in Paradise.

  4. Brazuka Lyrics

    Other time you gave a show 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Success a lot for you 👍

  5. AminCad

    I remember your song "Gotta Digg"! :)

  6. Amy Day

    Hi Kina! Is there a way I can know the chords to this song? Or will you post a tutorial?

  7. busapassion

    One yes Thanks for signing all eight cds. Love you mucho

  8. busapassion

    Dr Kina I LOVE this song. The beginning bell sound is so enchanting. Looks like you were at the sand spot right before heading into Oxnard on PCH. I travelled that road so many times. Just saw you for my second time in SF. You and Jesse are so amazing. Have a safe tour Kina. KG family until my last breath. If I was a millionaire, I'd buy you and Jesse your own mansion. You two deserve all the best in life.

  9. Jessica Woods

    Kina...I love the sound and am glad to have stumbled upon you and your husband. Where was this shot? I am planning my first ever solo trip and need a beautiful destination. I'm in Austin, TX. I have 1 week to travel.

  10. Tamre Davidson

    I love your voice! So beautiful! I've been a singer my whole life and I appreciate and will support your music!!

  11. Fifth Monkey

    your songs are like hugs, Ta :)

  12. Eric Hofmann

    The Kej made a sphere round their star. I can only cup my hands round my ears. Maybe it's enough.

  13. Wewereneveryoung

    I love that she's wearing her curly hair 😍... I missed this Kina.. she always spoke to my heart

  14. bobs burgers770934

    My mom says I am related to Kina because my last name is Grannis... ;-;

  15. Mortal b

    amazing music

  16. Coraline Jones


  17. piousWhiskey

    I have never felt more connected to a song of yours until this song came out . I have always tried avoiding problems , and I'm finally understanding that I need to stand firm and work through them to learn from my mistakes instead of running away from them . Thank you so much for posting this song 💚

  18. Jazz

    I came from nice guys last year. This is great just like your other songs. Much live <3

  19. Ashim Chetia

    Wish I knew you earlier. I love everything about you and your heart touching songs. :)

  20. Pixandmore43

    Kina, I don't know why I hadn't seen this when you first posted it but so glad I finally saw and listened to it. Exceptional in every way. As a photographer, the video is outstanding and so fits the song. Uplifting, positive lyrics. And with your magical voice to carry it.

    I think, in an earlier age, you would be Joan Baez as you both are inspirational and great talents. Keep on with what you are doing as it definitely works. Thanks. Dave

  21. Cole Living

    Hey Kina do you have a link to your blog?

  22. Juliet -


  23. AJ Harford

    just found your channel and I think your music is beautiful.

  24. Bucks Bunny


  25. Bucks Bunny

    I've listen your valentine song 456 times and this song is truly amazing...i love ur songs and i am yout die hard fan

  26. MoonstoneMary

    Gorgeous! This made me long for more beach time. I love the desert here in Tucson but ...

  27. Yvan da Silva

    Another beautiful song, congrats !

  28. Xuanzhe Han

    This song is really nice! Saw you on nigahiga

  29. dominique dv

    This song and your voice are beautiful and nostalgic. I love the pictures of sea and mountains. These pictures are wonderful.

  30. Reger

    Wow...Who would have thought I'd ever find the kind of music I love??!! I listened to Beth before this and after also getting through watching your Tedx talk, I must commend you for sticking to the music you truly love. I feel every emotion radiate through every word you sing. Thank you for giving of your very soul :)

  31. Phil Vi

    Kina is amazing; her songs has the ability to touch your soul--priceless.

  32. luciea

    I love this

  33. Amy Hsu

    This is such a great and calming song! Always think your voice is so beautiful, this song caught my attention on Spotify, then I found it's Kina! Went to your performance in 2012 at a small venue in Atlanta little five point! Love it!

  34. Andreas Arga

    Started from Millennial Love, now i'm here

  35. hadhemi testouri

    never ever in my life have i listened to a song that i related to this much , thank you so very much again Kina , i love you and wish you all the best ..

  36. John Smith

    I discovered you through Ryan Higa's channel lol 😂 you have a beautiful voice 😍

  37. Sam Marcelo

    im coming back from a really dark place in my life. this song made me go through a really long, much-needed cry session.
    for me, the most impactful part is:
    "But I will try again
    Until I'm in my happy space"
    that, like, SPOKE to me. i was in my room and kneeling and smiling stupid through my tears because hey, there's hope.
    thank you, Kina!

  38. thekoiponds

    i know you from Ryan Higa channel! i love your voice ever since!

  39. Cjf nvro

    Kina , I'm soooo inlove with your songs. ♡

    I really want to meet you in person and hug you tiiiiight. :* God bless u.

  40. Brian Koller

    A little Idol Magic, thanks you tube. Brian

  41. Nguyễn Hồng Dương

    Everything is so beautiful, the melody, the lyrics, the video, and also Kina <3

  42. Leung Henna

    kina, without ur music, I think that ur a super duper nice person cuz U always tried to reply every single comment U can, I love this so muchhhh abt U, and with ur music of stunning views, ur perfect 😜

  43. Dorji Dolma

    The song is absolutely beautiful. 💕I love it 😍... since 2014 I have been listening to you Kina, and I feel really good when I hear your voice. 👍

  44. Sumesh Shrestha

    Thanks to Ryan. This is beautiful.

  45. G. T. Void

    Ugh, boring. Her earlier songs were so much livelier, meaningful and fun. What happened? Did Imaginary Future guy sap her inspiration?

  46. Husky Squad

    You're so incredibly gifted ❤️ we've watched you for years - all the way when you started uploading home videos! Hard work and practicing your gift pays off! Thank you for sharing your music with us ❤️

  47. Cassidy P

    Me studying for my exams:
    When will I learn

  48. NerdyGeisha

    I the last few shots of the freeway were near my house :o Now I'm homesick :c

  49. Jamie Logan

    I will always find my way back to your music... epic!

  50. Dre


  51. Gary The Gray ASMR

    Just heard you for the first time, courtesy of Google Play Music. Your voice haunts me. I'm melting.

  52. fancy fox

    I really hope you become the next big cross-over type artist. You truly deserve it!

  53. Ophélie Pelletier

    Your song found me in a moment of "shadows", and made me able to look up and see the light. The simple thought that other people are feeling the same way about life makes its burden bearable - but seeing how such beauty and creation can come out of these very moments is... priceless! Thank you Kina, so much. Big hug from Wallis&Futuna (lost islands in the Pacific). <3

  54. Alaina da Costa

    Just came from your cover of Stay on Kurt's channel and subscribed :)

  55. Rachel

    So absolutely beautiful!

  56. lilibeth arayan

    I'll be forever loving kina :) that voice that brings the clouds closer to mine ..

  57. Macon Lee

    #398 I ❤️ the new song Kina! ☺️🇵🇭🇦🇪

  58. Jean-Christophe DEGRAS

    Sorry I can't wrote very well english (JC from France).

    You are so cute and you're songs are always relaxing. Stay the same singers.

  59. FeetThatTravel

    Ah this is beautiful!

  60. Pat Meruseye

    Super beautiful !!! :)

  61. mambd123

    Just saw your cover with Daniela Andrade, who i am a great fan of, and I just fell in love with your expressions and voice. You are very beautiful! Women with short hair is <3

  62. Merima Selimovic

    Before seeing that post on Facebook today, I thought it was silly for Kina to make a song like this. I believed that her life is almost perfect, that she has it all figured out. I had no idea about the struggles that she has faced for many years and are very similar to my own. It's just incredible how little we know other people yet how alike we all are. Lots of love for this amazing community Kina has built ❤️❤️❣️😍

    Kina Grannis

    <3 <3 <3

  63. Music Saves

    Much love from Melbourne/Burn City, know the feels and love the original kina sound peepin' through

    Kina Grannis

    love that you feel this <3

  64. miniFriis

    This hits home so hard for me. I struggle with this every day. Even in this exact moment. Your songs are so real, and it's such a comfort. Break as much as you need to. Fall as far as it takes. It seems you have wonderful people around you to pick you up each time!

    Kina Grannis

    ah got goosebumps reading this. thank you <3

  65. Wern Ruangkit

    Loving this song

  66. Mundo DRIX

    Que linda voz! Eu te descobri no Youtubers Academy :D ♥


    I adore this 😍 and your curly hair!!!💛💛💛

  68. Diana Anonymous

    i love how kina replies to the comments 😁 beautiful song by the way. I'm new here and I think I'm gonna stay awhile


    Diana Rocks welcome! kination is a fun place to be 😊 everyone is lovely!

  69. Ayush Sridhar

    This was beautiful Kina!! This song gave me tears...for real! I got so excited when I saw you released a new song! When Will I Learn to sing as amazing as you! Can't wait for your amazing new album with the rest of this huge musical family!! :)

  70. cablemotion

    I love the way you can express deep feelings so beautifully and poetically, it's one reason why I love your music.  I can relate to the theme of this song as I imagine many can.

  71. Mondocool

    This is amazing! Looking forward to the album Kina. :)

  72. Paullainne Rosalita

    How do you do it??? Incredible! You always bring me to a special place, whether I like it or not, with your music. I could relate to this is so many levels. You are just amazing Kina!

    Kina Grannis

    thank you so much!! <3

  73. amsaric

    When that first chorus hit, it struck me with an electric pulse right through my body. I'm getting Sufjan Stevens vibes with those crazy magical harmonies. Absolutely wonderful and hypnotic.

    Kina Grannis

    wow this means so much to me, i'm so glad you connected with it. thanks for the message!

  74. Danny Nguyen


  75. ronnisim

    Your songs enter through the ears and go straight to the heart! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  76. Kahealani Music

    This is so simple and sweet! I love how rich the harmonies are. :)
    Thank you for always being so vulnerable in your music. I've always been encouraged by it and your quiet spirit.

  77. xinyu ma

    i needed this today, Kina. A lot of mental and emotional turbulence, feelings of conflict and confusion... Found instant refuge in this song and this video- your music is healing and bringing me home again :) #thankful

  78. eveecooper

    Gorgeous song, video, singing, backing vocals, sunsets, smiles! All of it!

  79. Alexis Rios


  80. Teresa Lin

    So excited for your new album and have been listening to this on repeat, Kina! :D

  81. Wong Fu Productions

    beautiful! Congratulations Kina!! Can't wait for more music!

    Kina Grannis

    awww thanks friends!! <3

  82. 楊雯琳

    I love your beautiful voice❤❤

  83. babyraose h

    just beautiful

  84. Taylor M

    this is a beautiful song can't wait for your new album 🎶💙

  85. emerald764

    This is so beautiful. Kina, you just get better and better.

  86. efadfa3

    Agh, you just calm my soul, no matter what you sing but your originals.. they're the best. Just perfect.

  87. jgviewer


  88. Kai Myers

    Love this,Kina!

  89. Muskaan

    you just got yourself a subscriber............ love your music 💖

  90. Pau Mej

    The lyrics are beautiful. Wrote a poem with similar meaning. Thanks for this :)

  91. mark bucek

    Kinda, love this song!

  92. Alison Cosker

    ooohhhhh kg. this is just so so so so wonderful. I have not stopped listening to it since its release. very proud, and touched, and just a million things. so gorgeous. it's reminiscent of old while still being really new and wonderful and grown. YOU'RE THE BEST.

  93. n1kk117

    UGH all the feels. Love the song can't stop listening to it

  94. jrdn

    So genuine and beautiful.. just what i needed <3

  95. Maragtas Kalantiyaw

    Beautiful ♥

  96. Lea Amber Pobre

    This is so beautiful Miss Kina. I love it. Keep it up 😊

  97. Oliver Goss Band

    Really love what you do Kina ❤

  98. Phil Chao

    so beautiful!