Grannis, Kina - What Is Said Lyrics

Be it broken down or beaten up is what you'll have to offer
And not a moment short of time is like a medicine
They say it heals all wounds are deep and painful, I don't buy it
But I would sell it to you for a decent price

Never would I fall too short of expectations not expected
And never should you take to heart whatever I just said
A little birdie told me something
Really, birds don't talk, but his chirp was nice
I think I gathered what he meant

What's said is not always what is meant
Breathing this fire, leaves me with no desire to be read

Reading books, I've found my eyes, they like to wander off the pages
To play with many things impertinent to my mind
Sometimes I like to sleep, it's cool, but it is overrated
I'd rather just be singing nonsense through the night


Eighteen years behind me, many more to come, I am excited
I hope I didn't jinx myself, please knock on wood for me
Or write a letter to a friend, tell them it's time to listen
To what I'm saying, but it's not said, don't let it get into your head

Just when you thought that you were sane
Like clever convicts, they came running, escaping from your brain
These words, they trickled out these fickle conversations so concerned
With rationale, I don't know how, but I think I am done for now


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Grannis, Kina What Is Said Comments
  1. Hollie RC

    My husband hasn’t touched me in almost a year. Definitely giving up 😞

  2. Shanique Ferguson

    You have a wonderful,beautiful extremely awesome voice sending love from Jamaica 🇯🇲

  3. Jeff Grab

    can anyone help me? I'm looking for a say something cover. artist is a black male singer. He's a bit big like a body builder. And his backup is a white female. I know they are not americans. Africa or new zealand i think. Included in the video was his female daughter. That's the best rendition of this song IMO. But can't find it anymore here in youtube.

  4. Dio Split


  5. Deborah Henry

    You have a very beautiful gift, like Whitney , Michael , Prince , and the greats. Keep singing. We will see you on the Grammy's. You are a talent and have a gift given from God. Keep bringing the world together.

  6. Marionne Gwyneth

    Hi Kina that was a very nice cover! I also love this song I've created a cover of it as well I love your version!!

  7. incompetentLP

    This is my favorite rendition of this song. Such a beautiful and precious and fragile performance. Thank you!

  8. Karel Chytil

    Very well done

  9. stephanie moody

    Is there any song you can do 😍 you sound so angelic in any song you sing. You brought out the emotion when you sing just the words say "something I giving up on you " any where I will follow you" " your the one and am saying goodbye" 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Sherica Higgins

    Boring took away the emotion from the song..

  11. Danny Day

    Nice. I never get tired of listening to this song.

  12. Sarika Arora

    Your voice is so beautiful and peaceful thank you for being you!!

  13. Majestic Z Designs

    I can say that i have probably heard 50 or more of this cover and you have a way of bringing soft emotions out of it. You did an excellent job. I loved it!!😀

  14. Luna Bug

    i have searched for a version of this that perfectly suits me vocally and this is it thank you for this gift!!!

  15. Marjorie Osada

    Your voice was great

  16. J 77

    Say something sammich. A sandwiches make a nice snack, but a sammich is forever💜

    J 77

    This was the first comment i ever wrote to you. I had to be brave since i liked you so much. I still love you no matter what. I have to pray because I've never given up on you, but i dont want to wreck myself dayreaming as the years fly by and im still alone

    J 77

    Im scared because i cant get you out of my head or my heart.

  17. Hajni Cuth

    Here is my version of SAY SOMETHING

  18. U.R.

    Saw you in crazy rich Asians!!! Happy to see you are appreciated for your talent... Been listening to you for years... Still think you sang this song the best..

  19. Debby Berros

    You sing with sooo much emotion in your voice! an Angel!!! Just saw you singing in the Movie 'Crazy Rich Asians' and my husband and I thought you did an amazing job with the song 'Falling In Love'! Sooo Angelic! 😍😇

  20. lin pao

    You have a very unique and amazing voice with so many emotions in your voice, if it doesn't touch someone listening to your voice they are definitely a robot 😜

  21. Skinny Potatoe

    this is is an easy song to sing

  22. Aje Thor

    So sweet

  23. jintonic07

    This song spurred my divorce. Couldn't help but not feel like this. But it has turned out for the better I think. Love all versions of it, but good captured it in the musical sense...but you haven't experienced it. It shows. But thank you for your interp.

  24. nicmac

    someone sings and the lyrics fly a little more forcefully with meaning.
    Sung in such a way,
    so that you absorb each syllable.
    This girl has done this with this song.
    Talent that touches,
    For sure!


  25. Chayma Harouali El Hadia

    Say something
    I'm giving up on you
    I'll be the one
    If you want me to
    Anywhere I would've followed you
    Say something
    I'm giving up on you
    And I, I'm feeling so small
    It was over my head
    I know nothing at all
    And I will stumble and fall
    I'm still learning to love
    Just starting to crawl
    Say something
    I'm giving up on you
    I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
    Anywhere I would've followed you
    Say something
    I'm giving up on you
    And I will swallow my pride
    You're the one that I love
    And I'm saying goodbye
    Say something
    I'm giving up on you
    And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
    And anywhere I would have followed you
    Oh, say something
    I'm giving up on you
    Say something
    I'm giving up on you
    Say something

  26. Elise Leung

    Too bad your last hk tour didn’t make it.....

  27. Angela Wright

    I will always cry to this because my grandma died on sister birthday

  28. Salim Bark

    I'm crying

  29. Salim Bark

    Great jobb

  30. Alex Newell

    only critique is that i wanted it to be longer xoxoxox

  31. Анна Радочина

    you are like angel)))

  32. Κατερίνα Αθανασοπούλου

    Please come to Greece, you are amazing!!!

  33. Alexandre Meireles



    Muito bom

  35. Leighlalalu David

    Came here because of the 'Lana's List' book, and this cover has the feels. Ugh i love it 😍

  36. Troy Wristen

    Just stunning great job

  37. Michelle Gillan

    Would love you to check out my cover of Say Something. Please like/comment or subscribe.

    Cheers xx

    Ray Torres

    Michelle, your "Say Something" cover is Justin's "Say Something". Would love to hear you do this one.

  38. Angelique Sutcliffe

    wow just wow Kina this is so beautiful i just cant get enough of your voice your amazing thank you

  39. Abby H

    I heard your cover of 'Just the Way You Are'... the way you made it a personal conversation and thought 'I hope she's done Say Something', and yayyyy you did. I kind of hoped it would be shot in the same room though. That setting would give this song a little more urgency, more desperation.

    Your voice is perfect, I love it.

    I always loved how this song could almost be about any relationship (romantic, friends, family). It reminds me a lot lot of my brother.


    Thansk yes

  41. K.C

    Wooow awsome!! That gave me goosebumps 👻😮💕

  42. Mhister Battad

    Super like it. pls. continue to do more. God bless

  43. Jordanny Sanchez

    her voice is angelic 😊☝

  44. Rigel Sinco

    I just don't know what's with Kina's voice that when she sings sad songs it crushes my heart and melts all those shattered pieces... Wew.

  45. Joanna Gasdogas

    you sang it so beautifully, I cried. 💘💝💖💘💖💘💟

  46. Meryem Erlichkeit sagt mehr als tausend worte!

    ♥Omg how can a Person sing like this?♥♥♥♥♥😇😍

  47. Esther

    there's no react button in YouTube like facebook! wish I could react to this! 😍😍

  48. Siv Farris

    nice voice

  49. Amira Sharif

    Amazing just amazing this makes me just speech less I love her so much
    Keep it up Kina.

  50. -o-

    I'm LITTERALLY amazed ;)

  51. Richard Lau

    I love Kina.

  52. be mindful

    I really like your sweater X3 you have such a beautiful voice

  53. 哦屎干

    im already fall in love with this song and sound

  54. World's Okay-est Person

    this is amazing, I was truly astonished. I was also able to sing the counter part for this.

  55. Matthew Currie Holmes

    This is better than the original.

  56. Abril De Alba Esquivel

    Thats incredible, i like this song and your voice its really good, thankyou!! I loved :)

  57. Tania Tamara

    omo , love her sweater so muchh

  58. Swaylex

    1. This look cool

  59. Wolf Doctor

    my God what a beautiful rendition!

  60. IThinkItsForYou

    Amazing! Definitely one of the best covers!

  61. TubeDeviant


  62. literally Emily


  63. only1andrews

    my ex girlfriend ran away to another country with my 2 year old daughter.. after every penny I have spent..the courts can't trace her.... it's been 2 and it will be my angels 4th birthday... this song hurts.. I just want her to say something.. as I'm empty..and feel my body giving up this chase


    What I’m thinking is why did some one have to run away to a different country and leave no traces behind just to get away from you?


    Any updates? Never give up ❤️❤️


    Oh my, your comment touched me. As a dad I cannot fathom how it would feel, but imagining it made me cry. I wish you all the best and that you will find what has been lost. Don't give up!

    winter snow

    let her go she will find you they always do, my ex tried to keep mine from me it was a power trip thing i left her knowing my kids will come find me and they did 20 years later lol but they did wish now they didnt lol they pretty messed up but i love them still

  64. abraham vanderpuye

    Great stuff. Impressed :)

  65. Kary Drew

    canta hermoso como los dioses está mujer es increíble la manera del tono de voz que forma la canción realmente llore

  66. Ian Raney

    Just discovered this one. Great stuff! Keep being awesome.

  67. Ellene M

    Applause from Latvia .WOW!!!

  68. A Aziz Shaikh


  69. sad kid the depressed kid

    Say something or I'll give up on you mom

  70. MaggieMui07

    this video is absolutely gorgeous. You stole my heart. :)

  71. Audrey Painter

    your so amazing and those high notes were spectacular!!

  72. Ashleigh Preininger

    so amazing. is there sheet music for this?

  73. Patrick Dempsey

    What kind of reverb effect is that to make the whispering echo like this. i love that sound.

  74. NotAModel

    so beautiful

  75. Naseem Hamed

    you are amazing Kina :K

  76. Chris Brown

    I love it so much I love your voice

    Me Theme

    R u the real chris brown ?? !

  77. Folja Aluminiowa

    Cześć! Jest ktoś z Polski??

  78. karen lazzarini

    Que lindo cantas! Escuche muchos covers de esta canción pero el tuyo es el mejor 😊

  79. Tomo Cole

    The tone of your voice get me in limbo, into the time to recieve all my emotions in hole my life to now, and i am speech less. :( so amazing and in same time so harsh.

  80. Ashley Guthrie

    every time I listen to say something covers I always come back to yours and jasmine thompson. love it love it love it!!!!! you rock girly!

  81. Alphacentaurizero

    It touches the soul...

  82. Kreo

    i wanna make love with your voice Nice an softly.. <_< Woaw, wait.. that could be lyrics for a song!! :O *Writing down* xD

  83. Sanath Krishna

    Wang fu girl!!

  84. Carrie Moniz


  85. Krister Broce

    Your voice is amazing and your songs are good, but the few that I have seen you just don't really have a climax in them... It's the same feeling throughout the whole song.

  86. Alina Bakar

    what i mean is your voice is clear

  87. Alina Bakar

    nice background and song

  88. thfcyidz

    Just so beautiful.

  89. Um sonho pra Duas

    Oh my Gosh!! Her voice is só pretty! Perfect version !

  90. hyuncity

    You have beautiful voice ❤ Good job! ;)

  91. Darkcrow

    Hi everybody ! I did a cover of this song on my channel.. Come and give your opinion ... Thank's.

  92. Aqua Rius

    you made it more emotional.

  93. Joyce cover

    i love this song but with this cover i am fan.. she has got an amazing voice! really!

  94. Yung hee Thoj

    <3 i'm in love , i cry when i listen this song ! <3 Thank you for this moment !

  95. Maissa El Mornagui


  96. emily gerongco

    simple and talented!