Grannis, Kina - Walk On Lyrics

there's nothing more to say when its over
could wait another day, but there's no more
so please stop coming back to the matter
let it be it will be better

untie that little string on your finger
and let it swim away in the water
and please resist the urge to dive under
let it be it will be better
let it be it will be better

walk on my friend walk on
there is no need to linger let it go
go on my friend go on
and do what you need to
to get you to where you need

theres nothing you can do when you tire
of things that you one loved but no longer
and please don't hide the tears with your laughter
let it be it will be better

release the little bird on your shoulder
its hard now but its harder when she's older
and please don't change your mind she'll go faster
let it be it will be better
let it be it will be better

walk on my friend walk on
there is no need to linger let it go
go on my friend go on
and do what you need to
to get you to where you need

hiding under the table
like I did when I was small and scared
it's a ways away from places I should clearly be instead
but I've been busy finding places that exist inside my head

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Grannis, Kina Walk On Comments
  1. William Touzalin

    Just saying that in 2019 : I'm still listening your "walk on" sweet Kina <3 . Peace !

  2. holy mcnuggets

    You're so adorable! Some of the little things make me really sad but this song makes me feel better!

  3. Julio Rios

    I wish she would sing to me every night

  4. ninnzbinnz

    after so many years still an awesome song

  5. Ivan Calderon

    Kina <3

  6. d1xx

    thank you, its verry usefull for me right now..

  7. musicartheart

    It's messed up how you can't even post your music video, Message From Your Heart in your own channel. Smh

  8. Eric De Castro

    Kina eu simplesmente te amo doce garota.
    Sua voz está em meus sonhos.
    Sucesso pra ti e pra todos que te apoiam.

  9. TheArtofBeing

    i like how she messed up at the beginning, i love when people show that they're just as human as the rest of us singers out there lol

  10. justin oconnor

    @prz88 same here

  11. awesomesaga

    Ok People Stop Saying U Would Marry Her...She Is Prob Freaking Out... I No I Would! Anyways....Kina U R Awesome!!!!!!!! Love Yr Music SO Much It Always Makes My Day Just To See Yr Smile And Hear Yr AMAZING Voice And Laugh!!!!!!! Yeeeeppppp Good Job! :) <3

  12. Muajyeej


  13. Aydın Fatoğlu

    your vids got super backrounds the places are look so natural you ın the front

  14. Jetske Knot

    haha I LOVE this! "ah.. come on what are the words"

  15. oaffy1980

    @prz88 join the queue

  16. Bueno John

    your so beautifullll

  17. Qasim A

    hey are u and david choi dating? :(

  18. Hans De Winter

    So sweet....a kiss from heaven

  19. Jeep Queen


  20. Muajyeej

    only 138,798 views i will definitely introduce it to my friends kina

  21. beyaz yilmaz

    I love your songs and your style!!!!
    Take care ...

  22. ปุณณรัตน โห้ยุขัน

    the song is good .thank you.
    ake Thailand

  23. LoyalDoberman

    Why don't people realize that this is such a good song?

  24. yammieguitar1813

    When Kina messes up, it just seems more raw and unrehearsed. She is amazing. :)

  25. Ruby Dall

    This is my favourite song ever! I covered it verrry badly, but woo for kina! x

  26. Radu Simionescu

    well, girl, you are the winner to me :P

  27. Adamaris Tiburcio

    hi can you sound that good in your house.., you sound like you are in a recording studio! Please tell me the secret!!! you use some special mic¿ i know that you have a great voice but the sound its great! can you show me....¿

  28. mike muse

    You are extremely talented. I think it's unfair that you can be so musically and vocally talented AND so frickin' gorgeous! Save some for the rest of us. lol ;)

  29. Taylor Swanson

    Love your voice! And this song!

    Lol, I'm totally jealous of your hair. I want!

  30. lukejwalt

    totally agree -_-

  31. Aaron Taylor

    Agreed, i would marry her all the beautiful girls are always out reach.

  32. irlandes01

    you sing veryyy good cantas genial '¡¡¡

  33. IndianaJo06

    like this song... upbeat and a little playful :)

  34. FORDtw35

    good song, really. but Bono has a better version :)

  35. CalibratedPerfectly

    i love you kina

  36. CalibratedPerfectly

    who cares about american idol.

  37. hetitor conca

    Hermoso simplemente........
    eres muy talentosa......y natural...... Suerte

  38. Jamie Kuczmarski

    omg i love your voice, you have so much control! and good job with the guitar playing also!

  39. TakingItIn

    love the shirt kina!

  40. Jamie's Music

    why havent i ever this one??!!! i know all her songs :-?

  41. Daniel Stone

    have you great voice......cute

  42. Daniel Stone

    so so..

  43. Albertus Kevin

    I like this song! ur awesome!

  44. 1DARBY1

    this is currently my faverite song on the album

  45. zostar2

    waa! how comes i've never heard this kina song before!!

  46. erfansvideos

    your so pretty, got a boyfriend? :P

  47. uffan06

    :O the same with me - i know Kina from the call video (Y)

  48. Austin2897

    You are #1. Im gunna go on youtube and make my own and dedicate them all too you! You are truly #1 you were ment to sing you were ment to play guitar And you are just Amazing. I dont have anything else to say but you are the most Awsome Fantastic Fabulous Singer/Guitar player I have ever heard i want to Cry every time i listen to your songs. It just opens my Heart and just makes me want to cry!! =D

  49. Julie Nowakowski

    Hey Kina,
    Can you please please please do a tutorial to this song? I want to sing it for my school's talent show next year and I need to know the guitar for it =) Please consider it (: Thanks. Love your music!

  50. Adaeze

    ur my favorite singer on youtube. ;)

  51. Siti Ayesha noe i have never ever heard of you before but your extraordinary talent..i was listening to 'the call' by regina and ur tag video came up so i was like should i check it out...or is it just a normal girl singing..but i was wrong and the risk safed..your really good...wher you from?

  52. Julie Nowakowski

    You are seriously amazing. Your song writing abilities are so amazing, better than almost all the famous artists i know. You're so inspiring, and i could listen to you all day. When I'm feeling sad or lonely, i go to your music because it keeps me stable through the hard times. All of your songs are so easy to relate to, for so many people. You're going to have such a career in music . Don't listen to the haters, because clearly they have no life and are beyond jealous of you. I know i am.

  53. Taylor M

    i love that song man that's one i would want to here on the radio

  54. Marcus W. Lelis

    You r very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very
    very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very Sexy.

  55. Jordan Zell

    Very nice. I'm a singer/songwriter. Check out my original song "Don't You Worry."

  56. MrMeti82

    Great Kina!!!

  57. Maritas Music

    i love this song gonna get it on iTunes!

  58. Binh Do

    I love how you goof up.. it's cute. =) Oh, and of course the music is awesome! haha

  59. Jules Sciacca

    this is my favorite song ever! i love it! your so good!

  60. Sheena Beaulieu

    truly amazing girl! You have so much talent, wish the best luck for you. :)

  61. Grace Lee


  62. Neele Janssen

    i'm in love with that song xD... can't you do an tutorial for that? its so lovley...

  63. The Official imaginarythings Channel

    Absolutely Amazing Song and Vocals~You have Fantastic Presence~ ~5*****~Favorite~:)

  64. DewiEline

    LOVE IT!!:)
    beautiful song and voice!

  65. SydneyEmily

    awesome! :)

    i play guitar, sing and write music too!

    im new to youtube and would love you check out my videos! :)

    peace, Sydney

  66. LoyalDoberman

    I'm sure everyone has their perspective on this song and how we can relate to it.

    But what's the back story of this song, Kina? It's such a beautiful song with profound meaning. What influenced you to write this song?

  67. shesfiction

    thats cause she wrote it lol

  68. aryapassion

    U r so cute, so beautiful,
    ur voice very sweet,
    You can make neone obsessed of yours in first sight

  69. Kompanion

    gracefully nothing more to say

  70. LoyalDoberman

    Even though it's in a laundry room, the background still looks so artistic.

  71. nightflight83

    i love you.................

  72. Speed x

    i think i love you now....

  73. Yoni Sahertian

    Verry nice Kina... You are a rockstar keep up the good work iam your fan ... (Y)

  74. CalibratedPerfectly

    inspiring, thanks so much.

  75. beezar216

    you smile when you sing. i love it i love it i love it.

  76. Katie VanDusen

    i love this song(:
    so i did a video response!

  77. ecliptic1101

    I hate how cute you are. You're great and beautiful. Keep entertaining, because whatever you're doing and how you do it, it's working for everyone!

  78. Myra K

    haha, yeah xD

  79. tildabug

    i'm a matilda too
    let's start a "Matilda's for Kina" fanclub

  80. tildabug

    I know your pain.
    i'm two weeks behind on my Engineering coursework because of her.
    maybe i'll never get any GCSE's but i'll die happy

  81. william baird

    sexy bint!!!

  82. Myra K

    Hey kina, I love this song! the melodi, the lyrics. its awesome, love your other ones to, but, this is special. keep up the good work girl!
    love matilda

  83. paintedfree

    you are truly amazing. this is a HUGE favorite of mine!!! :) :) thank you soo much for your inspiring songs! would you mind sending me the chords to this song, please?? =)

  84. Duncan Herder

    she uses IMovieHD it is a video program and you can use different effects for audio... she changed the reverb a bit to make it sound a bit louder and it gives it this echoish feel to it.

  85. Jessica L

    awe so gooooddddd

  86. picitup83

    i am sooo psyched for your mini tour. i'm getting front row tickets, BEWARE i'm notorious for spitballing musicians at concerts... JK

  87. changster308

    lip syncing?? hahah

  88. Student Rights

    kina - it's so fun to hear your "older" songs on your cd *then* see you play them here!! =D
    this is great! i bet seeing this live is even more awesome! can't wait for your tours!

  89. David Aaron

    Great song, Great voice, awesome personality. You got it. Good luck. God bless you!

  90. AbbyBroas

    i would say that Kina is amazing, or fantastic, or incredible....
    but that would be an understatement, wouldnt it?
    We love you kina!!

  91. JHypochondriac

    you look so happy; enjoying yourself. it's nice.

  92. ninnzbinnz

    way cool!!!!

  93. SherwinJTB

    saw the link on my cousin's profile, and i was right, talented musician and beaitiful too, hehe

  94. Veldaken

    thanks you very much for all your videos!
    I'm a french girl and I hope you will be know in France.

  95. Emma Worthington

    I love this.
    I love your lyrics.
    I love you!!

  96. Kim Nguyen

    OMG. I love this song. the lyrics are great.

  97. Anni M

    Verdammt das lied is hammer *-* naja eig. sind es fast alles von ihr!=) sie hat einfach diese stimme...und die is echt toll :)