Grannis, Kina - Never Never Lyrics

Wish I couldn't come
Wish I would and then id crawl to the morning sun
Wish I'd never never come so far and than I stopped
If I could not and I fall down
Would I fall down
Would we fall down?

We liked to say
We would never come undone
Breathe it in breath out
can you breathe I know I can not now

Wish I hadn't spoke
Wish I did but I made sense or I did not fear
Wish we'd never never grown so close that we could fall
fallen apart, and if it was lost
Would I be lost
Would we be lost?

We liked to say
We would never come undone
Breathe it in breath out
can you breathe I know I can not now

Many nights I've spent replaying the day
Would you listen to what I have to tell you now you're gone
And I'm missing it

We liked to say
We would never come undone
Breathe it in breath out
can you breathe I know I can not now

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Grannis, Kina Never Never Comments
  1. Hamilton Miller

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ One More in the Attic

  2. Sourkealin Vuth

    I love you <3

  3. Maklan Saenz

    Very goood! Love it

  4. อภิวัฒน์ วงษ์มณี

    oh i love you

  5. JG Tbym

    All I can say is your songs, voice, musical expression and inner beauty reminds me to remain positive about life. Thank you, from Kyoto.

  6. Emer Gency

    ....super nice....

  7. One Drone Pilot

    You are my new favourite artist.
    Massive fan here in Australia.

  8. Nina Duschek

    she reminds me so much of anna akana idk

  9. Avela Nanti

    Thanks for the amazing music, such relatable lyrics I am thankful that I accidentally came across your music 3 years ago. My best friend and I are currently going through a rough patch. I hope we do not become undone.

  10. Alvin Li

    I was in japan around the same time too! I was in Osaka in April!


    Voice like Velvet x your voice is one of my faves to date x

  12. Quốc Trí Dương

    oh my god, I like your style so much, either when singing or talking! Please keep up your good work & life!

  13. Michael K

    Just amazing voice wow makes u get emotional it moves u it’s how music was designed to be and she empowers every part of it and owns the songs

  14. Racist Killer Ultimate

    Even Though it was an old Song you Made Your Still My Dream Girl.......

  15. Ivan Hasudungan

    i wish you have more songs that scream my heart,,greeting from pacific

  16. IMRicksta

    Been loving Kina's beautiful music for 10 years now! It's been monumental in helping me find peace and calm during stressful times. Thank you Kina <3 Also will always fondly remember your performance in Brisbane, Australia.

  17. Vadim Batorov

    Kina! You are wonderful woman! Please, you make cover on the song of the band Black " wonderful life"? I,m sorry, bad inglish😀

  18. FollowerOfChrist

    This gal could be in movies too. Awful easy on the eyes. Angelic voice.

  19. saliaka fernando

    can you do a cover song for all of me by jhon your voice it's always bring me peace by calming my soul.

  20. Janene Bessent

    I love these so much. I listened to you play this in a venue I believe in was beautiful then and now.

  21. YourboySudeep

    Beautiful song and beautiful smile

  22. John Kennedy

    Love the song always she just keeps getting prettier big fan I always will be

  23. Clare Mcclelland

    Makes me think of keeping faith #bbc

  24. 24yrukdesigner

    Been a while since i was here, but just seen your hair is long and beautiful again. So happy! :D Please never hurt your perfect hair, its soooooooo much nicer long! :)

  25. Erika Gonzales

    she is so beautiful and simple ❤️

  26. acar yatr'

    I'll fall in love of your it's for you..thanks for all. You touch me

  27. Nico Bautista

    God I love you...Marry me already:)

  28. Chere Bailey

    Love your voice

  29. D D

    Dam i just dont have words that will describe what it is that you do to me when you sing. I may have a bad day at work where i just want to hit a wall and u slow thing down at times your videos pop up on my feed and i find my self clicking on your videos. So thanks for sharing your personal life and your heart.

  30. Charles Gilley

    Keep up the amazing work and the way ya bring beautiful back to music scene and that easily humble a broken heart and oppression made over others

  31. vikrant hattangady

    Dreamy...really nice

  32. James Wisdom

    I love your music ❤️❤️❤️

  33. maria aparecida

    Linda voz parabéns!😘❤🌷

  34. the come up

    Ok..... u need to sing a lord of the rings song.
    Ur voice is perfect

  35. Cassaronie only

    Please get Kina to read this!
    I have been a fan since I started my original youtube account, cassiskoolio, 11 years ago in 2008! We actually got to message eachother once and you told me to keep trying and never give up! I just wanted to share some exciting news! On September 4th I will be auditioning (my 2nd time) for American Idol and in my home state which is Kansas considering they very rarely come here! One of the questions asked on my story paperwork, I was asked to list 5 artists I would love to sing a duet with and I just wanted you to know you were #1 on that list! I have always found you so unique and original. I absolutely adored you from day 1 when you won that super bowl commercial contest. You are my inspiration and i just needed you to know that. I love you Kina and I hope one day I can inspire you through my own music like you did for me, and of course a collaboration would be aweaome haha

    : )

  36. Wes S

    Just stunning.

  37. Easy Living Portugal

    Great Authentic Talent, Warm regards Jack and Lola

  38. Lipok Fused

    That voice of yours + nostalgia + every time I hear you sing.....
    Love you big time, Kina Grannis.....

  39. peacebeing

    Your sweet voice is giving me shivers!


    Very beautiful song and amazing voice. Bravo. Regards from Cyprus.

  41. Micheal Wolf

    Bloody love this

  42. Samira Carvalho

    Eu amo essa música. Obrigada! ❤🙏

  43. graz ryan

    I’m dealing with an ASS boss earlier. Took a break and clicked on this video. I’m calm now. Thank you

  44. DeNeice

    Oh my. Made me sob. Touches a deep soul spot ...about loss. Even if temporary. Like yours. I love the soft circular bolero rhythm. Pulls you into the emotional lyric. Thx for finding a way to REUSE this beautiful ballad.

  45. Denise Bloise


  46. Rachaya Takarn

    Very like your voice ☺️

  47. Marlan Harianja

    Hello, Kina.
    I'm interested in knowing a little bit of your life.
    But I can't imagine how you can catch a snake.

  48. David Jackson

    Kina: this is the first time I've heard your music and its beautiful

  49. Rick Stone

    Why isn't she famous yet?

  50. Matt White

    This is gold.

  51. Sarah Mae

    Lyrics, anyone?

  52. Sia Z

    The original and even this one is 🔥

  53. MAURIZIO Fracasso

    🐺🐾🌈La tua dolcezza arriva al cuore, questo fa capire che non occorre come fanno tante,urlare,ma bensì con la dolcezza e soavità arrivare dentro..BRAVAAAA!!!!!!🌻🌸🌺

  54. MAURIZIO Fracasso

    🐺🐾Sei bravissima e dolcissima🌸🌻🌺

  55. Rajashree B

    Your voice calms my soul 💜

  56. happy salman

    From now on im are your fans :p actually since the first time i hear you sing "youre my sunshine" :0

  57. Tony Yee

    If i am allowed to just use one word.."BEAUTIFUL ! "

  58. Dewanti Amanda

    Your voice is amazing adnd very calming ❤

  59. Juliansyah Fahrul

    Love you kina

  60. War Child

    And it was a very beautiful song old or new You could sing anything in the world and it would sound amazing*

  61. opa man

    An oldie but a goodie from One More in The Attic! Slower tempo but still Acoustic Perfection Kina. Bravo Maestro!

  62. tand Witz

    Love this song the beats

  63. Walter

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  64. Haifa Al-abdullaziz

    I love it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  65. Mike Cheney

    Please please can you do beautiful crazy by Luke Combs?

  66. jimgilliam

    so beautiful!

  67. kiera okeefe

    I would love to hear you cover "When I'm with you" by ben rector❤️

  68. Josh Su


  69. strawberry- milk

    Hello you beautiful angel,just wanted to ask how much would it cost to get you to perform at a wedding? Sorry for asking a weird question but this is for a project for my class about what your future wedding would look like and I would want you to perform.This project is due tomorrow soooo.......reply as soon as you see this.

  70. ZenLion

    Wow, what a sweetheart you are Kina! Beautiful voice.

  71. Vir Lugtu

    your music is so soothing, calming and even enchanting...keep on playing your wondrous personal thoughts.....

  72. Loren W

    Beautiful. You can thank Pomplamoose for a new subscriber.

  73. Rebecca Araujo

    thank you for your courage to get out there and show the world your music! love your voice and thank you for telling us about your songs and what inspired you to write them. I love how open you are about your music, very unique. Keep up the good work!

  74. Joana Marie Canlas

    you always call me dear #OnlyOne :)

  75. Paul de Berranger


  76. Waewwan Jar

    I love your voice❤️❤️❤️

  77. Francisco Pinheiro

    Que musica maravilhosa ❤😍

  78. smol lil person

    When I was 5 my parents met you and told you I loved you(I still do and I’m 11)

    Ricky Does

    Waffle Pig
    I met her too. And she is amazing for sure!!🌺

  79. anthony hernandez

    Vary beautiful song

  80. raymond balboa

    Angelic voice. You’re truly talented.

  81. James Moore

    whoa... this popped up on my suggested today, I remember you from the Myspace days!

  82. Its fin

    I am really love your voice !

  83. Angie Aan

    Damnn i am forever inlove with Kinna Grannis. 😭😭😭💘 her voice/songs reminds me of my happiest old days 💖

  84. Ommi nightcore


  85. dt l

    Finally she has pretty hair

  86. dazzlemi

    This song in iTunes is ... Never Never - Single by Kina Grannis

  87. Vivienne Goldwall

    You deserve so much more recognition! Thit song is amazing

  88. Steven Hill

    Wow. That was beautiful. Thanks so much.

  89. Mehedi Mithu

    Wonderful voice ❤️

  90. Sam McConnell

    Been following you for years.... your voice is from Angel's

  91. Cris Cash

    WoW Everything about you is beautiful! Keep it going Sweetheart!

  92. Maya Petrova

    Sounds good!

  93. Gerardo Francisco

    Wow 😊

  94. Chris Smith

    So beautiful. Can’t stop listening to this. You’re amazing.

  95. Contesza 2303

    This song and this visual so good... balanced... very simple .. but so beauty to watched...

  96. ObscureChan

    Kinaaaaa, love you!

  97. Angelina Sari

    aaa, always calm my mind, and i never never get bored to watch and listen all of your songs!!! sehat terus ya kak Kina. <3 <3 <3

  98. Stephane Wheeler

    I love you!