Grannis, Kina - Missing You Lyrics

Watch me fall, watch me fall down...
There's an aching in my skin
I wanna get out, wanna get out
Out of mind
Out of time
Into you

They say, "People grow, let it go
Time will heal your bleeding wounds"
But I don't think it's gonna work out that easy
I'll be missing you

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Grannis, Kina Missing You Comments
  1. Shelbs

    I miss these days

  2. Marah Eissa

    I heard all of your songs on Spotify cuz you have warm voice and I impressed with the lyrics but I think the melody is not amazing

  3. JenniferSYY Y

    Great song!!!!!

  4. Meiten

    Love your song
    Kina -Chan <3

  5. Richard Dyer

    Kina, my fiance and I love you and love so many of your songs. At the end of our skype chats (as we log off) every night she sings me a verse or as many words as she can get out before skype actually logs us off. It is something that I really look forward to. Thanks so much for all you do for so many around the world. I have been a fan for years and plan to watch your work for years to come. :) Listening to you brings peace to my soul

  6. thecheekytangerine

    You don't have to read their "sad life" posts if you don't want to. People are posting to show their thanks for how her music has helped them through their hard times.

  7. masterfatcat

    Stop posting about your sad life and just enjoy the song

  8. Shmowsky

    My fiancee left me 3 weeks ago. I lost my house, my dog, my second job, and my best friend. Kina, you are amazing, It's like your music just penatrates my soul and i'm seeing my emotions in motion thru your music. You are one of my favorite artists. Thank you

  9. francomade

    kina is an angel...... always....

  10. englanddg

    This song helped me through a very dark period in my life. I'd lost my wife, and my child...and didn't know how to reconcile.

    Life is better now, but from time to time, this song helps.

  11. zennyboyz

    hi kina!

  12. MillieEngland

    Even the very first line :')

  13. victoria guido

    i love your music!! cant wait to see you in Toronto!!<3<3<3<3<3

  14. Keely Abramovic

    So beautiful, I write music and you have been my inspiration for such a long time. Keep playing guitar, singing incredibly, and being my idol<3

  15. Alex McGrotty

    Ouch :'(

  16. Jade Spaulding

    best song yet! just when I think know what my favorite song is by you you come out with another one even better!

  17. Ove Nilsson

    why so sad!?..hope u have ur life in order) Godlovesu!)

  18. utubethat1

    This comment is not just for this video, but for all the videos and songs that you have done. You are real and as well your emotions. And keep up the good work, which is aways appreciated.


    Oo ilove YOU !!!!!!

  20. matijevac

    Liked, Subscribed... ^^

  21. HeavenBlade

    I really like you, Kina Grannis.

  22. 96SL

    @flightlessbird5 i feel for you

  23. Trish Tacon

    Are you playing a spanish guitar? You sound amazing

  24. Azzah Zainal

    @flightlessbird5 i feel u..i'm having it too 3 years

  25. Mostly Ghostly hauntings


  26. DICE1FSC101

    @MrOfficiallyfunny lol you are a crack up, I tried but the arm pit didn't do it for me it was her nose, LMAO!!!

  27. Ada

    I Love It... I Love You !

  28. Rebeca Munoz

    @MrOfficiallyfunny Wth is wrong with you?

  29. Jean Sarah

    @MrOfficiallyfunny your deffinetly not funny.

  30. J Avalos

    Kina i first heard this song years ago while serving in Iraq...Its as beautiful seeing you sing it now as it was the first time i heard it. You are an amazing light shinning bright =)

  31. Afke van der Veen

    you were covering songs, now people are covering your songs. Can you even imagine that? I really think your a great singer.

  32. marmuu

    you are beautiful in every way...

  33. marmuu

    you are beautiful in every way...

  34. englanddg

    @jettoy1 I keep coming back to it over the years because it is so perfect. 100% agreed.

  35. rayonator500

    49 people are vomiting jealouness

  36. Jetske Knot

    @Kayo406 she is 25 :D

  37. robin arsenault

    beatifulll kina and great choose on the lyrics\

  38. Kayo406

    how old are you????

  39. Nizwiz411

    i heard the first four words in this song then instantly subscribed

  40. Viktoria Borisova

    I think I just raped the replay button :D

  41. deragonflyz

    I just stumbled upon this by chance...gorgeous!!!

  42. Lara Brennan

    Go All The Way Kina You Truely Deserve It

  43. Nicolas Carillat

    I love this song!! Kina you are the best!!

  44. Peter Holland

    amazing did she write this herself? its aboslutely beautiful could listen to this all day, you're gonna go so far the sky is ur limit ;D

  45. Monte Willis

    Great voice!

  46. Amberly Brown

    Story of my life

  47. Ryan Secrist

    This just randomly popped up on my home page and all i can say is amazing!!! Im convinced that the 47 people who disliked this must be deaf or they just arent hearing what i am!

  48. Jetske Knot

    it's perfect.. that's all I can say

  49. Minie C

    She has a pretty voice

  50. wrechognize17

    hey your good, your amazing! i love how the way u sing, keep it up.. facebook? ralph teatro... im just a fan =)

  51. Nurul Farah Campbell

    Fantastic! nice voice(:

  52. Victoria Locklear

    love it !

  53. Christine Lo

    this song should get more love at your shows

  54. TheLollykins

    i love your style, great song :D

  55. Angel kaulitz


  56. Reah Yearwood

    WOWWW... amazing voice! love it

  57. Tamra McMahon

    @DaSwammie I'm actually glad that she isn't on the radio, I love her original songs, and they aren't as original once they're all famous and stuff

  58. zionchild83


  59. Iselu Nana

    tres bien!!! we really like it! we´re sitting here and litsen to this song.... and well... it does really fit to to the (my) situation!!! keep on singing.... you´re pretty good!!! our (my) pleasure!!! anna+ marlene+ ryan <3

  60. Nae Cel

    Thisss izz AMazinggg!!! :) U shudd get an agent nd stufff!!!

  61. avery bruno

    @DaSwammie i agree completely! its sad that freaking Kesha (who sucks) is famous and i only discovered you today. your so much better than most! :) i love you

  62. Eternal Spirit Being

    wow i feel like im stealing this because u should be singing this in front of hundreds of thousands of people that all paid to see u not us on youtube for free u are talented

  63. Ryan Harman

    the lyrics are so pure and relevant everyoen can relate :') <3 xx

  64. kwengkynator

    @DaSwammie Very well said DaSwammie.. very well said..

  65. rose capulong

    You have such a nice voice!!

  66. TheNextCrazyLila

    WOW!!!! You've got a so beatiful voice !! *-*

  67. kemsters


  68. F4BUL0USx

    looove u

  69. Tiffany Janell

    wow..your voice is beyond beautiful!..ive subscribed..hope you take a moment to stop by my channel and do the same =]

  70. Leo Cagape

    i love her........... music

  71. Jean Sarah

    this is my all time favorite! listen to it atleast once a week and always bring be back. love you Kina <3 you inspire me

  72. safetydancer87

    I listen to tons of your songs daily. I always want to comment but I can never find the words to truly describe how amazing you really are. Stay so innocent and keep gifting the world with your beauty, not only in your looks but your song lyrics and voice. The more I listen the more it makes me listen.

  73. Jenn C

    your incredible. keep it up girl.

  74. JediKnightLar

    Another winner, Kina! It's heartbreaking and so real! Your music just shines so much! I'm a fan for life after watching a few of these YT videos. :-)

  75. TeamBDavis

    i think this is the millionth time i've watched this and heard it and each time i listen to it, i fall more in love with it :) the lyics are completely beautiful, as is your voice, kina :) i can't wait until stairwells comes out in February! :)

  76. LotaTreble

    can someone link me the chords plz:)

  77. Eggzseller

    I can feel your heart bleeding, dear - wonderful!

  78. Antonia DiMambro

    This one is my favorite of yours kina.

    i absolutely love your music and your voice. it's so soothing.

    thanks for singing to us youtube junkies :)

  79. colourbooks


  80. englanddg

    Absolutely amazing. Ever in ATL I need to check you out in concert?

  81. syntheticTEK

    one of my favorites.

  82. Allison S

    keep it up!!!

  83. carher33

    i love ,all what you do

  84. Darlene Ollada

    OH, & I love your hair, just saying ^.^

  85. Darlene Ollada

    WOAH Your voice is freakin' amazing! I love the song too, makes me kinda sad & dreamy in every good way. (: Your completely gorgeous too. Keep doing whatever your doing, it's working great. =D

  86. Natasha Bailey

    you are amazing

  87. michael boucher

    so some douche posted that you had no talent i disagree! really your stuff is so amazing! im sure you've heard that before!

  88. EddieArcadian657

    Great....another no talent ordinary girl trying to make it big on you tube!!!

  89. Joy Leonard

    beautiful song...really touched me...

  90. julio estrada

    you are beautiful and sing beautiful. marry with me?----!!!!!

  91. Haley DeZonia

    I think this version is better than the recorded one. They're both great but here your voice sounds more endearing.

  92. suicidal04

    lolx, i watched ur past vidz and juz now i noticed,

    u look older in this video =o

  93. MarineFgr

    Love what you do :)!!

  94. Sean Johnson

    what are the chords to this song??? its amazing

  95. Dennis Saum

    I NEVER post anything on anyone's page, but I find it a TRAVESTY that people like the Jonas Brothers are out there making millions, while a pure talent like YOURS is hidden away for only the dedicated to uncover like a pearl still encased in the ocean.

    When your time to shine to the world is glowing with positive light, I can only hope to say that I saw you when..

  96. Cristina González

    Thanks for giving a present with your voice! Greetings from Spain

  97. Tessa Rose


  98. Amanda c

    No, HE is so lucky!