Grannis, Kina - Down And Gone (The Blue Song) Lyrics

Blue like my hands
Blue like my heart
I drown inside
So it came that i settled for
This raft in mind
Drift away, away, away down

You never fell i picked you up
I'm waking up early
No one ever feels like they're perfect
But i feel we're perfect here

I've got to speak
My eyes can't keep this secret down and gone away
I'm feeling it shouldn't be long until we both remember why
Why we kept each other around all this time

I sensed you'd come around, boy
And here we stand
It is so strange how we've come so far and nothing's changed

We are what we are
Come so far
To keep me down and gone away
I'm feeling it shouldn't be long until we both remember why
Why we kept each other around all this time

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Grannis, Kina Down And Gone (The Blue Song) Comments
  1. Jenni Talbot

    You and your commenters inspire so much. You make all if these people so happy, you save lives, with just your voice, a guitar and your beautiful smile. Your songs are free from pain, free from victimization, free from hate, from blame, shame, your songs are just full of so much peace. And your commenters stay the way your music is. Simple concept, putting in what you give out, but genious. I want to make people happy too. I think i need to find happiness and peace first for myself before I can give it away. You must be really happy. I bet it was easy for your husband to fall for you.

  2. Kit

    This is my new favorite song!😁

  3. Mione134

    This song still gets me in my feels even 10 years later.

  4. Ghasan Abbas

    Kina’s old songs are the best

  5. Skinny Iced Apathy

    It's been ten years and I still come back every now and again to listen to old Kina songs

  6. Nicole Anderson

    forever one of my favorites

  7. bluemavrickable

    Your voice is amazing! I live on a little island called Guam, but we still manage to play your songs on the radio! 😄

  8. Liv Greene


  9. Richard Breed

    gADzooks?! a bazillion friends herein...she'll never see the fun story..of the guitar she plays. ...actually I planted a seed...which is growing at my home on Samana Bay..from that very tree her guitar was made: I knew...the tree was special, and felt bad about cutting it up...even for guitars - it had fallen across a road, 24 miles north of Saigon...I paid 84 bucks for it, and 200 to have it...literally dragged to my guitar factory! Life, is a comedy, and we are the laughs. she's really good

  10. Richard Breed edress is chardbreed at the "gee male?!" email system...also whitehousetv at the "yahoo!" system...I'm posting my songs begining @ 4/day...all 123 of them, begining on 11/12/13. I'll LYK when i post the test-posts...probably on 1/12/13

  11. betje87

    Really Love this song, I just heard it even though I've been following your music for years. Lovely.

  12. SritaMartinez

    Hermosa Voz ♥

  13. ChocolatTherapy

    i don't know why i always took this song kind of for granted.. i guess i only see now how beautiful it is.. it took me about three years, way to go haha xD

  14. Laura Roberts

    wish u could sing me to sleep every night haha!

  15. malaihiboi

    Pretty lady, strong soul... :)

  16. wahlsda

    you girl, are simply gorgeous

  17. Retta Moretti

    You. Sing. Beautifully. So beautiful, I could die!!! You're gonna end up murdering innocent video watchers! ;) You are amazing. Simply amazing. I love your voice, your look, your guitar, everything about you is perfect! This is awesome!!! You are my new favorite singer! :D ♥

  18. The Broke Momma

    looooove this song!

  19. crombie92

    more like stoney. inspiration at work huh?

  20. eau19

    you are the greatest singer ever

  21. Sonya Egan

    this song has been stuck in my head for days! and that's a good thing :]

  22. George williams

    just bought this song on itunes. Its da shit!!

  23. abeautifultomorrow

    What a talent!

  24. Haley DeZonia

    i love how when you're tired you smile :)

  25. BubbleGum1021

    this is my favorite

    i love your music!!!!

  26. LifeinAutumn

    The thing I love about you most Kina is your passion for music!
    I love that you smile as you sing and play ^_^
    Your such an inspiration!

  27. Quasi1215

    That's ok. I was rather tired when I watched it lol. (Neither of which kept this from being another amazing Kina performance!)

  28. cfbeauty

    Kina, this is so great!

  29. zostar2

    someones tabbed it on ultimate guitar. i have to say it's really really fun to play!!

  30. Frank Deal

    your smile is amazinggg!!

  31. M. Schwarz

    thats fantastic, you got it all !

  32. wfangnxd117

    my fav kina song - incredible

  33. charleyrocinante

    one of my many favorites ;-) Getting your CDs in the mail soon!!

  34. shesfiction

    yay this was made on my birthday :]
    im so in love with your voice!

  35. Mzamo Kashweeka

    this is beautiful Kina...this is one of my favourites ... a tutorial please...i totally love it

  36. Kenzie Cason

    this fits me and my boyfriend perfect. I love you for this <3<3

  37. Daniela Cardillo

    i would really appreciate it if u could u put up a tutorial for this song. id really appreciate it thanks

  38. Kaishido

    Every note of her songs awakes plenty of emotions at the same time. That's really refreshing. ^^

    Thanks Kina ^^

  39. LoyalDoberman

    omg Me too! It's like perceiving something new in her songs. And at the same time, you kind of understand something more about yourself or everything around you.

  40. Nalani Wakinekona

    each song is my new fav

    keep it up do what thousands have failed to do make the world a better place by expressing unspoken thoughts

  41. aybayb3egrl

    i really love this song.
    go kina!

  42. casamicha

    Wow, you're so talented and beautiful!

  43. cheyenne halliwill

    I have this on iTunes..CAUSE I LOVE IT!!

  44. fireaaway

    This is freaking amazing!

  45. capocaro

    I really really like this original! The vocals are really good and the lyrics so touching! :) Keep it up, Kina!!

  46. ta2dwes

    Beautiful voice. Awesome song.

  47. LBOD1

    kickin it old skool
    i like

  48. JoelleT325

    Beautiful Kina! Your voice is so crisp and clear! This is why I love acoustics. Simple and pure artistry. You can't fake range like this.

  49. Juan Jo Jaramillo

    Your so beutifull and a beutifull voice...
    i love this song really good liryk and Rhyme

  50. KataraPlays

    I love this song

  51. ncanert


  52. angerock49

    Beautiful song :)

  53. dazdoze

    yes, it's her song. the title has the word "original" in it:D.

  54. dazdoze

    your facial expressions totally show that you love what you're doing! I love your music, it's great!

  55. stilldancing88

    happy anniversary I fell in love with you`re voice the first time I heard strong enough...luv this song too good luck in you`re future wish you all the best

  56. Emma Worthington

    I love this.
    I love your lyrics.
    I love you!!

  57. revolvingtoto


  58. LoyalDoberman

    Kina girl.... . . .

    You da girl. :)

  59. dsbuchalter

    Their contexts are different, but The line "nothing's changed" in your song made me think of the line "I hope my feelings never change" in my song, so I've responded with a video of my song "I Hope."

    turtles and flies, ;)


  60. Shellysk7

    my favorite song :D
    it's awesome!
    great voice.. wonderful lyrics.

  61. rockkelle

    i think it's amazing how you come up with all of this yourself. the words, the melodies, and the guitar.

  62. rockkelle

    ha me too

  63. paulcorgan

    This is really good, your voice, the lyrics and everything is great!

  64. Poncherello

    Ok so some people have asked for a tab for this and i put one together, the problem is Ultimate-Guitar says it'll take a couple days for it to load ... so if you wanna check it out NOW just send me a message and i'll send it to ya.

  65. Adam Lankford

    when you smile and look up you look really cute. just thought you should know that

  66. Rabonour

    I like the guitar on this a lot. I wish I could see you left hand to get a better idea of what you're playing.

  67. DanielWells11

    Still sound good without the reverb :p

  68. mammel19

    can't take my eyes and my ears off you

  69. Poncherello

    actually i figured it out... thx to the person who put some tabs up in the video response... if anyone wants a tab thats pretty close (definetly not exact) i'll whip one up just message me ... love this song so much .... thx for putting this one up kina

  70. Poncherello

    damn kina i loved "Strong Enough" but now i'm so into this one... don't know which one i like more. If you ever post a Vlog on how to play this you'll definetly have my full attention. So far i figured out the intro and part of the verses ... any help would be appreciated =)

  71. Courtney Shea

    wow... Your reallly goood!!
    keep on doing the awesomee work ur doingg(=

  72. xPizzicato

    this song reminds me a little bit of shakira on her early singing years (:

    also, with a little bit of Soraya and maybe Michelle Branch

    keep goin' like that

  73. Eric LeFavre

    This is by far my favorite song after MFYH. This will be her second single.

  74. tmm92

    u make me wanna hug a bear and invite him to eat smores!!!!

  75. Darrian Amaker

    oh my god. i LOVE nickel creek

  76. whuataaaaah


    Kina, you really got me has been an all Kina Grannis week for me, and cannot stop listening to your voice...

    You are totally blesses in many ways...and even as a musician ( drummer) I am jealouse of people like you , who can express themselves in Lyrics, Melodie etc... I can only hit a beat and paint with sounds, but I will always need someone elses melodie to play too...

    I wish..

  77. Kirsten Casado

    my god, you are beautiful!

  78. ghanjahman

    i like the way U play with Ur voice...very nice 2 listen to^__^

  79. Kina Grannis

    hahaha. well thank you so much.

  80. AfircanVoodoo

    I like your nose. Yeah, I know it's irrelevant, but I like it anyways.

  81. GSpotter63

    Stupendous. . . as if you could do any less.

    If you think this sounds good you should get her CD's. The sound quality of the CD's are so much better than YouTube.

    Time to play them again.

  82. rmannin0217

    I love your covers, but I love this original song even better. I will be visiting iTunes later to buy it. I should be hearing this on the radio

  83. mchow825

    kina dont listen to them.
    obviously they dont know how far you've gotten, your AMAZING.
    this one is my favorite.

  84. Jane Willow

    very damn nice

  85. yamaguch3e

    your rolls are perfect.

  86. Daniel Franco

    sooo special song :)

  87. Jessica Kao

    I think that this is an original song by Kina

  88. Brianna Knotts

    This song is definitely my life right now.

  89. Acimmica

    you are so amazing. i absolutely love all your songs and your voice.

  90. Kina Grannis

    aww. thank you so much!!


  91. Laura C

    this is one of my favs song of you...i will certain buy your cds...all of them cause all your songs are great...beautiful...amazing...outstanding...
    my fav singer on utube...keep singing and posting...

  92. dubox37

    i don't comment much, that is an amazing song. i love that there's no true structure or formula. brilliant.

  93. dolamic

    just back again and listening. and letting your music speak to my heart. thanx again.

  94. dolamic

    just one last comment. i just want you to understand that this one song kept me from ending my life. i listen to it and i understand that if there is something this beautiful in the world, then i am stupid to ever consider leaving this world. you have done what every musician dreams of. your song saved a life.

  95. dolamic

    youtube tells me i talk too much and i'm not allowed to keep on telling you how your song has kept me alive in this world and changed my life, so i will just watch and sing along some more.

  96. dolamic

    i had a lot more typed here, but i lost it, cause youtube only allows about 500 words per post and i have a million words to describe what this song means to me. so, whatever was lost in translation, just know that it was felt.

  97. dolamic

    this song and your image on the screen have changed my life in ways and i will never forget this one perfect moment of your beautiful expression of your inner feelings. you writing and singing and sharing this song has literally saved my life and my heart and my love and hope. just know, that you are a huge part of keeping someone alive that you have and will never meet. just from one simple song. im so glad your music is here for me.

  98. dolamic

    you and this song are so important to me, and i am just a random person in the world. if you ever needed anything to validate your music, this is it. it almost hurts, because i am a musician too, but i have never dreamed of creating something so beautiful and important.