Grannis, Kina - Chasing You Lyrics

You never knew
When to start
So many chances
You could've
Stole my heart

Never knew when to stop
You could've dropped it
You could've lost it all

But the truth is
I probably would've called
If you didn't
Cause I been chasing you
All along

I've been chasing you
Pretending I was on top
I've been after you
Trying not to be dropped
No you never knew
Cause I always made it
Flip flopped
I've been chasing you
I've been chasing you

You always came back around
It got so twisted
You beggin me on the ground

Like I could throw you away
When I'm just hoping
Praying that you will stay

Cause the truth is
Well I probably
Would've called
If you didn't cause
I been chasing you
All along

I've been chasing you
Pretending I was on top
I've been after you
Trying not to be dropped
No you never knew
Cause I always made it
Flip flopped
I've been chasing you
I've been chasing you
I'm sorry for my game
My silly child play
But I felt
I needed the upperhand
To set this straight
Cause you're so sweet
One of a kind
And all I want
Is you to be mine

I've been chasing you
Pretending I was on top
I've been after you
Trying not to be dropped
No you never knew
Cause I always made it
Flip flopped
I've been chasing you
I've been chasing you

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Grannis, Kina Chasing You Comments
  1. Kimberly Sam

    This was once the favorite song of a 14 year old girl ......can't believe its been 8 years since its been uploaded here :) I forgot how much I loved it

  2. Justinvev o


  3. John Holsopple

    After all the years of being your friend and watching...... This one still gives me chills. Thanks Kina

  4. Ashley Yepiz

    would you mind making a guitar tutorial ? (:

  5. Marcus Ward

    if you love it, it will never leave you.

  6. Marcus Ward

    don't give up on your self there's no easy way out.

  7. Vincentsplaylist

    Hi there, You worked hard on making a song that's what you can hear! I try to do the same. Could you listen to my music so I can share my music with you too?

    thanks for you time anyways,


  8. David Adam

    Great song
    Check out a boy I know : Vincentsplaylist chasing you

  9. MessageWarning

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God - All the Glory to JESUS CHRIST. May God save you !

  10. Shana Schellens

    Kina, this song is just xdcythudfngmohp. I Love It. Loviieeeees xoxo

  11. KnockSocks

    Ur great!

  12. thekingoflalaland

    can you just be in your "bubbly world" for an hour and a half? then post it on youtube. pleeeaeaaaassseee

  13. Liweleeanne

    LOL nice penmanship

  14. Ralph Anthony

    Many people don't realize in this modern day of music.. what a wondrous talent you have. Keep doing what your doing, 'cause one day.. there will come a magical producer who will prove to the world that YOU. ARE. REAL. MUSIC. love :)

  15. Sadie Pinkey

    9 people must have stopped chasing you but I can't figure out why?

  16. HannahTisa Herbert

    wow this is amazin, i luv findin artists like yu, yu hav a ton of passion an joy in ur music, soo talented, great voice, i hope yu kno tha Lord has blessed yu greatly =]

  17. Irene Veronica

    I was listening to Steve Marriner and landed on you - nice surprise! I hope to see you in Montreal soon! ;-)


    Thanks for sharing

  19. InsaneCherry

    @jettoy1 I had the same feeling .. BTW I loved the Bubbly World Kina :) how about doing a relaxing song named "Bubbly World" ?? haha...
    not that you'll ever read this, but you're great,and your european fans can't wait for you to come and honour us with your presence and great music :) <3 <3

  20. Orlando

    @sherrylynn70 i like this "Jeremiah 29:11" very good, stay bless :)

  21. Orlando

    :) very Refreshing, i thought i was back in NY for a bet:) Thanks!! Hope your doing well in what ever you do in life

  22. Retta Moretti

    Love it!!! :D ♥

  23. M. Schwarz

    i woould like you to sing - let the sunshine in - can make it happen ?

  24. Azatt1987

    This video is most popular with: Male 45-54)))

  25. John Robson

    Great song! This is one of the few songs where you stand up and sing, you should do this more often!

  26. Octavia Hampton-Thomas

    beautiful voice! so free!!

  27. John Robson

    This is the first video I have seen of you standing up while singing! You need to do more of this, your performance just comes alive and WOW!!!

  28. Ida Joes Lind-Jensen

    Jesus Kina.. I could die for your voice :)
    I seriously love your music, and this song is fantastic!
    God bless you :-*

  29. Ryan Stelt

    @charneleh agree

  30. Davidwhat

    when the music starts, the guitar reminds me of Nirvana. Awesome as usual. ;-)

  31. Kövesi Gábor

    haha she is so cute! showing her words before the video starts, so sweet:)

  32. charneleh

    you have an awesome voice!!!!!

  33. pnutworld

    that was beautiful ..............

  34. blessedtag

    What a great voice and original song.

  35. JasonIsSinging

    The tune in the beginning was a hammed up version of Colbi Callait's Bubbly

    :] This most definitely rocked my socks.


    Consider yourself subscribed.

  36. adamlpatton1

    thank you!

  37. Jewel Ella

    watching all your old vids :) puts a smile on my frowning face.

  38. Hannah

    i´m amazed ur so talented!!!!

  39. Olivia McFarlane

    OMg i have no words to describe this song! it jst liek wow! please please please put this on your album if you have one i just found you on youtube and im inlove with your song! there amazeing!
    I mean like wow! "speakless" about thoughs lyrics just describes like wow
    i could listen to that over and over and over again! forever !

  40. Haley DeZonia

    i love your "bubbly world!"
    hehe :)

  41. Daphne9222

    Yaaay that was great! :D

  42. Ryoko

    sooo cute!! lol. thats just like her to come up with something like that....:p

  43. Heather blahblah

    Do you have a clearer mp3 version?
    If not could you upload one?

  44. oOSilverXx

    woooow this song is soo great
    your voice is sooo beautiful :)♥

  45. Cindy Luu

    love your lyrics...i can totally relate to them right now...(=

  46. Carly Bontrager

    hahah i loved the beginning.
    "that was not chasing you, that was me being in my little bubbly world."

  47. grant538

    Hey this little chord progression/riff that occurs in the beginning and throughout the song is stolen (maybe a harsh word, but a little true) from Dispatch, in the song "The General"

  48. Nalani Wakinekona

    once again utterly amazing

  49. ChelseaLh14

    Yeah, I sing and play guitar and my little world isnt near as great as yours! :P

    God Bless You!!!

  50. Joelle F

    omg one of the best best best songs from you, please make it able to download this!!! this is just too good =)

  51. ulanis

    WOW i ♥ it!!!!!you rock kina

  52. PaulYnhce

    You have good voice, he(she) sings super beautifully ... regards of Bertin Gomez's condesa.

  53. Mel Peters

    prettyyy. fits me perfectly.

  54. eLiLLy815

    I love the song of you being in your bubble world :) could you make a longer vid of that? that would be so awesome :)
    this song is beautiful! :)

  55. tleon1

    you wow you r

  56. Daniel McCarthy

    I wish you were in the UK, your amazing and so beautiful.

  57. eschelar

    Where could we find the full version of that 'you being in your bubble world'?

    It was fantastic.

  58. Mathura Thevarajah

    omg, the lyrics are sooo good like defines so many relationships... just amazing, I love this song and you performed it so perfectly.

  59. (this dance is mine.)

    i thought the beginning *was* the song. i like it, it's really pretty . . . if you made it longer and put it by itself, it'd be awesome. i'd listen to that!

  60. sherrylynn70 aka Sentimental Journey Productions

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful God given talent..this is all new to me and I'm glad I happen to find you..I'll be listening for you...follow your dreams For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for peace, not evil, plans for hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11 Peace!

  61. lilpotato20

    Again, I feel that way too a lot.

  62. lok1292

    I love that you left in the beginning where you were just jammin' and having a good time. Really, it shows what a great artist and musician you are. I heart this song so much!

  63. Zach Bagan

    This song is literally pure genius. The lyrics mesh together in the chorus perfectly. Like, I don't even think there is a song out there that can top the mastermind-ness behind these lyrics. But, you have lots of other songs that are also amazing as well (Down and Gone!!!! awesome!), so that would be hard to tell.

  64. naominavarroharp

    YOU ARE AMAZZINGGG!!!i love this song.

  65. Antony Del

    Keep chasing for your dream young lady, I hope many good things for you and your wonderful talents. As MedeaStarr said You sing with Souol and class.

  66. sjwulf

    i really like this one kina

  67. MedeaStarr

    You are truely amazing... inspiring even. I just bought your cds and I think my favorite thing about all of this is you hugging the dinosaur after I payed. Thank you for showing me that there are still people who can sing with soul and class out there. I hope you do amazing.

  68. Broccoli

    Man, I always find the best talent on youtube by chance. You, milady, are *extremely* talented. I love your voice, I love your style, and most of all your quirky personality. You're so silly and sweet. :) Definitely someone I'd wish all the success in the world on. Congrats on Interscope!

  69. Beata

    I want your concert in my country !!

  70. ILoveMinnimoo

    omg i love your voice and you are sooo beautiful!! Keep the great music coming! xx

  71. Victoria E.

    i love your music kina you make me move!!!

  72. Jenna Rae

    firstly, your really pretty and you have a great voice! secondly, the thing when you were in your "own bubbly world" lol that should be part of a new song!! it was cool!

  73. pmgsound

    OH! also thanx for inspiring me to load my music! this is a great way to let people know about all those beautiful melodies stored in the heart!

    God bless you :)

  74. pmgsound

    Can I marry you?, lol!!

    Oh, and loved the intro with the piece of paper ;P

  75. 0oooooo0

    one of my favourites.
    goshhhhhhhh u are too good. and b e a utiful<3
    keep it up!

  76. OMGage

    you are just too good

  77. 101stRakkasan

    You are Amazing!! I am your NEW BIGGEST FAN!

  78. porkules389

    you should get this up on the itunes. i'd buy it/have tried to buy it/would like to have this on my 'pod.

  79. indagdnm

    Go to her website she has lots of albums to buy.

  80. Tobin Francis III

    I don't know how many of these she wrote since she got her YouTube account. It's my impression that most if not all of these songs were already written at that time.

  81. IAGuy06

    Sounded really good. :)

    I'm sick too. :P

  82. zboston3

    Ok, hope you get well.
    I was a little dubious when I saw your LA videos and all those other people were wearing parkas and heavy clothes. How artists suffer for their art.

  83. Spintown7

    Great work, take care of yourself though.

  84. Thomas Vatne

    hope you feel better soon. T

  85. plasticarmygirl

    I've been listening to your posts so much...I think u got my cold.
    Love Love Love your work!

  86. originalvintage

    hmm i like your voice and awesome guitar playin! thats awesome. I love this song too lol the lyrics are amazing - well neways hope you get well :) - MJ

  87. burner289

    Im starting to get sick sucks. Hope you get well soon Kina!

  88. SheenaMelwani

    Get well soon Kina!


  89. happybiker365

    Take a rest and calm down a bit & recover well - brilliant song you've tubed! :-)

  90. Ronny Olufsen

    relax and get well soon :)

  91. musicnvrdies

    hope you get better soon!

  92. artluvr24

    haha... i waited all the way until 5:32 to see if there was be any special surprise for those who waited... guess not!

    ah, anyways, I love it when you sing this song live. I hope you get better soon Kina! My world is upside without your beautiful music! Just ask any of my friends, they know. haha.

  93. jokerwe

    you're such a rock star!

  94. jojo4rmdabronx

    edgy.... i like

    hope you feel better

  95. Lauren Tokunaga

    aww i like this song. and the lyrics.
    good luck to you, i know you'll do well.
    get well soon! :)