Grannis, Kina - Beyond The Sea Lyrics

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waitin' for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailin'

Somewhere beyond the sea
She's there watchin' for me
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms, I'd go sailin'

It's far beyond a star
It's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailin'

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Grannis, Kina Beyond The Sea Comments
  1. teacakiez

    Everyone came from the Cayman commercial too?

  2. Andrew Young

    Woulda BET big it was NORAH

  3. adrian collette

    Been a fan for a long while. You so good. Ty.


    You're an "old soul" aren't you????

  5. David A

    Tricky song. Modulation-wise

  6. Rick Meadows

    Beautiful voice from a beautiful lady!

  7. VesuviusRecordsInternational


  8. Tony Lam

    What a beautiful elegant voice.
    So smooth and soothing -
    Glad I found you!

  9. Ayush Singha

    *Happy New Year* *"2020"*

  10. volcon300

    Miss u dawg that's what's up

  11. chill

    when ads are useful

  12. Kp Moosie


  13. Josiah Johnson

    Did some research to find this... Great version of this song!!

  14. Victor Ramirez

    Frank Sinatra

  15. Sofia Sanez

    I heard his in a Cayman Islands commercial

    Chase Tamanaha

    Sofia Sanez honestly same

  16. S.O.S

    Found this song during a commercial and was mesmerized, after 1 hour of searching I found it.

    lemon pie

    It took a sec for me to find it

  17. Celia Hickisch

    I had to Google you! When the ad comes up for some insurance. I wanted to hear the whole song! You have a very beautiful voice. ❤

  18. Randolluh

    So beautiful

  19. Genny Cardona

    I heard this on cayman islands ad. And i liked the song so..

    Kane Donaldson

    Honestly same


    笑 same,it reminds me of the song call over the rainbow

    Daizie Maningding

    Same HAHAHA

  20. JJ R. Bones

    10/10 would use this song in my final moments, it's so just..God it's hard to explain

  21. Chris Cleveland

    If I could get de-mesmerized enough away from your beauty....perhaps I could hear the song! :-) ....the song is already beautiful....your voice makes it magnificent. Thank you.

  22. Fyrefly

    Ahh, bioshock, good memories

  23. Serge L.

    Fantastic version, i love it! Thank you kina

  24. Kennedy Phillips

    Somewhere beyond the sea
    Somewhere waiting for me
    My lover stands on golden sands
    And watches the ships that go sailing

    Somewhere beyond the sea
    She's there watching for me
    If I could fly like birds on high
    Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing

    It's far beyond a star
    It's near beyond the moon
    I know beyond a doubt
    My heart will lead me there soon

    We'll meet beyond the shore
    We'll kiss just like before
    Happy we'll be beyond the sea
    And never again I'll go sailing

    I know beyond a doubt
    My heart will lead me there soon
    And we'll meet, I know we'll meet beyond the shore
    We'll kiss just as before

    Happy we'll be beyond the sea
    And never again I'll go…

  25. Robb Clark

    Marry me and we can make rap music together

  26. Robb Clark

    I’m going to sample this, your voice is amazing..

  27. rosei brooth

    Oh my god my heart your voice

  28. Jacob Johnson TV Tokyo VeggieTales 1992 - 2017

    Speed 1×25

  29. silverpooloflight

    ur voice keeps fighting my 17 years of depression , how can one say thank you to something like that ?

  30. Shiwoon WeirdFace

    Just recently heard this on a commercial, I thought of this and it sound exactly alike 🤔

  31. Kryz

    You have an old time, black and white movie singing voice. Absolutely beautiful and not many to find these days. <3 Love it!!

  32. Tere Giudice

    Can I get the chords?

  33. Starson Jason

    Anyone else tearing up as soon as you hear her voice!?😍😍😭😭

  34. Ralf Mulde

    bravo! You can imagine Trenet's branding sea with that.

  35. 恭藤友序


  36. sᏢᎥffᎽ bᎾᎥ

    I just want to thank you for not changing the pronouns in the song. I've been badly wanting a cover of this for a long time(and because gay vibes). Keep up the good work! <3

  37. Marc Symons

    If my girlfriend sounded like this. I'd ask her to sing me to sleep every night haha xx

  38. Candice Candice

    Not a fan. Sorry.

  39. TH-Fest2k

    Siema kto z Polszy

  40. MoostacheProductions

    Totally imagine this as a cover by Joy Hayden in The Sinking City after her punishment ends and she can sing again, remembering the private investigator who helped her in a desperate time. 🕵🏻‍♂️ 👩🏼‍💼🎼⚓️🌊

  41. Crystal Schultz

    I needed this so much! I didn’t really like this song before because it was so repetitive, but this version/cover made me like it so much more! And I have a solo for this song in the jazz festival, so this will really help. Thanks!

  42. Luis Valadez

    or by God you sing wonderful 😍😍

  43. Jubilee Mataga

    Where can I buy the album of this?? Pls reply thankyou

  44. Patricia

    I just wanted to cry the whole video, loooove you!!

  45. MsB Cheet

    The Cayman Islands commercial brought me here.

  46. Jacky Banuelos

    This is really amazing, truly beautiful. *Sigh* the feels. This is some good shit truly

  47. joshua bernard

    your amzing im love your voice its awsome

  48. RavenMadd9

    Thank you awesome version

  49. GachaJupiter

    This reminds me of arizona tea?

  50. neosandy

    33 people liked this so much they turned their phones upside down and hit the thumbs up again


    Hahaha yeah I hope so

  51. Jaïmïn Patel

    WoW ❤️

  52. Andika Ahmat

    Finally I meet you the son with cover @kina grannis. So good hearing

  53. TheEliteGoldfish - Road to 1000 subs

    Giving me mad battlefield 1 feels

  54. Rivet Gardener

    Love your version, however Bobby Darrin nailed it forever!

  55. Nella M

    my favorite absolutely the best and the most beautiful version of this song❤️

  56. Julie Mills

    That was the perfect song for me today. Oh my, thank you🏜🌴🌸🏵🌴

  57. Tony Yee

    Angel, you deserve to be loved for a thousand years..and more..

  58. advantager355

    You will always be my Doritos girl!

  59. Guntara Hari

    Aku jatuh cinta 😍💖💖💖

  60. Enosi Yomilewau

    Love this vibe. Soothing like the sound of the sea

  61. Titurel


  62. Vanessa Rottner

    This is the most beautiful rendition with such purity and passion. When will this be available on ITunes for purchase?

  63. ObscureChan

    completely in love

  64. Austen Rodriguez

    This is such an amazing rendition! Anyone know the chords? It would be greatly appreciated!

  65. Noah

    This is the song anybody who finishes Bioshock's good ending should hear afterwards.

  66. Mason Fogarty

    heard this on the cayman islands ad and now I'm stuck listening to it, the other versions don't cut it


    @Denise Rhodes They weren't talking about who sung it first? Actually said they heard it on an ad and likes how she sings it the best, but if we're talking about who sung it first, it was Ronald Gerbeau, 1945.

    Michael McClung

    @Emeraldcrystal7E Thank you! That was the original (in French, called "La Mer"), Bobby Darin's cover (1959) may have been the first broadly successful English version, but Harry James and His Orchestra did it before that in 1949.

    The version in the Cayman Island ads was sung specifically for them by Sarah McTaggart, a Cayman local:

    Sarah's was good, but isn't available anywhere I can find, plus... I like Kina's version even better! Very glad I found this!!




    This is not the singer from the commercial, though it sounds very close. The actual singer is Sarah McTaggart...

  67. Proxxy

    just fuck me up

  68. James West

    Beyond the Sea was written by Jack Lawrence in 1945. The original melody for this song is from La Mer by French composer Charles Trenet. Beyond the Sea was made popular by Bobby Darin in 1959. It was sung by Kathryn Williams for the British TV series the Cafe. Your performance is among the best.

  69. Galaxy Moon

    Wish this is longer

  70. Bao Quyen Nguyen

    I can't stop listening to this version ^^. Your voice and the way your feel the song is beautifully addictive.
    Please share the chords as well Kina dear xoxo!!!

    Mike Andr

    Bao Quyen Nguyen yes i want the chords too. Please

  71. Higzy Teflon

    How incredibly adorable!

  72. Umbles

    Great cover!

  73. Meaghan Rupert

    Thank you for sharing your gifts 💖

  74. Sam Bennett


  75. Brian Danker

    A voice so pure...a face sculptured by the gods....perfect voice modulation

  76. Lovely Rita MeterMaid

    Hello Kina! I just saw an American Airlines commercial promoting travel to the Cayman Islands. Is that your voice singing Beyond the Sea? I found this video and must know! Your voice has a slight Rumer Willis sound to it, which I love!

  77. Paul Guile

    Lovely vocals!

  78. nic cornett

    of all the covers I have listened to, this one broke me. You are an amazing artist. Please never stop recording.

  79. Fit 3

    Somewhere over the rainbow please 😊

  80. Eric Hofmann

    I love your hair in this!

  81. Bachiggs


  82. clara frederica


  83. wan luqman

    awww lovely you !

  84. Frida Krafft

    Isn’t this La Mer?🌊

  85. Chris Madsen

    Great tune, good performance as well!

  86. 黃琮


  87. Mia Worsham

    She has such a clear, beautiful voice! You are so talented and beautiful! Thank u for being an inspiration!

  88. Christian Thiel

    i love it :-)

  89. Ayas Dewi

    best covers ever i cried😭😭😭

  90. thermann9

    Wow! The news has been so disturbing, you're voice is so soothing. Like a 5 minute vacation. Thank you.

  91. Corinne Murray

    I wanna know da chords man :(

  92. Charlotte Skiftun

    Such lovely smooth n enjoyable

  93. I literally gotta pee so bad

    Came here from Travel Channel

  94. 97 music lover97 Hippy stoner

    I can hit those high notes and higher whooohooo

  95. Trina Ng

    add another day in London for your Europe tour please kina!!!! )):

  96. Antonio Arellano

    You are awesome young lady!

  97. Kina Grannis

    Join the KG Records Fam!

    Kina Grannis

    hey ohio is so cool!


    Kina Grannis Hey Kina! My sister and I been a huge fan of your music ever since 2010? Man i cant believe its been that long? I live in vancouver and I saw you live years ago in 2012 and I've already bought tickets to see you live again! This message is a plea since my little sister is only 16 she won't be able to enter the venue. I know this is a stretch but is there any way she can come see you? I know your music speaks to her soul like it does mine. Lots of Love and I look forward to seeing you live again soon

    Fred G

    I would love to hear you sing with Harry Connie Jr.

    Ton Ka

    This is it

    john ha

    I joined your kg fam record 3 days ago!!! :) its soo awesome that I get to support your music! keep making great music kina!