Granger Smith - Tractor Lyrics

Before the sun came up
He sipped that coffee black
Slid on his muddy boots
Pulled down his feed store cap
He taught me how to grease the points
On that Massey 2-4-0
But I was way too busy
Didn't really care to go
So he worked the fields alone
But what I didn't know

Up on that tractor
Things might be faster in the world
But big wheels rollin' slow
Help you see what's important
What really does matter
Up on that tractor

Just like the dirt is black
So do the years fly by
He stayed at home with mom
I travelled far and wide
And like a good man does
He listened when I called
I told him bout my crazy life
And all the things I saw
But when it was time to go
He wanted me to know


It tore my world apart
When God took him away
I didn't get to say goodbye
And I miss him everyday
When all the fields grew up
This is right back where I cam


Up on that tractor
Up on Dad's tractor

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Granger Smith Tractor Comments
  1. badass biscuit

    The first time I worked with my friend raymond he turned 80 that year n he taught me how to run his old tractor and splitter an old american wood splitter the first time he told me to take the old 84 mf out to the woods I was surprised because that was the first tractor I've ever drove and that's 1 main thin I'll always remember him about n hes still going with them old tractors

  2. Dylan Portner

    Do u and earl dribbles jr share the same channel

  3. Chase Lenz

    for me its grand dads tractor 3:00

  4. Cindy Hooker

    Granger Smith loss his son River. He died of drowning.

  5. Seth Brethauer

    I am so thankful that my dad and grandfather kept their tractors. I enjoy rebuilding them with my dad now. My grandfather is now looking down on us with a big smile on his face as he watches us plow, plant, and harvest the fields.

    Thank you for a wonderful song Granger, makes me think of my grandfather.


    This song reminds me of my grandpa he taught me how to drive his old masy 240 also and he just passed away last month I was just on the masy listening to this song and started getting emotional about it thinking about everything he taught me about life

  7. Marie Westendorff

    Listen to this song Almost made me cry I know I'm not farmer but it really hurt my feelings a little bit

  8. Northern Redneck

    One of my favorite songs by Granger Smith 👍🦌🚜🚜🚜

    Bobbie Phelps

    100 likes is that true.

  9. TJ MARI

    im sory for your loss

  10. Revrse Froz3n

    Sorry about your son


    RIP River 2016-2019

  12. Brandon Hebert

    Now you lost your son. God bless you man. Stay strong. I can only imagine what country song you'll write from your sons death.

  13. Paul C

    God bless you Granger Smith , so sorry about your loss

  14. tractorboy31

    I miss my dad too. He died when when i was 22. I dont have a family of my own but my brother does that he never seen. I have grown up alot myself but it helped make me grow up. Life makes us who we are today. Take away something so tragic or otherwise who will we be? But it has to really hurt to lose your child who has yet to really live life. RIP Riv. Now you can watch out for your dad. My prayers smith family

  15. Daniel Howie, Sr.

    River is with Dad now. God bless you, your wife, and your whole family. Prayers....

    THE THREE Amigos

    Daniel Howie, Sr. Damn bro that’s deep but true

  16. jason taylor


  17. Matteo Malacarne

    😭Big Granger


    Love your music


    I remember my dad teaching me how to drive an old ford tractor

  20. kinze Campbell

    Coming from the smiths channel!

  21. Farmaholic

    Granger, this is an amazing song. Definitely touches your heart and is a tear jerker. Hadn't really heard it before but it is great. I think a lot of people don't take the time to see their parents and lose that special time they'll never get back.

  22. Noland Robbins

    i gust lost my mom

  23. Brendan j Morris

    I lost my dad 5 year ago in Australia we we're always carting wood out of the bush and on tractors know its just me up on that tractor and worse thing was I didn't get to say goodbye

  24. Colten Ray

    I mean he is one of the best like how is granger smith not big yet cause they dont even play him on the radio which makes me mad like no other.

  25. zach frankland

    Great song it gave me memories of me and my grandfather working on the farm he taught me a lot

  26. Noah_ gladish05

    i know that this was posted a long time ago and im only 13, but this song brought tears to my eyes because even though it isnt my song and i didnt write or sing it or make the music video ut this song is very important to me and my grandpa

  27. 72giddy

    Thank You for this wonderful song.. Miss My Grandpa.. <3

  28. lucus graham


  29. Detroitdiesel 6.5l

    I hope your dad is in a better place and love you and him

  30. Devon H

    I haven't listened to country music since the 90's but Granger, Chris Janson and Margo Price give me hope for the future of country music

  31. Michael Mcginnis

    I recently lost my grandpa this song takes me back im in wv with my little family and the rest of them is in s.c. long story short i came home from the army with no good in my head and that old john dear and him made me think straight in the feilds .i never got to thank him or say good bye but i think he knows how i feel thanks for that song. Sorry for the rambling i just got home from an all nighter at work and im dozing but had to put my 2 cents in. God bless brother keep it up.

  32. Itsjacob Chase

    1st time I herd this was raking 1st cutting on the ol mans 4020jd. thought for hours upon the bond between me, him and the farm thats brought us the struggle and strengths. good song to think on while doing circles

  33. goodoldboy 79

    I love this song it reminds me of my grandpa he was a dairy farmer when i was a kid he showed me everything and i loved driveing his case 990 ill always remember my grandpa and cry when i play this song because i miss him every day god toke him away in 2004 he was 91

  34. Jonathan Clark

    You should come to the Astoria Oregon fair for 2020

  35. John Paulk

    Who cut these dang onions

  36. Boyd Bauer

    You are my favorite music artist so sorry for your grandpa

  37. Boyd Bauer

    I love this song

  38. InnovativeTactical1

    Beautiful tribute to Dad Granger. A real man who taught you so much. The complete circle in your video is touching and I'm sure it was pretty hard jumping up on that tractor the first time. But bet Dad wanted you to ride it as much as you can. It ain't never easy, but Dad and the Good Lord up above know and know how much you appreciated him. So many great memories. God Bless you and yours Granger. Yee Yee!

  39. Wyatt awesome Kill


  40. Robert Richardson

    Great Music. DemolitionRanch brought me here. #YeeYee #demolitia #reddirtmusic #texascountrymusic

  41. Derek Dieckman

    We buried my Grandpa 12/22/18. I had just found out about his death and this song was on my Facebook. Needless to say this described my Grandpa and me and my uncle Rodger had tears rolling. This was the perfect song.

    Derek Dieckman

    @Brandon Bond enjoy life with these old timers. Hope you have the same bond with your grandpa as I did with mine. He was a 2nd dad to me.

  42. Katie Stokes

    Reminds me off my pawpaw

  43. Leah Rochholz

    This is such a good song! This made me cry.

  44. The Trucking Farmer

    This song makes me cry cause my dad passed away 6 years and i never got to say goodbye and that one part of this songs makes me upset

  45. PaPa Drag

    How did he pass I’ve been curious cause the lyrics says it tore my whole world apart when god took him away AND I NEVER GOT TO SAY GOODBYE

  46. Bill Davis

    This brings memories of me and my dad on the ranch

  47. Northern Outdoors

    My grandpa has a Massey 265. Shes worn out but its got family history in the thing

  48. NorCal Outkast

    Sorry for your loss good sir

  49. NorCal Outkast

    And I feel your pain granger smith I know how it feels to lose someone close to you and taught you everything you know

  50. NorCal Outkast

    And the song is 99% accurate and he did pass away and was found in a tractor

  51. NorCal Outkast

    Thank you granger smith this is an amazing song and my grandpa was like your dad and this is almost how it went every day and he passed away on may 21st 2018 and we played this song at his service and the last time I talked to him was 2 weeks before that and he was yelling at me and this song makes me cry but it is an amazing song and I think of as a tribute to anything like what happened

  52. Luke Diehl

    This year on father's day, I put my oldest son on the seat of my dad's tractor and let him drive for the first time. Not working, just teaching him how to drive. I hope that one day, his kids will make hay with that same Massey Ferguson 1100

  53. RCF gamer

    What a stupid song search up NF he is so good.

  54. nicholas lent

    Love this song explains why i love tractors so much you get a feeling of freedom when you are up there

  55. Seth Burgess

    I feel that way when ever I am farming and I have people that make fun of me at school, only if they could only drive my tractor and hear this great song.

  56. Owen Johnson

    reminds me of my dad. drank his coffee black whor muddy boots and a johndeere hat tought me everything i know

  57. Ehsan Hussain

    love u from libya man

  58. Sam Stewart

    this video should get 1 million likes because this is true country music

  59. will douglas

    I love my Cub trakter it might be old but I still like it

  60. Gauge Brady

    So Massey-Ferguson International Harvester and John Deere had songs made for them come on why not Allis Chalmers

  61. Lindsey Thompson

    Like my paw paw😢😢😢

  62. Lindsey Thompson

    So sad

  63. Redneck Pride

    This reminds me of my grandpa massy fegerson that he uses for tobacco

  64. Troy Tempus

    Great video and sorry for the loss

  65. Outdoorsman F-150

    What a powerful song! Thank you for sharing Granger Smith!

  66. Kasey K

    Thanks for writing this song. It reminds me of my Grandpa, who passed away February 27, 2017. I miss him so much. He drove his tractor everyday and farming was his whole life. So thankful for the heritage he left us with; so I can pass those memories to my kids on our own farm. There is nothing that compares to life on a farm 💗

    Marshall Hassler

    DK Family sorry

  67. George.V

    See I think songs like this show hard a farmer works (being a farmer my self) it's nice to see when people realise how important farmers r to the world and if all the farmers stopped the world would end as simple as that

  68. mary Sawyer

    Good song very good

  69. Nympho 1

    Spend more time with your son

  70. REBEL NATION 1986

    When I was a year old my grandpa took me for a ride in his tractor. Two weeks later he passed. This song means the world to me. Good job Granger Smith.

  71. Nicholas Wilburn

    Coming from a sixth generation famer who is 24 and this pulls at the heart strings. I am proud to say that we still have and operate 3 of the tractors that my great grandfather bought new and they have not left the farm or the family and never will.

  72. Steven Willett

    I live in Ontario Canada and the rest of my family lives in New Brunswick Canada and I remember the night my dad got a phone call from my grandmother saying that my grandfather was slowly passing away and since then every time I hear this song I think about him....

  73. Leah L

    Grancr sith Lord

  74. François Pigeon

    What a touching song Mr. Smith. As a proud canadian farmer, i can say we live about the same way as you do, American friends, as much as every other farmers in the world. I grew up on a David Brown 990 and i know what youre talking about. You know, we spend so much hours on those tractors. Thank you.

    Steven Willett

    François Pigeon what province do ya live in?

    François Pigeon

    Steven Willett Québec

  75. John Miller

    My grandad has a Massey 240 an every time I get over to his place first thing I want to do is ride a dirtbike in the washes (northwestern nm) next I head for that tractor, ahh I love it. Memories

    Helen Self

    John Miller ,,😀

  76. Gavin Anglin

    amen brother im sorry for your loss

  77. RageMode357

    Love this song.Reminds me of granddaddy who died when I was 4.He had a Massey 265 which I use now more then my own car.Each time I fire it up I still envision sitting on his lap as a baby riding down the creek bottom.

  78. Menino Lindo

    How come high quality music like this can be so low in views?

  79. Lunch With Friends Corona Edition

    i love how this is his dad in the video. What a great video.

  80. # bloodyfist

    when my grandpa dies, ill for sure be takin his silverado and all his toys, keepin them safe, ill daily drive that 2001 1500hd, ill run that engine till it dies, ill keep it stock as it is right now, ill go to the spot he died, and just sit there thinkin 'bout him,

    Jordan Prier

    # bloodyfist Saddest thing will be when that Chevy breaks in a week.

    Derek Dieckman

    1980s Case 448 yard tractor. My Grandpa Dieckman passed away in December 2018. He used this tractor after he retired to help LOTS of people by mowing for them to make a little extra money. I can't remember him not having it. I am going to keep it up best I can (seems grandpa thought he was an engineer, always welding on stuff lol). It's very hard to use it and not smile now.

  81. # bloodyfist

    iv lost half my family, this song makes me emotional when i listen to it, especially the line "it tore my world apart when god took him away, didn't get to say good bye",,, i never did get the chance to even just see or talk to my lost ones,

  82. Francis U Vlogs

    i just lost my dad and he wanted me to help him in fields and i never did and i hate myself for it

  83. Wyatt Presley

    I lost my great grand father

  84. Cstrobes 21

    Great music Granger ignore all the city boys making bad comments

  85. Michelle shao

    You are best best singer :))

  86. MWGF Ghost

    this song and 5 More Minutes always get me. I'm fortunate enough to still have my father with me, but he means the world to me. And 5 more minutes gets me because I wish I had 5 more minutes to tell my grandfather how much he meant to me. Always tell your loved ones you love them and how much they mean to you because you just never know.

  87. Chad Rhode

    How can 74 people not like this song?

  88. Deereman

    Inherited an old JD 90 from my grandpa. Hince the Deereman name. Trained me right, but it is all what we grew up seeing our dads and granddads running. Keep them old tractors running!

    United States Marine Corp

    Bud there is no such thing as a model 90 John Deere with the exception of the French 90f orchard tractor and the model 90 skidsteer

  89. Gavin Husley

    My papaw left us his Massey 240 just like that one

  90. JRE8696

    Nothing clears your mind quite like firing up an an old tractor and mowing a field

  91. Kim Degroff

    I'm sorry your dad died

  92. Gary Young

    Love this song... im sorry for your loss

  93. Frost

    The 70 people who disliked this should kill them selves

    John Miller

    Agreed. However don't tell someone to kill themselves- they might do it. Trust me, I would know.

    John deere 4020

    Frost that is slightly unnecessary don't you think?

  94. Keaton Plays

    i just found this song. it made me think of my grandpa a lot. even though im there like every weekend. he is like a dad to me. its gonna be hard to see him leave. because i have done almost everything with him. and he has formed me to be the guy that i am at age 17. but keep your head up man. you can do it!

  95. William Zerkel

    Great song

  96. Tristyn Tristyn

    What a great song. This one hit me