Granger Smith - Merica Lyrics

I got my one strap snapped on my Liberty Bibs
Wad of Levi Garrett packed between my lip and my gum

Got mud kickin' off of my Red Wing boots
Sweat stained tank top in my Fruit of the Looms
Keep it tucked

We're back to back undefeated world war champs
So take a cup, raise it up for my Uncle Sam
You know we sent a man to the moon
And before we're done
Yeah we'll probably send a man to the sun

Got a 12 gauge Remington on my gun rack
Stars and stripes flying high off the back of my truck
Course it's 4x4

Buck antlers, Colonel Sanders, General Lee
Home of the brave and land of that Yee Yee
And country girls


Buck. Truck. Chuck. Norris

I pledge allegiance to the flag of Merica
I crack a cole one and tip it on back to Merica
I got a right to bare arms for my barbed wire tat Merica
I'm gonna warn ya if you try to attack Merica

That we're back to back undefeated world war champs
So take a cup, raise it up to my Uncle Sam
There's about a zillion reasons to love where I'm from
But all you really gonna need is one

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Granger Smith Merica Comments
  1. Dln

    This whole clip make me want to be american

  2. K G

    Anytime any Eurotrash starts talking junk about my country I always bring up the Moon landing. Like: "Oh I'm sorry I can't hear people from places that haven't been to the Moon."

  3. Fishing outdoors

    This so good


    This is our warning song to Iran. Prove me wrong

  5. Little Texas

    Dear, Iran.

    This one's for you baby. 🍻🖕
    #MAGA #KAG #ComeAndTakeIt #DontTreadOnMe #RHEC #Trump2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🤠

  6. Sean McGee



  7. Ford Guy

    Trump 2020

  8. that oneguy2020

    I'm a part of the LGBT-liquor, gun, bacon, and tits

  9. Timothy Peevy

    Cant wait to come see you man feb 14th


    That burn out was a Ford Granger get a Ford

  11. 1313DOS


  12. Aidan Considine

    dont scroll if american


  13. Chef Brett


  14. That Bass That Broke Your Line

    Why did that chick have to dab

  15. Caleb Heney

    Ronnie Van Zant would be proud.

  16. Abraham Pena

    Honestly fuck america cause all the racism and guns


    YEE YEE!!!

  18. Anakin Skywalker

    God bless all police officers and our military YEE YEE🇺🇸

  19. Robert Scott Wilson

    This should be our national anthem

  20. Aj MERICA

    For every like this song will loved by republicans, second amendment rights. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  21. Henry Hood

    Send a man to the sun...

    Jack Simmons

    yee yee

  22. Harry Rushton

    0:54 "undefeated"? man you literally lost a war to some vietnamese rise farmers and had to beg for surrender against canadia. oh yeah and your pride of your gun laws? explained why the were 340 mass shootings in 2018 alone. but, you be you america. i wont juge.


    Hey atleast they lose 2 only

  23. new found life

    wtf jim bob did a new video

  24. Daniel Ström

    YEE YEE From Sweden

  25. acidtooth

    we probably would send a man to the sun just to prove a point. seems legit.

  26. Martin Herz

    Is he eating a scorpion at 4:10? Badass.

  27. Global Prong

    its not america / its merica!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  28. Ryan Wolff

    Whys there a girl dabbing on a country song wtf


    Can’t even say the complete name it’s “America” sounds like your trying to say southern ppl do not speak English.this world is passing away .everything you love will ppl are separate from other colors like a colt under trump #the red have him thinkin he really is God.the repeat of the Ten Commandments .you guys made this orange cartoon your god.Love God 1st,2nd...invite strangers to your home for a meal (homeless,poor,immigrants,etc)not just your family and friends.these are the only things you need to do in life to get to heaven.ppl are to selfish hope your not one.worry about the next world(heaven)that’s where you will need strangers to testify that you were humble and helpful. Forgive so you one day will be forgiven by your creator.

    Savage Bassmaster

    INSANE HOTBOXCHEVY go die in a hole

  30. Ron Sadler

    What a lyrical genius

  31. Ace Cutie

    Undefeated? Im Vietnamese

    Yeet patato

    LOL but ur American now

    Ace Cutie

    @Yeet patato uhhh

    Ace Cutie

    @Yeet patato my american friend sand me this

  32. Jose Iturbide

    Wheres the rebel flag

  33. Leif Holmgren Vlogs

    3:47 are you sure he says reasons instead of regions



  35. Blake Rogers

    Omg 2:10

  36. Kyle Sandes

    so proud to born in this country called MERICA.

  37. Cade Taylor

    In 1776 Uncle Sam and Ladie Liberty went in ye Rocky Mountains knocked boots yelled YEEYEE and there it was Merica was born

  38. Connor Ramsey

    Merica yee yee brother

  39. Comfortably numb.

    Wow, that was dumb.

    Nitesh Kumar

    Ok boomer

    Yeet patato

    Then leave city little boy

  40. Sohan Dsouza

    1:57 Is she drinking sunscreen? 🤨

  41. Andrea Toombs

    @1:55 HUA

  42. Andrea Toombs

    This needs so many mashups, I don't even know where to start...
    YEE YEE down Old Town Road!
    YEE YEE yo, kai'ay

  43. Bracey Turner

    Happy 4th yall, this is the greatest song ever created

  44. That One

    Who love Merica!?

  45. Nitesh Kumar

    We're going back to the moon!
    *M E R I C A ! ! ! *

  46. Steven Teague

    How do you feature yourself?

  47. I'm retarded

    Wonder if there was a liberal there

    Nitesh Kumar

    Prolly the chick that dabbed

  48. Viennery

    Pandering. So much pandering.

    Nitesh Kumar

    ok boomer

  49. Bracey Turner

    Granger Smith for President

    'Merica for national anthem

  50. Jason Hippert

    This video makes america look stupid

    Bracey Turner

    This comment makes you look stupid

    Nitesh Kumar

    ok boomer

  51. The Red Russian Kinzer

    Usa that oil

  52. Carleta Lewis Allen

    I love watching this video, because it's hilariously stupid! Thank's for being the laughing stock of this country and most of the world. You are truly doing us a great service! 😂

    Elmer Morris

    You sound like a Democrat

    Nitesh Kumar

    ok boomer

    Carleta Lewis Allen

    No, I'm just not stupid. Good luck sending a man to the sun!

    Nitesh Kumar

    @Carleta Lewis Allen You are stupid for taking some music lyrics literally and fact checking them.
    Its not a documentary.

  53. 《Avien》

    if this was uploaded on 4th of july, it would get more views

  54. MolineSloth 01

    Did she just dab!?

  55. FiyoNK Kraker

    There are a lot of hillbillys here

  56. Benjamin Lineberger

    This should be played at Trump's 2020 inauguration.

  57. Northern Redneck Vlog


  58. Noah Lee

    This needs to play when trump enters at all of his rally’s and it needs some rebel flags MURICA

  59. Lane Moore

    those 437 dislikes are from people who are jelose that they dont live here

    Elmer Morris

    Also people who don't know how to party on a have fun

  60. ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    Need to send this jackass to the sun

    Nitesh Kumar

    ok boomer

  61. Irksome Tree

    Makes me patriotic of my country even through these divided times!

  62. Belldofers Matlack

    The last time I saw this it wasn’t as popular

  63. Hayden Brown

    Semper Fi

  64. Hope Eggersdorf

    Real country girls DONT WEAR BIKINIS YALL

  65. Anthony Barbuto's vids

    2:10. Aaaa she dabbed

  66. Proud Eddie

    talk about pandering to your audience.

  67. Jacob Daggett

    Don’t tread on me lyric video

  68. RedneckPride 101

    He should've spelled it Murika not merica

  69. Ryan316JAMES Abbott

    Lot of the videos in the music video where taken in Michigan, martin speedway
    #puremichigan #merica #B93birthdaybash

  70. Julie James

    YEE YEE!

  71. Julie James

    You we're holding my hand at the concert.

  72. Emily Snider

    Yes yes

  73. Unduruz

    These guys think they're heavy or something?

  74. NarrowMullen

    "White people have no culture"

    Think again sweetie

    Steven Teague

    Apparently alot more then you have a brain 😀

  75. leviathan nostaw

    People in Europe watch this and wet their pants

  76. aaron hickey

    U want some come get some merica.

  77. Cheyanne McGinn

    Ohh ily i came to B100 and saw yoh in concert you r offf

  78. hirokazu

    Only White people (I want to join them)

  79. YEE YEE

    Smh.. 412 pussies disliked the video. Merica

  80. The RIGHT supremacist

    Send a giant spaceship to the sun with Obama and every AntiFa and BLM way trip!

    Noah Lee

    Hell ya

  81. Noah Reynolds

    Oml I love this song.cant stop listening to it

  82. bo lorenz

    2:10 she fucking dabed

  83. James Cross

    The girl at 3:17 makes up for the tard at 2:09 lol

  84. Sherry Gallup

    Merica 🇺🇸

  85. Krunch Boi


  86. MackyJ

    This shit is crazy.

  87. x_littlenerds_x 1 2 and 3

    This never gets old😄me and my dad love this song always and forever

  88. John Johnson

    nuff said.

  89. mr.america oh yee

    Merica 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  90. Big Edd


  91. Big Edd

    All trump supporters

  92. Alan Csorba

    Happy 4th

  93. GAjim007

    Never thought I would hear double kicks in a country song. Nicely done.

  94. Internet BBQ Instruction

    July 4, 2018

  95. Logan Tash

    Woooooooo!!!! 4th of July 2018!!!

  96. Blue Wainscott

    🇺🇸🇺🇸GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  97. Kyle Johnson

    Oooorraaahh🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Fucking love this song #Semper Fidelis