Granger Smith - Likin' Love Songs Lyrics

She's a dashboard DJ
Seatbelt hugging a white tank
Blue eyed smile, spinning that dial
And stops it on a love thing
But when she starts moving,
Yeah she knows what she's doing

She's got me likin' love songs
Even got these old boots tapping along
So pretty sitting shotgun, singing like whoa whoa
Makes me think of her, makes me think of this
Midnight moonlight slow kiss
She's got me likin' love songs
I keep turning em up, cause it's turning her on

I hate to admit it
But I made her a playlist
It ain't my jam, but watching her damn
She knows how to work it
And when she gets in that sweet zone
She wants to go all night long


On flip on like a light
A low beam clicked on up to high
When my baby gets to shining that bright
It's on, it's on, it's on, it's on


She's got me likin' love songs

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  1. Linda Miller

    Yeeyee from West Virginia

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    This is me XD

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    Tee yee from WA

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  16. Andrew Blair

    Love the beat

  17. Tanner’s Reptile Ranch

    Yee yee from ok

  18. Mike Roth

    Yee Yee from NY

  19. WING MAN


  20. Eric Grimes

    yee yee from pa I listen to granger every day his songs never get old

  21. emahue64

    yes yes from Missouri!

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    Yee Yee from Thornton, Colorado

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    Yee yee from georgia

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    Yee Yee from Wisconsin!!

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    Yee Yee from "Badass" Texas

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    Yee yee from Michigan

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    YEE freakin YEE From TX!!

  40. Jordon Field

    YEE YEE from AK (Alaska, not Arkansas people...)! Keep it up Granger! This whole album is amazing!

    Crudezz Bruh

    Jordon Field i wish i could be there :)

  41. Logan Nichols

    Every song I've heard from this guy is absolutely amazing. Wow keep it up Granger!

  42. César Antonio Cóndor

    My new fav. song! woooow woooow! My hit-mno!

  43. César Antonio Cóndor

    Yee Yee! from Quito-Ecuador

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  49. Bob Hunt

    Yee Yee from WA

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    YEE YEE from the great white north!!

  51. Amy Jaquet

    I'm so playing this for my man. if it wasn't for him. I wouldn't even know who he is. love he's songs.

  52. Junior

    Yee Yee from VA


    +Christian Atkins I discover this guy like 5mins ago. What the fuck is YEE YEE thats everyones commenting on. Im lost. 0.o


    @Raylon hahhahha ok roger that man lol


    @DarkFeatherz granger smith says that in mostly all of his songs and he does it on stage alot


    DarkFeatherz it's his brand

  53. Dan Paronto

    Yes Yee from New England

  54. Danny Swart

    can't picture granger Smith jamming to love songs but I love it YEEYEE from Boston

    ashley Owens

    Danny Swart he sings a good many love songs himself.........

  55. trent b

    YEE YEE from PA

  56. GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle

    Me and the wife could work with this one...yee yee Georgia

  57. EastTexasOutLaws

    This song sounds a little more like Grainger and Dusty. Heck ya!!!

  58. Ashley Williams

    *Howdy from Montgomery TX*

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    yee yee from ny

  60. Downloading Please Wait

    Yee Yee from AZ!!


    Yee Yee from Tucson

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    YEE YEE from casa grande arizona

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