Grand, Steve - Disciple Lyrics

Jesus be my daddy, father my light
Waltz through my dreams, draped in white
Like a child, like a child
I ain't scared of dyin' when I'm living this sick
I'll be your loyal disciple, 'till I get my fix
Desire, desire

Come Mother Mary, bring me a song
It's been a dark February; I'm just tryin' to move on
I ain't goin' to Heaven, so I'd like to live on in a song
Song, song

I used to have dreams, now they've grown up and died
First you carried my soul out from the light
You were right, always right
I feel a darkness growin' inside
A seed you planted in me
You knew that it would thrive, thrive

Come Mother Mary, bring me a song
It's been a dark February, I'm just tryin' to move on
If there ain't no Heaven, then I'd like to live on in a song
(Song, song)

Mary bows her head, tell it once again
Now I am just a man, but me and Jesus, we weren't just friends

And now he's dead, and now he's dead, and now he's dead
I pushed that thorny crown a little deeper in his head
I gripped that rosary, tied around his lifeless neck
Jesus, my final savior in the desert
I want to die, I want to die in your arms tonight
I want the peace, I want the quiet I couldn't find in this life
Absolve me from the consciousness of every man that I touched
Even the ones wise enough to scoff my love
Rape me, rape me, 'till I'm dead
Rape me, rape me, until there's no blood left
Rape me, rape me, because that's all you'll get
I'll just die happy to never hear your words again
I'll die happy to never hear your words again
I'll die happy to never hear your words again
(Song, song)

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Grand, Steve Disciple Comments
  1. Laicy McCary

    If this happens to you in real life...first of all, how dare you...second of all, what ocean is that so I can wash up and find my HEA

  2. dheeraj kumar

    Beautiful song

  3. Louis Smith

    I’m bothered. Thanks.

  4. Shehroz Ali

    Intense ♥️

  5. Andrevan Evan

    I wanna be your video clip model

  6. Julio Colmenarez

    That is só freak..

  7. ndog2005

    wow, love this..........

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    Love you, 😘😘😘😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋.

  9. ed conger

    This video is violent sick and perverted absolutely disgusting you need some serious mental help

  10. Ayat Ahmed

    Please love me

  11. Sam Man

    very nice👌👌❤❤❤

  12. Rohid Khan

    awesome I like it

  13. Anurag Tiwari

    ये धोखा है राष्ट्रवाद नही ।

  14. Mariano Carlini Visintainer

    No need to kill anyone!

  15. Almost is never enough

    Can anybody explain me the video?

  16. Hairnail Huynh



    was really sad,

  18. Nejum Basumatary

    Why he killed his partnar.. I love the song...


    Why did he have to kill the older guy?

  20. Anik Mondal

    absolutely wonderful
    I love it

  21. Kavin Dương

    I dont undertand????

  22. GUEV

    Beautiful song


    So cool love story.i like this type love but not killing the love partner.😘😘😘

  24. Tim Mejia

    Steve thank u for being a great role model for our community. Your work is a shining light in the gay community.

  25. Aji Imran

    I don't understand your story

  26. Roger Peguero

    I luv the song but I DNT get it is the old hunk supposed to be Jesus but y does he kill him after saving him bad young daddy omg

  27. Gp Singh

    I love you irfan

  28. james daniel

    Love this song from Vietnam 💖💖Merry Christmas

  29. Rafa Perez

    Una muy mala historia 😒

  30. K. O

    I thought that was big d!ck daddy Rocco Steele 🤣🤣🤣

  31. C. Nascimento

    Steve, I added this video as soon as I started watching it, but then I deleted right away because of the violence. Can you make a very similar one where they actually are in love and build life from there?

  32. Karina Brandt

    my gosh this was a strongly emotional music video to watch... wow. i look forward to following you in the future... merry christmas from Denmark in Scandinavia

  33. Will Frost

    Wow! Amazing!

  34. Ansari Ali

    Love You Sir,
    Because Love is Life,
    Thanks for Video
    God Bless You,

  35. Manuel Soto

    Me encantó ver la energía pasión!!tus canciones son muy buenas!!! Bravo!! Y tú eres hermoso!!abrazos !!gracias!!por tu arte y apertura!! Más que decir me gustas o solo like excelente!!!!!!

  36. Gabriel Jiménez

    OMG !!!!!!
    The drama
    The lirics
    It was tragic ...amazing...but tragic..... I Love your songs
    I Love your perfomences
    You look great
    You are great

  37. william jackson

    omigosh, the dad is the ex-corp VP o fa a large travel conglomerate in NYC - had to fly in each week and leave his huzbear in Miami. Finally found an IN to doing health/fashion shots and now lives fulltime in Miami. I have some of his pics, including a revealing VIDEO. If I could just put them on here, wow.

  38. Cooking Ina Mo TV

    The song has full of emotions and could explode you anytime if you coudn't control expressing yourself. Bravo Steve. This is a masterpiece.

  39. Yan Naung

    ကြိုက်တယ် သီချင်းလေးကို အရမ်းဘဲ

  40. Raymond Reyes

    This song completely blown me away. 😭😭
    Great story behind the song and heartbreaking too 💔

  41. Dan Joshua Abid

    Just knowing this incredible gorgeous person with incredibly great musics today ! ❤️ Looovveee it! Wooww👏🏻👍🏽 Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  42. Shahbaz Malik

    Your all video s very very hot and your smile is sooo amazing cute looking for osm 💯❤️

  43. Arup Bera

    😥😥😢😢😢 speechless totally 😢

  44. Syam 456

    Daddy love you

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    I like your videos! 💕😍😘

  46. Adi Oey

    So sweet, I hope can find mypartner life soon

  47. andrew diaz

    💯 gem for music industry❤ thank you for sharing your talent💯

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    Steve gets around. 👍👍

  49. Reyhan Prasetya

    Dadddy, save me!!

    Oh, I forgot, I have already had a bf... :(

  50. Reyhan Prasetya

    Dadddy, save me!!

    Oh, I forgot, I have already had a bf... :(

  51. Yogesh abijith

    This is amazing ❤❤😘

  52. Milk Steak

    Wonderful talent. Beautiful man. And you can tell he is humble. Thank god. I couldn’t take one more uppity queen. You are awesome!


    Wonderful video my friend!!!

  54. Fabio Marsili


  55. Russell Edgington

    Sweet video

  56. GPT

    Love Steve and wish him well, but for me this was too strange...

  57. blEkk

    To say something positive about this: I like how supportive the community is towards LGBTQ performers.

  58. Listhdennys Bastkermandefrancisco

    Fuerte este tema huy tenas

  59. Saul Martinez


  60. Juan Manuel Esbrí

    After this, baby let me be your Dady 😁

  61. Geradessiel Simon

    THIS IS THE JESUS I KNOW-personally-intimately,like JOHN,the Disciple JESUS LOVED; like DAVID: ever-boiling in LOVE!
    In gratitude I often desire to hug & kiss my Song of songs,my King! Should be able to so love other "Christians" as JESUS,but even JESUS says "You give Me no kiss"=
    Like 7:45! They won't let LOVE ABOUND from so LOVING JESUS-with whole spirit-soul-body!
    I trust,though YOU WILL fullfill my longing desire to affectionately worshipful with HIM!

  62. sugermare katy

    2019 November

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    Preliminar do pornô.

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    Great. I like so much dear. 😍

  65. nanda TJ


  66. charles s. sturdivant

    Good Song.

  67. Sam Colin

    Literally crying at this. Im feeling like Steve in this video. I want to be religious but I feel like I can't because of this darkness inside of me.

  68. R Stone

    Brilliant video. Steve, keep this up!

  69. splashpont

    Appropriately released near Easter and Passover.

    Adapted from the Upanishads by Satish Kumar:
    Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth.
    Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust.
    Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace.
    Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.
    Peace, peace, peace.
    --from The New Century Hymnal

  70. Tim Beme

    love this

  71. JordanjamesX

    This video is very interesting visuals and story are good. Name of the hunky older guy please. I am guessing song about Steve relationship with an older man but it was an healthy one?

    Vicki Griffin

    Tom Ernsting is the hunky older guy and YEAH...what a hunk!!

  72. Rodney_Frm_1978

    I really need th video explained to me.

  73. Krystal Crotty

    Im a song writer myself n I love hearing original songs n this one is so powerful and the music video is really powerful I have listened to a lot of your songs your an amazing song writer and singer

  74. Sidney Pacheco Santos

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  75. Luke M

    You have nice voice and I love it..

  76. eduardo alejandro

    A very strong and breathless video.I am a Catholic and this song shows so much we will deal every day Yet, we can't show it or more less put in a video..Steve, this song and many others could be done in a video.Your album is amazing and so realistically done.It is Grand and still make me so glad you are inspiration to many.Now, again when is your next album..Wish, wish I could see in concert
    Take care and God bless😚😗😘

  77. Paul Boncaldo

    Steve, I love the song! Interesting video. It was so incredible to meet you at Akron PRIDE a couple of weeks ago. Thank you so very much for taking what was probably more than a few minutes of your time to speak with me. I want to communicate with you a little more privately sometime, and share our photo with you. So I am going to look for a way to do that. I see you're going to be out of the country soon for a little bit. Please be careful, and enjoy your time there. 💜🎹🎤

  78. peter Mac

    So when are you travelling to England

  79. Drew Adams

    wow BRAVO

  80. Drew Adams

    omg its beauty ;З

  81. Claudio Marchetti Dori

    Ciao Steve, ho sentito la tua canzone per caso ma devo dire che la tua voce è fantastica. Un grazie enorme da parte del mio cuore!!!!!

  82. Albert San Jose SweetPanda Riyadh

    Congratulations and Good Luck... More video and Song...Im new in you tube

  83. nursemark 44

    How do I get a copy of the lyrics? are they on-line anywhere? I think there was more to this song than I got.

    nursemark 44

    never mind. found them. lol

  84. dordelly

    I love that you give the audience more than just skin. I like you are also a storyteller. Good job

  85. Rje Kig

    I like Thru love


    Amazing video.


    why did he kill the daddy ?!

  88. kristopher Parra

    Love from chile 🇨🇱, you are amazing Steve 😍🥰

  89. chuck jackson

    I would take Steve home and nurse him back to health Anyday!!!!!!!!

  90. Henni Andreasson

    I think he misunderstood "Jesus wants to have a relationship with you."

  91. your favourite

    I love this video so much😘😘😘

  92. enterdata

    What’s wrong with this video? Pure perversion.

    Stephen Hitchens

    Most pathetic comment here, you win a prize.

  93. Kennethski Fabs

    You really know how to make a music video. Always making me motivated💪🏽😊

  94. JordanjamesX

    Wow this is amazing video it is very creative!!! I love the video showing the internal struggle thr character has.

  95. Hampton Kashikyri

    ~^< ❤ >^ and ~ ^< ❤ >^~ WE ARE THE SANCTUARY, THE HEALING PLACE... Am absolutely stunned by the unusual but exquisite threads of this video, and so well done. And of course your composition, singing, performance, and presence are real and heart given. I have not watched you since your big bust on your AMERICAN BOY, trusting yourself, your life, your person, and your career to something more and better, custom made. As dark as this would seem, it is so sooooooo refreshing. You nailed it.
    Blessings and love to you Brother... and to you, yours, ours, and to the perceived Stranger in our midst always. Selah. Amin. Kyri Issa, hampton

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  97. Mario Lopez

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