Grand Funk Railroad - I Fell For Your Love Lyrics

Hey Baby so now you're goin', is your mind relieved?
Did you get what you wanted and have some fun playin' make believe?
I have never lost so much pleasure, so it's hard to be nice.
Hey Baby feel my hand, ain't it cold as ice?

'Cause I fell for your love, when I was out of my mind.
I fell for your love, and now you tell me it's time.
To kiss it away, to stand here and say, good-bye.

Can't you understand the way I live?
Half a love is all that I can give.
Lonely ladies and empty faces for a long long time.
And you might be one baby when we meet again and I'll still try to make you mine.


I fell for your love when I was out of my mind.
I fell for your love when love was so hard to find.
I gave you my heart and now you tell me it's time,
To give up my love when it's so damn hard to find.

Love is so hard to find.
Love is so hard to find.
Love is so hard to find.
I'm so lonely baby.
Love is so hard to find.
Them empty faces, all I wanted was you.
Love is so hard to find.

I gave you my heart and now you tell me it's time,
Love is so hard to find.
To stand and say good-bye.
Love is so hard to find.
Love is so hard to find.
Love is so hard to find.
When it's so damn hard to find.
Love is so hard to find.
I fell for your love when I was out of my mind.
[and so on to fade]

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Grand Funk Railroad I Fell For Your Love Comments
  1. Charles Viante

    Awesome Song! 🤘❤🎵🎶🎵🎶🇧🇷🇱🇷

  2. fabio collina

    great guitar licks

  3. Ariel Lee

    Cool song. Great vocals

  4. Robert Bena

    go great with a porn flick

  5. Paulinho Eustáquio

    Legal ! Já conhecia à música só o nome grupo q não-mais agora sei obrigado pela novidade já quase esquecida -sempre gostei deste género musical também muito bom gosto que você tem

  6. Dennis Rivenburg

    Great tune, I remember me and my brother standing in our cold garage smoking weed drinking beer and listening to this album over and over, good old days !

    fabio collina

    yes me and my elder bro too, he's no more in this world, he left too soon at 26

  7. Perry Kalamaras

    GRAND FUNK LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. James Cowan

    I don't want lonely ladies and empty faces

  9. Euripedes Lopes

    Po! Gostaria de saber pra que manter vídeo "Exclusivo" ou "Bloqueado"? Que coisa sem sentido. Pra mim chega às raias da IDIOTIA.

  10. peepsk771

    Always thought this was a great song!! The whole album is good!! :)

  11. PrismMime

    Yes, we are living in a hardcore society.  People who are as shallow as a puddle and lazier than sloths.  It is a real treat to kick back and listen to some REAL music!!!  What happened to real feeling and romance???  It all went down the sewer.  Thank God for Grand Funk recordings!!!

  12. Eric Garbin

    good band  

  13. S S

    My favorite GFR song! Thanks for posting.

  14. bob shedden


  15. Leo Forrester

    f don brewer

  16. Zu Zuo

    Amazing...they are amazing.

  17. peepsk771

    Haven't heard this one in YEARS!!! One of my FAVES!! Ty for posting!! :)

  18. trv411

    Punk rock affected it more than disco. Punk rock said "we don't have to be good to play our instruments, and they weren't. Killed the "arena" rock bands. Disco was just an alteration of the early 70's soul music. Focus on the bass and add some dancing lyrics. It just became so big so fast, it overshadowed everything else. Undeservedly, it gets the blame for the music upheaval of the late 70's and early 80's.

  19. Rocky B

    Grand Funk's music was a long journey for me it started in the spring of 2007 and ended in the summer of 2008. They have such a large catalogue of music it took that long on and off to eventually hear everything they did. Finally in July of 2008 it was time to go and check out some odds and ends i might have missed. I guess i saved the best for last somehow in that year i missed the absolute gem of a song. This song was the last song i aquired by Grand Funk and its one of my favorites.

  20. DoomedHippie

    The big 5 in rock history: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, (to me) Free & Grand Funk Railroad


    Pink Floyd, Steely Dan...

  21. zenyatta8708

    That's what disco did back than. It ruined everything for the rockers!! Grand Funk don't do Disco is what Mark said thank god!!!!

  22. robson nasciimento

    um som bem trabalhado merece um local no meu coração.

  23. Michael O'Brien

    I find it unbelievable that they stopped selling records around this time...

  24. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *

  25. cgwartney

    god that opening riff ROCKS.

  26. Rocky B

    I almost prefer Don Brewer's agressive vocals. However this song features Don's best vocal on any Grand Funk song he hits the high notes with ease. Anyone who says Grand Funk wasnt versatile should listen to this gem of a song.

  27. tonlo72

    I know Don sings this, but did he write it or did Mark?

  28. bob shedden

    this album when it came out just blew me away i bought it in 8track and casette and finally album and now CD!!

  29. JohninFunk

    Great tune from a diamond album with such beautiful songs like Dues, Love Is Dying' and the homonymous Born To Die!
    Thanks for the post!
    (Who's Alan Boguslavsky?)

  30. Larry McDANIEL

    great song; but where do you get the info Alan B. on rhythm guitar? that is false