Grand Funk Railroad - Bad Time Lyrics

I'm in love with the girl that I'm talking about
I'm in love with the girl I can't live without
I'm in love but I sure picked a bad time
To be in love
To be in love

Well, let her be somebody else's queen
I don't want to know about it
There's too many others that know what I mean
And that's why I got to live without it

I'm in love with the girl I'm talking about
I'm in love with the girl I can't live without
I'm in love but I feel like I'm wearin' it out
I'm in love but I must have picked a bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love

All the stories coming back to me
From my friends and the people I don't want to see
The things they say I know just couldn't be true
At least not until I hear it from you

'Cause I still love the little girl I'm talking about
I'm in love with the girl I can't live without
I'm in love but I feel like I'm wearin' it out
I'm in love but I must have picked a bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love

You know that I love the little girl I'm talking about
I'm in love with the girl I can't live without
I'm in love but it feels like I'm wearin' it out
I'm in love but I must have picked a bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love
A bad time to be in love

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Grand Funk Railroad Bad Time Comments
  1. André R R Maia

    Uma das melhores bandas de rock da terra do Tio Sam.

  2. Tommy Mitchell

    Teenger in the 90s, grew up in 1980s, born in 1970s, who was parents exposed me to the music of the decade that I was born the 70s!


    Medolic ROCK

  4. jeff mitchell

    This song has a lovely groove :)

  5. Servemyego

    I’m an 80’s kid but this song is infectious. Simple tune that reminds me of growing up watching Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley in the late 70s while trying to work my parents to let me stay up and see Threes Company.

  6. Daryn Towse

    All the girls in the world, beware.

  7. rick flood

    this is one heck of a song to dance to.....

  8. Mana suriyan

    ดวงใจฉันรักเธอ douaj jai chan rak tur

  9. Guido Toth

    Saigon had just fallen. I was a paperboy. Jaws was being released and would become just about the biggest movie, ever. The Red Sox were actually winning and I loved this song.

    Bob Welch

    Give or take, yes brother!

  10. พัชรา ใจบุญ

    Rock เย้วๆ มาทางนี้เล้ยย...🤘

  11. kong ze

    i love thailand

  12. MasSer Live



    I was 17 in 75 and graduated HS. The absolute best time in anyone's life. This song takes me right back to that summer and my first serious girlfriend. Going on dates driving my 68 Chevy Nova with the 327cu 365 hp and 4 on the floor. We got married several years later but divorced soon after. The wife is long gone, but I still have the car.

  14. pigurine

    Heard them live
    Stoned happy out
    Of my mind.

  15. SleepyWolf

    Chara really chose a _bad time_ to be in *L.O.V.E.*

  16. Roblox gamer 291

    Best time of my life in the 70’s love the music I have MS but I still try to dance but can’t do much of it just love the songs


    Keep dancing my friend, it will keep you young.

  17. Brian Haney

    1975 graduating and driving a 340 Cuda with 18,000 miles and paid $1800. Best music, cars, & vibrant girls. Feel sorry for the teens now so confused.

  18. สุทิน ตั้งเก


  19. pigurine

    Saw them live in 75

  20. Sandra Piche


  21. Kenneth Bell

    Seen mark Farner 19 years ago. Too bad these guys broke up great music. Great band

  22. jorge perez jerez


  23. Michael B

    When i was a kid, they had these things called 'songs'. They were 3 minutes long and about love or burning down Georgia.----hank hill

  24. Anthony Crnkovich

    Another much underrated song that, like so many great ones from that era, is over almost as soon as it begins.

  25. Roger Zingg

    61 and found a real Love.

  26. ฐปนวงศ์ พิพัฒน์ทะเล


  27. cake cake

    ตามมาจากจอย เคสสวีทตี้ กุกมิน5555

  28. David Bass

    Decade of 70s nothing quite like it

  29. Dewzer Psk


  30. Jamrat Naka


  31. Hembabu Karki

    I came from the intro of sweet child o' mine from gnr tokyo live.

  32. Shane Walp

    People who post music should post it release date

  33. ExZerquilz


  34. Cecilia J Casarez

    Jr. High and Grand Funk Railroad 'ROCKED IT"

  35. giang xxx

    Thailand dog

  36. Denise Hedden

    Awesome song

  37. Rolando Carrizales

    This song as all music from this era speaks for itself I'm glad to of experience it first hand .

  38. Trimek Montra

    so good

  39. nuch1999 sangmuang

    Fc Thailand

  40. pagorn suebwong

    First song I sang in the year 1975

  41. Sonia Souza Silva

    Que saudades Brasil

  42. Charz 1975

    Good times - summer 1975 in KS- rip Sam😋😔

  43. William McCann

    Listened to Grand Funk in Nam til I wore the cassette out..

  44. Trimek Montra

    im pression

  45. Trimek Montra

    i like song and music

  46. Kit snow

    very good song and talent

  47. JOSELO 2019


  48. P C

    Didn’t Grand Funk Railroad have some kind of a Cleveland connection?

  49. Trimek Montra

    so good

  50. Trimek Montra

    im pression

  51. Marsha Sheets

    Grand Funk Railroad reminds me of my older middle brother. RIP big brother.

  52. Joe Trump

    363 Retards !
    Just don't know music !
    Or are friggin DEAF !!

  53. Mickey Hodge

    Bring back real rock.

  54. Fred C

    Sweet sound from great times

  55. Ника Ананьева

    Meanwhile in "Undertale":
    F/С: Hey, Sans, what`s you favourite song?
    S: Listen this, kiddo!


    I fully commend and welcome this comment in this comment section.

    Ника Ананьева

    @shmutzman Thank You!

  56. V. Urban

    I was 19 and had a fake i.d. Would go to clubs with live bands and had to always dance to this. Great music in the 70's 80's and 90's. These songs still are better than what's around today. Loved the Cars, Eagles, Steve Miller I could go on and on. RIP to all the greats that we lost. Miss Benjamin and Ric from the Cars 💓💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏🙏

  57. ForgottenJamRoom

    Their last hit

  58. Renelda Marler

    A great band still listening

  59. Mark Ryterski

    When I hear this song it brings back so many memories of the love of my life.. Miss you babe!

  60. Joe Blaylock

    I remembered when GFR was the hardest rockin' band on the planet. When they started playing pop/lite rock I didn't listen to them as much. Now, I'm enjoying listening to their "sellout" songs again.

    Andy M

    Treat yourself to their live album "caught in the act"

  61. Henry Cantrell

    I saw Grand Funk Railroad in 1971 in Chicago they are a great band

  62. Kareen Creech

    The best music in the world I listen to this music as a teenager.

  63. studlygrish

    How many people out there picked a bad time to be in love ?🕛

    Devin Paul

    I for one sure as HELL did-- it seems to be a thing with me, as a matter of fact.


    @Devin Paul hang on there. I've been there too

  64. Kirk Barkley

    Rarely heard today; perhaps that make it even *greater* ...

  65. Chris Collins

    I suppose I can give another thumbs up 4 years later? Great GFRR tune!

  66. The Low E

    A perfect song. Always loved it.

  67. April B

    I have never gotten tired of listening to the beautiful song!

  68. Richard Day

    The Band belongs in the RRHF. The RRHF is crooked

  69. Cxrty oppop

    yeu yeuyeuyeu

  70. Tammy white dove Oclaire

    My favorite song reminiscent of songs forgotten

  71. สมพงษ์ ้เลขะวัฒนะ


  72. มนตรี เดชตรีรัตน์


  73. Mike Knight

    Perfect song in my opinion

  74. Tom Smith

    Love GFR. A great band that has been under appreciated in the rock music world. This song has always been one of my favorites.


    I agree

  75. Guilherme Soler

    Melhor musica de todas que ja escutei na minha vida

  76. kathleen Karcher

    The 70''s were the best times, in my life! Best music, great friends! Love, this band!

  77. Jodie Sutton


  78. Isaac the Skeleton

    * heheheh.
    * the old whoopie cussion in the hand trick.
    * its *ALWAYS* funny
    * whoops, wrong timeline



  79. Raymond Herrera

    This song has high school passion.

  80. Maria Ramones

    and I'm a kid

  81. Maria Ramones

    my grandpa found this song and he loves me

    jr 55

    Your grandpa has class.

    Most Peculiar Mama, Whoa!!

    @jr 55 Very sweet, Maria.

  82. Toby Tyler

    Just still LOVE Grand Funk Railroad. Music was just GOOD! I wish I could go back for one day! To hear this on the AM radio.

  83. Leah Btwo

    It sure was ,,,but I guess that he was just karmic [email protected] that I had to experience

  84. หินอะไรได้มาจากเมืองลาว.

    ๑๐ คะแนนครับ ท่าน

  85. Tom Rumler

    Excellent live show !!!

  86. Winny Noobz

    Sounds like 2000s music in my country

  87. Charif Hayeemad


  88. kunlaphat palmm

    I listened this song with my dad when I was young and now I’m always listen this song
    now I’m 15 💕

  89. rvhawkeye

    That's a number 1 hit .

  90. Joel Zamudio

    Nada que ver este grand funk railroad con el de into the sun finalmente le entraron a lo comercial

  91. Trimek Montra

    so good

  92. Trimek Montra

    wow wow

  93. J B

    Mark Farner said he wrote this song when he and his wife looked like they were splitting. That puts a little pain in the lyrics

  94. Robert Reed

    Released 1974

  95. Buffy smith

    Here i am sitting with my earphones on listening to 70s music blasting in my ears. I should be cleaning my house doing laundry. I could listen to 60s and 70s all day.

    Richard Lucero

    That's what I say!

    Dominick Castiglione

    Wow yes you speak my words

    jim ogrady

    Buffy smith  I blame Partridge Family music turning me into a Rock N Roll freak. Buffalo, NY had a great music scene in 70s 10 years of concerts 4 every summer at Bills Stadium. Rolling Stones liked Buffalo they played here 6 times. Big Bummer Led Zeppelin cancelled when Roberts son passed away poor kid was only 7 years old. We did get to see some big bands, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, The Who, The Clash, Reo Speedwagon, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was cool almost every band opened saying HELLO BUFFALO. That Buffalo called SNOW CAPITAL OF USA. Its true Lake Erie dumps 10 feet every winter. Even worse we have to wait till July to enjoy the Lake because Lake Erie frezzes over. Always WHITE CHRISTMAS IN BUFFALO

    Marie Briley

    For sure

  96. scott Baker

    Saw them live in Pittsburgh pa July 4th 1976.....Still have the tic stub to this day 😎