Graham Coxon - Spectacular Lyrics

Saw you in my computer
Never seen no one cuter
Posing with a shooter
You got me in a stupor

You are something quite spectacular

I'll give you all my dollar
To have your hand tomorrow
In my heart I holler
I'm gonna have you follow

You are something quite spectacular

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Graham Coxon Spectacular Comments
  1. Ornitorrinco Laringólogo

    Así fue como me encanté con tus ojitos BB xD
    ¿Era necesario el tiritón de la muerte? XD

  2. patrick kever

    british rock

    angry grouse

    Thanks Patrick

  3. tree

    why does this video and song sound so....American??

    Dan Abnormal

    Pink Flamingo Butt because its a rip off of the White Stripes.

  4. Big Ulf

    underrated album, and boy do I want more of Coxon's guitar playing!

  5. Medieval Richard

    Class song! Always like it.

  6. Matt Ludlam

    The second solo actually blows my mind

  7. Mary HQ

    Me gusta la canción pero ese rojo ... es pa' arrasar la retina .


    Mary HQ xD

  8. Ivana Gabriela

    The first 22 seconds reminds me the begining of Jubilee.

  9. Feliks K.

    lovely video, lovely song. 

  10. designanddirection

    Yes Graham does do his own covers to his albums / singles etc - however I designed and directed this video for Mr Coxon. The brief from Graham was 1950's artwork - and I love the comics of that era with the rough dot screen effect. The Girls dance was "borrowed" from one of the dancers from Apocalypse Now.

  11. Mitch the Robot

    Seven Nation Army came out a year before this.

    AND YET, while I do get a strong White Stripes vibe from this, I would hardly call it a rip off. Jack White neither holds the rights to the combination of black, red and white, nor he did he create the art style (De Stijl) which I'm sure Graham is familiar with, as he IS an artist (he does all of his own album covers)

  12. mojohn

    Song. Written after seeing the divine Shannon Sossamom in a mag. Moral of the story if your girl doesn't look as nice, buy her a fringed cowgirl outfit & pretend.

  13. Scotty Russell Music

    that'd never happen!

  14. S34CL0UD5 Peach

    ahhhhhhh graham marry meee

  15. RR Vogt

    ufos, bats, graham coxon, women with guns.... thats a great thing

  16. Jon Hill

    He is a immense musician :)

  17. GreyRose93

    <3 SPECtacular xx

  18. Joseline Davila

    I loves Graham.

  19. keiwa11

    I like Graham´s spiral eyes, it´s quite funny. Great song one of my fav

  20. Friend0o

    It's about Shannyn Sossamon apparently

  21. ivanrankarm

    very kinksy

  22. RikoTakahashi

    Rather something quite QOTSA-esque.

    Living Abstraction

    RikoTakahashi I was just about to mention that this reminds me a lot of the Go With The Flow video

  23. theamericanterrorist

    @msblurgirl if you check the dates when seven nation army and this song came out you'll notice that this song was released first.


  24. jazs

    this video looks like 7 nation army of the white stripes to me but of coz the musics much better

  25. shellfishfisher

    apparently he wrote this song for shannyn sossoman after seeing her picture on the internet.

  26. TJ Byrnes

    @cyyytr0n maybe the same as Johnny Mahrr

  27. Luc ky

    Same Rickenbacker as Lennon no ?

  28. ablurida

    Also, yes.

  29. Peter Kimmich

    Reminds me a little of the video for Go With The Flow by QOTSA.

  30. prs312h


  31. ablurida

    This video kinda reminds me of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

  32. fuzzybuni

    Niiice song.

  33. Jessica Ortiz

    holy shiznit really? I love her she's so beautiful so I don't blame him hehe. I love the song too!

  34. kaligula11

    I read this song was written about Shannyn Sossamon. I like it!

  35. Eunice Huang

    Damon Albarn said that blur
    including Graham Coxon will reunite in 2009!!!