Grace Potter - Alive Tonight Lyrics

In the dark of the desert
I saw a man with a sign, it said
People get ready, cause it's all over
It's all gonna end tonight, well

I got a feeling we're gonna be alright
But if this is the last time we ever see the daylight

We are, we are, we are
Alive tonight
We are, we are, we are
Alive tonight

You wanna get in on the action, you want
Everyone to listen to you, oh
You're just living in a prediction
And that dont, that don't make it true, no

I got a feeling we're gonna be alright
But if this is the last time we ever see the daylight

We are, we are, we are
Alive tonight
We are, we are, we are
Alive tonight

Nobody knows what will come tomorrow
Nobody knows 'til the lights go out
Nobody knows who to fight or follow
There's only one thing I know right now

We are, we are, we are
Alive tonight
We are, we are, we are
Alive tonight [x2]

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Grace Potter Alive Tonight Comments
  1. Cherlyn Burleson BlackBird

    ALIVE, barely, think I will stay for the party. Lights out.

  2. ArvinRoido Atienza

    [Verse 1]
    In the dark of the desert
    I saw a man with a sign, it said
    People get ready, cause it's all over
    It's all gonna end tonight, well

    I got a feeling we're gonna be alright
    But if this is the last time we ever see the daylight

    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight
    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight

    [Verse 2]
    You wanna get in on the action, you want
    Everyone to listen to you, oh
    You're just living in a prediction
    And that dont, that don't make it true, no

    I got a feeling we're gonna be alright
    But if this is the last time we ever see the daylight

    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight
    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight


    Nobody knows what will come tomorrow
    Nobody knows 'til the lights go out
    Nobody knows who to fight or follow
    There's only one thing I know right now

    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight
    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight
    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight
    We are, we are, we are
    Alive tonight

  3. Bentley Knotts

    This totally sucks. She needs to get her band back and make real music. Not this electronic bulshit. She has lost the feel for music

  4. Jen Sinclair Vlogs

    Forever 21 music lmao

  5. kenzie kuhn

    Yo I love this song lol haven't heard her other stuff but her vocals are unbelievable. Love the beat and the power behind it.

  6. someamorplease

    I love the guitar solo in this and Grace's voice is incredible as always! Maybe this song will grow on me but at first listen I'm not too keen (other than that killer guitar solo)

  7. Free Speech

    She got amazing voice.

  8. Marc Emrich

    I agree with the folks saying to quit hating and calling her a sell out, but this is one of her worst songs, if not the worst thing I have ever heard her do. Still love her. All good artists have to mess up now and again or they are not stretching their creative legs. But I am listening to this song as I type. Wow it is awful.

  9. Tuta

    People say she has the best voice in the world against all pop stars cool to me if you are going against Beyonce

  10. minor character

    Ken Tucker on NPR just proved that music criticism is not a real vocation. It's just a thing to do if you know some big words and have somehow been given airtime on the radio....he called this album a "breakaway from formula"? You are joking, right, Ken?

    I sniff a whole pocketful of payola. While there's no accounting for taste, Ken has proven even to the densest of people that anything he says about music should be listened to and then immediately held up as an opinion that, astonishingly unlike most all other opinions, is a factual error.

    Grace Potter should be totally embarrassed that this music has seen the light of day.

  11. Kelley

    Heard this song in forever 21 and loved it!

  12. Keith French

    Awful. Check out Brandi Carlile for what Potter should have been.

  13. vhayden20

    Give Grace a chance. She certainly has earned it. Great new sound IMO...

  14. thedazedbandman

    not a big fan of pop music since it is almost always the same shit, but at least this has it's own style. ALMOST maroon 5-ish. ...back when maroon 5 was a band and not the crap they are right now.

  15. Mbari Hogun

    *Midnight Wisdom <3* ~~~

  16. Star Gaskill

    Most ppl enjoy listening to all different types of music usually depending on ur moods, so I don't see why ppl seem to think an artist should stick to one type of music, they have to live this day in n day out so if they wanna switch it up or down n play around n do new things I say do it n enjoy it. N u can enjoy their new sound as well ... if ur in the mood for it ... if not than listen to their old stuff n enjoy that n wait a few years n their sound will change again n maybe u'll enjoy that as well ... n o need to dissolve just cuz what they're playing at the moment isn't ur cup of tea, doesn't make it bad or make them sell outs, I mean really, would YOU want to play n hear the same type of music over n over day in day out? Nope, didn't think so, let them enjoy their change n growth n they'll keep changing n growing

    Willco Jak

    Well said!

  17. mrwhitford1966

    keep coming back to hopefully see some hope . . .  Can you imagine 95 thumbs down on any GP song? That's a REAL problem Grace.Girl - get the original band back and do it right. Don't let them buy you. We know you - we miss you.

  18. Amanda Esterday

    I'm saddened that she is now Pop. :-(
    Where did the Soulful Grace go?

  19. robb5706

    I'm glad I got to see them before all the glitz and glam. Sounds like another great artist has sold her soul to the money grubbing record execs of commercial music. Her direction has changed but at least we still have the old stuff.
    Career turns are everywhere, just don't go too far down the wrong road and get lost.
    I think I'll go watch her video, Grace Potter at the Boston Music Awards, maybe her and Joe Satriani's cover of Cortez the Killer. That's some of the stuff that made me a fan.

  20. Fernanda Vilar

    Fierce as usual! <3 Loved it!

  21. TruthBringer 1776

    I think this is a fun song, I first heard it on the radio. Its fun to dance and garden to :)

  22. Minelia Botello

    Exploring different things expand the artist inside! A lot of ELO style music not bad at all....

  23. Rick Stafford

    3 words I never thought I would never string together....Grace this sucked.

  24. Andrew Tate

    this is pop music hat has she done! she had a great sound before she doesn't need to be another damn pop diva! there are enough of them they are here today gone tomorrow sorry Grace but you've blown it!

  25. Colt Burns

    Keep doing your thing. I'll keep listening to it.

  26. minor character

    Worse than this (terrible, terrible, terrible) song is that Grace promised a public statement in April about why she broke up the band that helped bring her stardom. She strikes me now as an opportunist and someone who forgets where they came from. Like so many artists. A double-edged sword. Love them for their talent and then they think they are indispensable. Humility disappears.

    Not only that, it appears from the absolute stinkiness of this song, that she needs a band to collaborate with. The moment this album is released, it will be forgotten. It is just so sad to see people like Grace who gain success and become so freakin' egocentric because they are talented, but also because they have the amazing beauty that she has. It is a total curse. She looks at herself in the mirror and you know she thinks her shit doesn't stink. It's so so offputting and unprofessional of her to not publicly address the dumping of the Nocturnals. 

    I feel bad for her husband - this guy is now a whipped drummer in a backup band for a woman whose ego is out of control and likely with a talent that is going to be bastardized and commercialized into human cotton candy that is digested and forgotten almost at the same instant it is consumed. Matt Burr must have no sense of self-respect or know he's not that great of a drummer and just going along for the ride -- anyway, he must feel like such a dick for participating in treating Scott Tournet with such disrespect as his wife. 

    Mark my words - by mid to late-2016, Grace Potter's career will be on the slide and this album coming up will have such embarrassingly low sales that her label will dump her. (Sales for her show in Phoenix at Celebrity Theatre are so bad right now - and when I went last time at the same venue and saw an amazing show with her AND the Nocturnals a couple of years ago it was sold out way way ahead of time). And sometime in 2017 or 2018 at the latest, her drummer husband will be on the wrong end of a divorce while Grace Potter tries her damndest to make her way through the pop landscape. How long before she pals around with Gwen Stefani?

    So sad - Grace had the chance to move into Joplin territory but also with a massively talented band and instead she's doing duets with Kenny Chesney. OMFG. Put a fork in GP - she's done.

  27. George Erdner

    Say it ain't so! Say you didn't sell out and try to turn into a pop tart like Brittany or Katy Perry.

  28. Joey T

    Being a big music fan all my life, I have seen so many singers do solo side projects away from what brought them to their musical fame, their Band. It's their creative soul, and I understand that. Some have much success, some don't. Ask Bruce Springsteen what happened when he left the E Street band behind for a few years back in the early 90's. Sure, there was some good songs from his two albums he made without them, and a few great ones from one, but the live shows suffered without the faces and sound that brought Bruce to fame....When I first heard Grace Potter and The Nocturnals way back when, I heard a sound like none other. When I saw them live, I was in awe. In awe of Grace, and in awe of Scott Tournet as a front man/Guitarists. So, what's an Italian Hoagie without Provolone?  A Pasta Dish with no Garlic, Oregano or Olive Oil? You have what is called my meaning of Bland.( Lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting ) This is how I feel about this song. Hope this is the weakest one on the new release... Good Luck Grace, you're a talented Lady, with pipes many female vocalists envy.. And good luck to the rest of The Nocturnals.....BTW, Further Up The Road, many years from now....follow Springsteen's path.... reunion..... reunion.....

  29. Bethany Sturrock

    This makes me sad :(

  30. WardenJune

    When will the ice cream line be released?  To add to the chocolate and maple syrup?

  31. StevenJc13

    Live this will sound different in a good way but it's awesome and she's exploring really well love the solo very soul and love the keys sound overall can't wait for the album you go girl! 🙌✊

  32. Davie Boy

    Oh my.
    Where are you Matt and the rest of the Nocturnals?
    Grace needs you.
     Agree w/ many below, this is generic crap that most anyone [w/ a voice] can do.

  33. David Quail

    I don't have a problem with exploring new styles and creativity,but this sounds like another bubble gum pop song...Not looking for same old same old,but this in not why I became a Grace and the Nocturnal fan to begin with...Bring the band back!!!

  34. Jarrod Zinovoy

    Don't be a "hater!"  I love her stuff..old, new, whatever....keep BRINGING IT!!!!!!!!!  xo

  35. Ezekiel33USA

    C'mon guys... every band either sells out from the beginning or sells out later.  They need the hits to allow them to have longevity in the industry.  So they have to modify their sound to appease what's hot at the moment, then they can focus on the music they want to make later.  It's just how it is... if the recored company is not making much money off the band then they drop them.  It's called the music business for a reason.  You can blame the record companies or the consumers, but it is what it is.  At leasts with Grace and Nocturnals they did the music they wanted to do in the beginning.  Also, I think this song is good, so not sure what everybody is pissing and moaning about.

  36. ezealfano

    it reminds me... mmmm... idk la roux? anyway alive tonight!! :)

  37. minor character

    It's not that we don't love you,, Grace. It's that we wonder why this move to pop that SOUNDS NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY RANDOM ACT OUT THERE RIGHT NOW. It's an okay song, but nothing really exciting. Sorry, telling the truth.

  38. minor character

  39. minor character

  40. Fares Mg

    fucking aswome ///

  41. Paige Bowers

    This is the first Grace Potter song I've heard and I absolutely adore it, but glancing at the comments, google search results, and also I can hear it in her voice, she's probably a country singer and there's very little country music that I actually enjoy.  But this song, this song I love.

    Lee Miller

    @Paige Bowers def not country....jam band with actual talent.

  42. John Long

    Ugh. This is why record executives ruin careers. They tell the artist they need to sell albums so go in a different direction like a disco pop mindless bullshit song that the brainless dopes will buy. Sucks. What a shame. I love Grace but jeez.

  43. Nathan VanEtten

    They have to make something more marketable to the general public so that their music will be released on the radio. I'm sure the rest of this album will not be as "pop-ish" as this song is. Everyone knows the best songs on an album are always the ones that never make it onto the radio. Grace Potter has worked and sung her ass off for years. I'm sure she has bills to pay and she just might be desiring more than playing bars and outdoor festivals. If you were an awesome artist that was used to painting graffiti on outdoor city walls and your work was highly admired and loved by a ton of fans, you would appreciate the support...but you might also one day want to branch out and try new things. Art evolves just as we as human beings evolve. I think she's earned the break and if you really are a fan, you will support her even if she might release a couple of songs that are outside of your comfort level. Stop being such self absorbed assholes.

  44. It Tommy

    dont know this chick.........good thing it is only a 3 min song......the hook is ok ....but screaming is not singing

  45. Lee Miller

    Further proof Rock & Roll is all but dead....Grace Potter is a bonafide ROCK STAR.   If she's finally given in to corporate interest than it's a sad sad day...

  46. Johny Howard

    OMG! What happened? Stop the bus! I'm getting off! YUCK

  47. mrwhitford1966

    This is so sad. What is this?? Katy Perry? This is not "experimenting" it is an apparent capitulation. Hope the rest of the CD will disabuse us all of this sinking feeling. I am not optimistic.

  48. Robert Sheldon

    I guess I'm a bit in the minority here, and although I do agree to an extent that this is much more commercial than the bluesy rock that attracted to me to her and her band in the first place (and am a bit disappointed in that regard), I still love the song.    I'm not sure what the reason is for going a little more poppish (albeit with still a rock flair) but I will download it just the same as it has some great hooks in it.  Staying power?   Remains to be seen, but still a good song.

  49. Tiger Blue

    Disco, how disappointing. Love Grace and the Nocturnals, but this is tripe.

  50. Dwight Senne

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally, I hate this new song. What I hate even more is that the Nocturnals are gone. The secrecy surrounding this whole thing was a huge slap in the face to the loyal fans (like me) who got Grace where she is.

  51. Ian Crane

    Go Back Grace.....please go back. Need the grittiness of the Nocturnals.

  52. Rob Fontano

    I truly love Grace and the Nocturnals. Let me know when they get back together.

    Kyle H

    @Rob Fontano Is she not touring with the nocturnals now?

    Mark Cox

    @Kyle H Nope

    Keith Fosberg

    @Rob Fontano It's a bit of an exaggeration. The only core lineup change is Scott (original lead guitar)
    The only thing that's really different with this album is that it's almost all Grace with less collaboration than in the past.


    @Keith Fosberg And the loss of incredible Cat Popper.

    Keith Fosberg

    @lunatic4blues That was a while ago.

  53. OzKelsey

    I love gp and the nocturnals. I also love this. Deal with it!

  54. caravanoflove4

    Bring back Benny and Scott.  Apparently Grace NEEDS her backing talent.
    What I don't get is how her choice instruments are a Flying V and a Hammond, and this is what she does?

  55. Tyler Hall

    Apparently anytime an artist uses electronic sounds in their music it becomes "Katy Perry Bubble Gum Pop"
    K then..
    With each of the last albums Grace has put out, more 'true fans' have given up on their sound. I'd think a true fan can appreciate whatever music the artist comes out with even if it isn't necessarily their favorite thing to listen to. I definitely prefer The Lion The Beast The Beat to this, but I can still hear Grace in it. 
    Just because someone is trying something new does not mean they are selling out


    @Tyler Hall She's not trying something new, she's doing the same old thing that the masses want.  She wasn't happy being a minor celebrity, she's been selling out slowly but surely for a long time now. 

  56. Ltypd

    "Excuse me please, one more drink, could you make it strong cause I don't need to think, She broke my heart my Grace is gone, one more drink and I'll move on."


    @Ltypd Pour me one too.

  57. Robert Campbell

    WFT kind of Kate Perry crap is this.  Total sell out and I for one am utterly disgusted to the point of physical illness.

  58. joe

    need a live version of this

  59. rdstriz

    Luv ya Grace. Saw you and the Nocs on your 30th birthday in Seattle. Sure glad I did. Best show in years for me. A real highlight. Good luck in your future. If this is any indication, I will have to pass on the next tour.

  60. Ryan Florek

    Really don't get how a "true fan" could not like this song. It's only a slightly more club than 'Paris (Ooh La La)'

  61. Topher Newman

    Oh Grace. You are a sell out. What happened to your true emotion?

  62. Alice inWond3r

    I love you grace forever. I'm so proud of you doing your own thing.. You are so talented. Such a kick ass voice that needs to be heard. 💕
    I truly hope this album goes well n fast for you.

  63. chung979

    great new song by grace. Is grace potter and the nocturnals still together???

  64. Natasha Cornelius

    WTF! Is this some disco shit or what? What the hell happened?

  65. Matthew Latham

    Glad it's not just synthesizers, but a real band.

  66. Christopher Brewton

    Come on Grace. Been a fan since Original Soul, but wtf is this? I think I'll go listen to Apologies now. :(

    Yours very truly,
    A Concerned Fan


    @Christopher Brewton Ditto for me, Grace.


    @Christopher Brewton I listened to this song over and over again trying to like it, cuz I did that with her last album cause I wasn't extremely fond of it ether. I only liked 4-5 songs off Lion, the beast the beat. But her new songs she just put out aren't sticking at all, I just don't like them, what a disappointment.... I was so excited too. Hopefully there is at least one gem on it.

    Christopher Brewton

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I know artists change but I'm just not digging it. Yeah... definitely hoping there are at least a few gems.

  67. Michael Kern

    I love Grace,but she's the last person I thought would ever run her voice through computer software.You don't need a synthesized voice Grace.You of all people.

  68. LifeBombGaming

    This song is fantastic, screw the haters, I've been a fan for about five years and will continue being a fan, Grace's voice gives me chills and I can't wait to see her live again. Brilliant! :D

  69. Francesco Marano

    Here's something I wrote up about it:

  70. beddingshoppe

    I'm am hoping the rest of the album will be better because this song is just not a good song. I hoped it would get better with multiple listens but it doesn't.

  71. Carter Wessman

    If someone's going to make pop music it might as well be Grace Potter.

  72. Jahmiah Massey

    In a Vevo song I heard saw a artist or whatever she is have a low rate that's rare get ur self out there who agree

    Jahmiah Massey

    I mean never saw a artist

  73. erika klein

    This is sad.  Bubble gum pop.  She is a pawn of the "company".  Such a talent, who is now packaged, primped and boring.

  74. Bree C

    I love Grace Potter. I like her old stuff, I like her new stuff. Her "changing" isn't "dumbing her self down." As an artist, she is experimenting with different sounds and if it's not you're cup of tea then it's not your cup of tea. Don't bring other people down who DO like the song just because you're not happy with the change.


    @Bree C Ditto here. She still sounds good to me : )

  75. vampirella67

    I am a big GP fan . I have seen her and her band in concert . However I am not keen on this new "POP" sound - it's something I expect Taylor Swift to do .  Grace is a multi-talent and this does not show case what I remember witnessing .

  76. doug cusick

    Found you by accident about 4 years ago now you got a fan for life

  77. Mike Distasio

    this is awful, lol at anyone who digs this, you are the reason fresh artists like grace have to dumb down their sound

  78. Citadel_of_My_Thoughts

    What a surprise, any time an artist tries something new we get "true fans" who think they know better than the artist. If you want an artist to keep re-treading the same ground, then you're the problem, not them.

    This is a great song, and Grace sounds amazing. 

    'nuff said.

    Michael Kern

    @nblsavage There are literally thousands of sounds identical to this.Think of "Big white gate". A singular one on to itself unmistakable unforgettable sound .She's retreading now :( 

    Samuel Ferraro

    Love when artists push the limits but this song is not anything but a boring song that's been done a thousand times before. Hollywood records tried to get her to dump the Nocturnals before and she refused. Guessing the record company gave her an ultimatum. Her guitarist Scott is no longer with the group and that is a huge loss. Saw her at least 25 times so I'll always have those memories. She's become just another of many good voices singing formulaic garbage.


    @Samuel Ferraro Yes. Samuel is right I am afraid. Could easily hear Katy Perry doing this song. And THAT is tragic. Would be curious to know the circumstances of Scott's departure. What a HUGE loss.

  79. Fernanda Luiza

    oh man I don't have good feelings about this next album :( I really didn't wanna say this 'cause i love grace so much but it hurts, I miss the lyrics and the original instrumental that this band has always given us

    Brittany Beshel

    @Fernanda Luiza Everyone is confused apparently. This isn't THE BAND. This is literally the first single from her solo album. I'm not sure the entire band would agree with this music.

    Fernanda Luiza

    @Brittany Beshel oh I understand now :(

  80. Adam Beebe

    C'mon Grace, you're better than this. Keep your tracks outta the clubs!

    Mathew Kanour

    It has that twang she's known for and the vocals we love with the powerful rhythms. As if you hadn't shaken it once or twice to Paris. Get over yourself.


    @Mathew Kanour You guys are right.  This may be "her" sound, in which case, I  hate it!!  Bring back the Nocs!!

  81. nerdybird4

    Love it!!!

  82. Francesco Marano

    love her rock side, but not sure about this. maybe it'll grow on me. this tune has a bit of dance/funk sound to me.

  83. Jimmy Marshall

    Oh Gracie, wtf!?!?

  84. customgtrs

    I love Grace....I hope this song is huge for her. I've been to 4 of her concerts and can't wait to see her again. This is a great driving song. It will be interesting to see what she does with this cd. According to the article she had all kinds of toys to play with in the studio...She is one creative soul...

  85. Desiree Annelise Borghese

    Like any band and any musician they grow they evolve they go in different directions than some of their fans like but think of this if they came out with the same album twenty times over they wouldnt be able to grow they wouldnt be able to get more fans. Still has killer vocals and a good instrumental I dont see why anybody is complaining. Also "pop" is no longer a genre filled with vapidness its evolving too to have deeper meanings in the lyrics and expanding production that can cause a different arrangement of sounds (still good sounds). This is a good song no matter how you look at it. 

    Robert W

    See that's the problem, it just isn't a very good song, I guess that's subjective, but I think it sounds pretty generic and unmemorable. I couldn't care less what genre they release music in, they can release a thrash jazz album so long as it has quality songs on it.

    Desiree Annelise Borghese

    @Robert Watts And we all have different opinions so if you think its bad based on quality then thats good. I was more so trying to make sure people arent mad at it due to genre hopping.

  86. swartstudio

    I like it, but the chorus is redundant and it's under three minutes. Is this the final version? Eh. (Sorry.)

  87. Kelsey Cap

    Not sure how I feel! I LOVE the song it makes me want to dance and you know... "BE ALIVE"... but I feel like I've heard the chorus before. Sounds a wee bit generic and I can't put my finger on it. 

    Still love Grace and am excited for her solo album!


    Same happened to me with the "guitar solo". I love the song, it's great and I'm not saying that GPN has to keep doing the same songs for the rest of their lives but I really miss that good ol' jazz blues they did on the first three albums.

  88. Jake Stolar

    I'm not hating on Grace, she's an amazing talent, but this sounds nothing like the band I fell in love with. I wish her and the band the best but I'm not likely to go to any more shows.


    @Alex Bieger She's been trying to become a BIG celebrity for a while now...this is just the next step. 

    Alex Bieger

    @caravanoflove4 I used to see her band and be blown away by how NOT self-absorbed she was. Because lets be honest, when you look like she does its probably pretty easy to become conceited. It seemed to be really about music. Yes the music was pretty poppy and accessible, but still soulful and badass. I'm just disappointed I guess, because this is just garbage.


    me too... me too.  Grace and the Nocturnals have always been my top choice for live shows (along with Jack White and Tedeschi Trucks) and now I'm feeling a bit heartbroken


    @Jake Stolar whine whine whine.

    Will Rose

    @Jake Stolar I think if you strip out some of the synths and electric drums this could easily fit on her last couple albums. It's not my favorite thing she's ever done, but I still like it a lot. I still hear Grace, and her voice still rocks. I probably like it more than "Never Go Back", the first single off her last album which had some great tracks. I didn't really like "Paris" either, her first single off the 2010 album, yet the rest of the album has some of my all-time favorites.

    While I do think she's had a general career trend towards pop, I don't think she's jumping off a cliff here. Aside from instrumentation and the level of polish, some of her latest 2010-2012 songs like "Stars", "The Divide", "Low Road", and "Things I Never Needed" aren't far off from some of her earlier pop/rock/blues stuff. Some of her early 2006-2007 songs like "Some Kind of Ride", "Sweet Hands", "Mr. Columbus", and "Mastermind" aren't far off from her newer stuff. If you played them all back to back in a live show I'm not sure the difference would be very obvious.

    Regardless, I'm still very much looking forward to the new album. I hope Grace is still enjoying what she is doing (new direction or not). Wishing for the best.

  89. Ben Paskus

    For all those hating on Grace and the band, your not in artistic control they are, and always have been. Sometimes you go up and down with the sound a band chooses to do. But you can still hear Grace in this! And I love it! So uplifting 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  90. Fran P

    Bet you were inspired by the desert starry nights!! Loved seeing you at Pappy's

  91. Rafael Lopez

    Nice song and nice voice ! :)

  92. Em Dowling

    Are you going solo?!

  93. caroline toms

    Great song!! Love it 😃

  94. Cara Brown

    oh my god

  95. Heylin C.

    Grace I've missed your voice, great track I love it! 


    yes 😩


    I love you grace!! always 💞