Grace Phipps - Falling For Ya Lyrics

The day started ordinary
Boys walking by
It was the same old story
Too fresh or too shy

I'm not the kind
To fall for a guy
Who flashes a smile
(it goes on for miles)
Don't usually swoon
But I'm over the moon
('cause he was just too cool for school)

And now I'm falling for ya, falling for ya
I know I shouldn't but I
I just can't stop myself from
Falling for ya, falling for ya
Can't hold on any longer
And now I'm falling for you

Now we're going steady
He's the cat's meow
(meow meow)
He says I'm a Betty
And we paint the town

I'm not the kind
To fall for a guy
Just 'cause he says hi
(when he's cruising by)
He's ready to race
And I'm catching his gaze
(they'll go on like this for days)

And now I'm falling for ya, falling for ya
I know I shouldn't but I
I just can't stop myself from
Falling for ya falling for ya
Can't hold on any longer
And now I'm falling for you

Feels like I tumbled from another world
Into your arms and it's so secure
Maybe I'll stumble but I know for sure
Head over heels I'm gonna be your girl

And now I'm falling for ya, falling for ya
I know I shouldn't but I
I just can't stop myself from
Falling for ya, falling for ya
Can't hold on any longer
And now I'm falling for you

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Grace Phipps Falling For Ya Comments
  1. Michelle Roggensack

    Makes me think of my crush ... who I literally out of nowhere started liking ❤️😏🥵

  2. dielpression

    i almost cried when i rewatched teen beach movie omfg

  3. K A R M A

    Laughing jack tik tok??

  4. Loverofkim

    How do I get this song out of my head

  5. Cinnamon StarX

    I was dancing to this song in my room at like 4 am , my little sister came in and just walked right out. I didnt know so the next morning when she said I like a guy I just choked like "uhm biss I'm gay watchu mean?" She said she caught me dancing to this song😂

  6. cutevoid editing

    0:38 ;33

  7. YuukoChan 2005

    Came here cause Im just, FALLING FOR MY BABEEE☺️😍💓💗💖🧡💞💚💙💜💋💘🖤😘😩💛

  8. Number Five

    madison fall

  9. _ΣtαrgιrL_ _Kpοpεr_

    00:35 thank me.later :)

  10. WOWsie !

    Bro please recommend songs like this to me

  11. Huru Mentado

    sounds like in 50’s or 60’s hybrid


    Huru Mentado right

    Lovre Brnas

    Thats the point

    Lovre Brnas

    The movie is 50's 60's


    ...I rlly thought this was a song that released in the old

  12. Alberte Agnes

    This movie is literally legendary

  13. Rosa Sanchez

    I am mad I learned this song from a damn til tok.

    brianna flores

    Rosa Sanchez I learned this song from the movie from Disney I watched it as a kid and I forgot what it was called so I had to search for it


    @brianna flores u mean teen beach movie?

    Louise Achour

    *tut tut tut*

  14. ana. b

    At this point I don’t care if it’s a Disney song because this pops off

  15. restless being

    Came here from Instagram...cant stop replaying cant believe I just heard this today

    game walkthroughs

    I love it from 2015 (I don't renember when was TBM but I was Ross Lynch's fan, so I watched it and lovet it)

    Carys Hummel

    I also came here from Instagram

  16. Nicole C.

    I remember when i was 4 and i watched this movie so many times i even knew the songs but now i forgot most parts MEMORIES

    Bryanna Queen

    Nicole C. Yesssss

  17. Moises Davila

    Lela Moises 🍺🏠📞

  18. Young Vue

    Lol Fuck this song nigga got me hella weak in shit XD

  19. vijay manglani

    Can't stop listening to this song! I LOVE this song!

  20. Anna Utley


  21. Catherine Baldonado

    That's nonsense in a good way. Do you guys agree. Thanks for making this movie. Wow that's really weird. Both of you have the same name.

  22. Scottpeckfanservice Noclout

    Disney makes good movies and good songs. This song is so, heart filling. I listen to this song over and over again. I never get bored of listening to this song over and over again, never get bored. Really liked the movie. Same with Mackenzie and Brady they're a great couple.

    Donata Sandra

    Scottpeckfanservice Noclout, yesss🔥


    disney didnt make this i dont think
    i really dont know 😂

  23. Scottpeckfanservice Noclout

    I really love this song so much, that I could not stop using my device. So cool they have Grace Phipps play as Lela. It's so cute that Tanner and Lela are in love.

  24. Tatiana Cor-dova

    this song makes me want to watch very old movies...

  25. Sanela Skrijelj


  26. Mimi Barker

    I love you guys I watched your teen beach movie Four times I'm going to watch teen beach two I loved mack/Maia

  27. June Amber

    i can't stop listening to this song I really love this song😁

    Anahi Villarreal

    June Amber same

  28. Leila Louis

    How weird is it that my name is Leila and her name was Lela in Teen Beach Movie? Same name. So odd. They gave that commercial a few months before they gave that movie and my brother tortured me, saying I was going to be in a movie. I wish there was a movie in Disney that had an Antonio in it so I can torture him. Revenge!!!

    Amy Paredes

    I got a one. Any Antonio Banderas movie's, say that your brother will be in it. It will annoy him like crazy.

    Catherine Baldonado

    Wow, you should have a payback on your brother. Well, if you could that is. Torture is not a very good thing, but payback's are the best thing you could do. Even if it is just your own brother.

    Catherine Baldonado

    Amy Paredes your sure her brothers name is in that show. Because I have no idea what movie that is.

  29. Reborn World

    ya/make more songs

  30. Reborn World

    love lela

  31. carlitos lopez

    linda cancion falling for ya

  32. Huan Perez

    me pasan url o algo así me puedo descargar esta y that's how de do por fabor

  33. Huan Perez

    como puedo descargar esta canción la nesesito

    Josue Hernandez

    que sistema operativo utilizas?


    answer josue bitch he’s still waiting

  34. Kelsey Nightingale

    Make more songs your amazing 😘

  35. mariel farfan espilco

    me encanta esa cancion

  36. johnnie strader

    It was actually flashes he's smile it goes on for miles

  37. Nora Rivas

    lol i wish i can be her

  38. DisneyR5

    Thx! :D

  39. loona skin

    Like it youre a good lyric maker

  40. Noah B

    Love it!

  41. DisneyR5


  42. Macey Minor

    I looooovvvvvvvveeeee that song!!!!!!!!!

  43. afrika brown

    This is the best lyrics video of this song on youtube

  44. Vasiliki V.

    Thank you so much for uploading in such a good quality that enjoyable song!

  45. DisneyR5

    Yah I know that, it was a mistake