Grace Phipps - Coolest Cats In Town Lyrics

We're the kings of the road, you're the dogs of the sea.
You're burning up on the sand, we break a hundred and three.

Leather jackets don't make you brave
Try riding down a ten foot wave.

You're waxing your board when I'm greasin' my hair
And while you're sleeping at night, we're riding everywhere.

We're the cool, cool, coolest cats
We're the coolest cats in town
We're the cool, cool, coolest cats
We're the coolest cats around
We don't care what you say
We'll take that challenge any day
We're the cool, cool, coolest cats in town

All you wanna do is win win win
I bet your greasy heads can't even swim

You got a room for a betty on the back of your board
You gotta cover your ears while my engine roars

If you got wet you would cry like a baby
A two foot wave and you'd be calling your mommy

We're the cool, cool, coolest cats
We're the coolest cats in town
We're the cool, cool, coolest cats
We're the coolest cats around
We don't care what you say
We'll take that challenge any day
We're the cool, cool, coolest cats in town

I got the moves, moves, moves like Elvis
Moves, moves, moves like Elvis

Yeah maybe you can move your hips and curl your lips
But can you do the wave and swim like this?
Come on!

I know you do the monkey when you're riding your whip
But can you do the jitterbug and swing like this?
Let's go!

Anything that you can do I can do better
I'm the coolest cat!
No, I'm the coolest cat!
Tell me who's the coolest cat in this whole entire place

We're the cool, cool, coolest cats
We're the coolest cats in town
We're the cool, cool, coolest cats
We're the coolest cats around
We don't care what you say
We'll take that challenge any day
We're the cool, cool, coolest cats in town

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Grace Phipps Coolest Cats In Town Comments
  1. Danica Evans

    1:50 he is wearing a leather jacket I think

    Tiler Shephard

    No, Jean jacket

  2. Kandi Graviett

    This reminds me of The Outsiders with the Greasers vs the Socs

  3. Moon Moon

    this is literally so similar to the nicest kids in town in the movie hairspray—

  4. Lynda Savage

    suffers won

  5. Miraculous Danger Fan

    This for some reason reminds me of Nicest Kids In Town from Hairspray.

    Moon Moon

    Miraculous Danger Fan SaME

  6. Shadouwz

    Is that a moterfucking cool cat reference

  7. Harley Quinn

    Guys, you know they do have this in the movie right? it's in the post credits scene where Lela and Tanner and Butchy wind up in modern day

  8. Tinamarie Harley

    Bikers are better

  9. Caleb Robbins

    Why is there no video for this song?

    Alpha 493

    Because it's the end credits song.

  10. Silvia Elizalde Mendoza

    me gusta esta cancion

  11. Wendy Mendoza Moreno

    los amo

  12. Arantza#Gdtfans Vazquez

    a canción favorita aaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍

  13. Tata K

    watch teen beach movie November 26th Disney Channel

  14. Aurora Gutierrez

    están bien lindos johhny y garret

  15. K Pero

    my GOST boss called us cats so this remind of him. & I don't know why but I love it

  16. Aurora Gutierrez

    asombrosa canción esta muy lindo butchy y tanner

  17. Hippiedoesart and rosysuperflower AJ

    this is summer song ITS BEEN ON REPLAY ALLLLLLLL SUMMER !!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hippiedoesart and rosysuperflower AJ

    this is my summer song XD not this is summer song. hippie do u evn grammer

  18. india♡

    I like the font that u used

  19. stillbella

    Movie 1

  20. Yolanda Cornejo

    I love this song

  21. Rodrigo

    I love music

  22. Bri Lox

    Im doing it in Fifth Grade Finally, I'll try to make sure my friend's dad post it. Its really fun! And OMG, the boys that are gonna be fighting, are hilarious! I'll make sure its posted by next month or week depending on her dad, cant wait!

  23. Makayla Caton, Guitarist Extraordinaire

    Who sung this song? I'm guessing John DeLuca and Garrett Clayton...

  24. The-gato

    no es haci gey

  25. Upasana Patel

    where in the film was this song i dont remember it?


    Its at the end of the movie when the bikers and surfers came to mack and bradys time

    Upasana Patel

    Oh ok thx


    most of it isn't in the movie though


    Ye inno but its the only time it is


    +Cin Lynch It was kinda meant to be part of the movie, like y'know when they all pause and don't know what to do because Tanner didn't catch Layla? There was meant to be a kinda fight thing and this is where that would've placed

  26. LIDIA JEIMY Reyes


  27. Balma Miralles

    si que sale esta canción cuando los surferos y moteros aparecen en las playas de ahora y les muestran el móvil xauu^^

  28. m S

    lizy it is at the end. The song plays once they see a phone scene

  29. RosalinaLover10

    I wish they kept this in the movie ) :


    Yeah :(

    SJ Munday

    They did, when the credits are rolling

    W For Wumbo

    @SJ Munday they had a dance for it

  30. Nathalie Aoun

    I am :p lol

  31. kyle

    It probably was.

  32. Dani Proctor

    Does anyone else ever wonder if this was the song that was meant to happen at the dance off bit in wet side story?

    Eloise Princess

    I know this is suuuuuuuper old but I do believe it is in fact that scenes song. If you watch the part where Brady is watching it, then you hear this song at least start when they separate them.

    Danica Evans

    Yes that what I said to my friends



  34. Audrey

    tell me who's the coolest cat in this whole entire place ?

  35. だょーんりなっち

    This song is like O.O

  36. Henrik Høholt

    2:02 what.............the..............FUCK!

  37. msbeatit1


  38. Manuela Davila

    I have the CD too

  39. Ximena Sanchez

    moves moves moves like Elvis <3

  40. Ximena Sanchez

    Spencer :3

  41. Sara Jancevic

    i love this song

  42. Madison Murphy

    I got the moves,moves,moves like elvis!

  43. Madison Murphy

    OH YAH! John DeLuca

  44. ZebraGirl3773

    u r good
    or making video

  45. Luka Števin

    move like elvis

  46. denxument

    A day in my school, you both will calling your mommy!
    That makes ME a coolest cat!!!

  47. Maria Diaz

    this is my favorite song out of the whole movie!!!!!! OMG

  48. An asmr channel OwO

    I love buchy so cute and brady and tanner too but mostly buchy

  49. Samir Roul

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  50. Ariana Gonzalez

    My favourite song in the album

  51. GioPlaysGT

    This is my second favorite song from teen beach movie

  52. Marcus Orlow

    Yes it was

  53. Florina Andreescu

    it wasnt in the movie

  54. Beautybyjayy

    coolest cat in town:D = MEEE

  55. Hailey Y

    i agree with u!

  56. Sitlaly Portillo

    Buchy is cute

  57. Rosalie Martin

    Buchy is awesome

  58. Esmeralda Reyes

    tanner is the coolest guy

  59. Esmeralda Reyes

    buchy is cool and aosome

  60. The Jman

    Thumbs up if the only part you heard when watching teen beach movie was "Coolest cats in the whole entire place!"

  61. Danniella Horan

    omg I never knew this was a teen beach movie song omg

  62. Tina So

    lela is my best singer i love this song

  63. lolLPS119

    Lol I luv tht song btw I'm a biker

  64. Lewis MinecraftPenguin

    I'm the coolest cat! :D

  65. Robert Ovens

    Love it positive

  66. Blue & Oz TV

    ohhhh that makes more sense.

  67. Seth Knox

    This is a never heard song so if u say you did not hear it butt it played at the end

  68. Mary Nave

    West side story

  69. Hannah who442

    Best movie ever!!!!!

  70. acidvalentine *`

    you're profile pic is amazing.

  71. Velvetette

    This song played at the VERY end of the movie after the credits. Wish they played the whole song :/

  72. Tara Fox

    They didn't, they didn't use the WHOLE song, but they used a little bit in the very end.

  73. Sitlaly Portillo

    So funny

  74. melody ledesma

    1:34 ¿¿¿¿¿¿????????

  75. Kim Kuhn

    I love teen beach movie

  76. tink56156

    Love this song

  77. Erica Horning

    umm XD.... Sorry not a good song..

  78. Wanda623


  79. Simone Ebert

    The second movie maybe will be about the people in wet side story go to the regular date? Like the opposite of the movie

  80. Simone Ebert

    I love this song! I wish it was more popular

  81. Lily Ritterman-Pena

    1:36 you'll thank me later

  82. Lily Ritterman-Pena

    I love you john!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Widdburd Butterson

    Its *John*

  84. Squeak L

    I love Tanner and buchy I know buchys name its Jhon and tanners name is Garrett

  85. Dorothy Chay

    Butchy looks hot and tanner

  86. Alyssa Metcalf

    I say the bikers are the coolest cats in town

  87. Erika Ayala

    lela way to go

  88. Emma Smelser

    I know right it be so cool maybe they surfers and bikers could get stuck in the real world

  89. Pennelope Gonzalez

    Love this songs and u should make a video

  90. lucy rivas

    i love song its awsome good job you are awsome

  91. Perkwallflower '

    I meant 19 the ass hole

  92. Perkwallflower '

    They play this song at the end kelly the ass hole

  93. Oscar Guerra

    Best song i know the dance move

  94. Kordell 17

    they could make the second one about the people from wet side story in the real world with brady and mac