Grace, Jamie - Sweet Little Jesus Boy Lyrics

Sweet little Jesus boy
They made you be born on a manger
Sweet little holy child
We didn't know who you were
Didn't know you come to save us lord
To take our sins away
Our eyes were blind we couldn't see
We didn't know who you were

You have told us how we are trying
Master you shown us how
Even when you were dying
Just seems like we can't do right
Look how we treated you
But please forgive us lord
Didn't know it was you

Sweet little Jesus boy
They made you be born on a manger
Sweet little holy child
We didn't know who you were
Didn't know you came to save us lord
To take our sins away
Our eyes were blind we couldn't see
We didn't know who you were

Sweet little Jesus boy
Born long time ago
Sweet little holy child
We didn't know who you were
No we didn't know who you were
We didn't know who you were

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Grace, Jamie Sweet Little Jesus Boy Comments
  1. McKenzie Holms

    You have an amazing voice! Love and Jesus is all you need in life. Keep up your good work!!❤️

  2. Becky Olson

    Still love listening to this song

  3. Marti Oliver

    This is absolutely beautiful, I feel really terrible that I'm just now listening to this four years later. And it's the middle of May, not even Christmas, but I'm so moved. The line "We didn't know who you were", is relevant even today. We lose sight of Him and get lost, yet He's there to comfort us; to save us. That right there is the Gospel truth. Jamie Grace you are Godsent, may Be forever bless you. And might I say, your voice is just so angelic and marvelous. You make me smile.

  4. Jason Grossley

    Redemption honor glory virtuous hearts love maker of Anointed Kings and Queens Princes and Princesses our Holy Savior sweet little baby Jesus boy the bestower of all great Heavenly gifts!

  5. Anastasia Eghan

    Jamie I love this...
    Should we be expecting more Christmas songs from you this year (2017)?

  6. Mayanna Purcell

    It sound so glorious blass your ❤

  7. Crazy Kitkat


  8. NwokeabiA Jason Emeka

    Why would anyone dislike this?#Garbie Jason 😘

  9. Fad JerS

    So beautiful!!! Thank you for your ministry!

  10. Hannah Thomas

    what are the piano chords to this song so i can play it

  11. ChristianYABooksandMore

    So beautiful!!!

  12. tiFdexaleR

    Wow! The best version of this song I've ever heard!
    Really great!

  13. Tammy Hislop

    amazing amen thank you Jesus for dieing for us

    Stephen Donkoh

    so nice

  14. Hannah Thomas

    I wanna sing this in my church for Christmas

    Victoria Sudduth

    Hannah Thomas me too

  15. Little_Winter


  16. SilvaPurry

    This song is so sweet as Jesus is ♥☺

  17. Juli

    such a sweet song. Praise God <3

  18. Kareen Loves-Jesus Josephs

  19. Kareen Loves-Jesus Josephs

  20. Kareen Loves-Jesus Josephs


  21. Maïlys D.

    I can't stop listening to this, it's just amazing. May God bless you Jamie

  22. melissa Polite


  23. CapitolCMGPub

    This is the best! Amazing job. :)

  24. Jewel Simmons

    I can't stop listening to this. I'm in awe of her voice. You can really hear her gifted voice on this song.

  25. Bebeglo kkj

    Love your songs. May our good Lord continue to bless you and your sweet family as your continue to make Him known through your works. God bless you. My kids, 2 year old Josh and 4 year old Caleb love your songs like crazy....really!

  26. Stacey C

    This is beautiful.

  27. Adrian Courville

    started crying at one point I didn't even know until the video finished that I started. I truly love you. I hope to see in concert one day

  28. Charnika

    Absolutely breathtaking!

  29. Jewel Simmons

    Love it ,)

  30. Tiffany Pratt

    Can yoy come and see me at home my family love you my little girl said your have the best voice fill with love

  31. Tiffany Pratt

    I love Jamie grace she is filled with love

  32. Ian Blevens

    There is only one God hi's name is ❗️Jesus❗️

  33. Rita Rasslan

    Wow!! 0 dislikes!!

  34. Yvette - Bookworlder

    Absolutely beautiful.  A new Christmas favorite for me.  Thanks for posting!

  35. Germaine Jean


  36. KeiJozabel Rodriguez

    I LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. deborah losekelly

    I am mesmerized by your voice.... The lyrics to this song really speak volumes. Thank you, for sharing your tAlent and your love of the Lord with us!

  38. Matías Robles

    i really loved this song <3

  39. christian tandog

    love ur songs for Jesus jamie grace .. Godbless you more...

  40. Anna Hudson

    Amazing singing, Jamie Grace

  41. Schallocks

    Its Amazing! Merry Christmas!!! 

  42. Catalina Andonie

    It's so beautiful!!! I love Christmas songs!!!

  43. giveyy pierre

    This is absolutely beautiful! So peaceful and Jamie's voice just is so lovely. The perfect song for Christmas:)

  44. Miss LQ

    Beautiful song & voice! 👏👏🙌  Love you, Jamie Grace! 💗💗💜

  45. ZainabOdukoya

    Amazing Song! I absolutely love it!!!

  46. 11teiko

    I love it, Jamie. When are you uploading another talk video?

  47. Joshua Schwartz

    7th comment!

  48. P. Snell

    Hi Jamie! Such luck that JUST after I downloaded this CD to my Rhapsody Favs, I got this alert that u posted this song! Love ur music & ur sweet, fiery spirit for God! Keep doing what ur doing Jamie! STILL SMILING...

  49. Emilia Oyanguren

    I loved, kiss from Argentina

  50. Kayla

    i absolutely love this!!!!

  51. Javon Harris

    Yayyy I'm the first to comment here!!! Lol... I love all your hard work and dedication Jamie Grace.... love all your music!!! I know you may not have time to comment back... Love your passion for GOD!!!!! Your my dream woman!!! :~) if your ever in Ohio let me know! -Javon

    Sean _OceanBrother

    simmer down there, tiger.