Goulding, Ellie - Home Lyrics

Lonely thoughts they seep, into mind
into me
pushing deep
Wash the dirt, a hard days work
Know my place
On my own
No poison in my bones
On my own
This is where I build my home

My home,
this will always be my home

I work until it's late
Walk in and close the gate
I look in the window
and I gaze at my face
Every line and every abrasion
This took my life to make
This took my life to make
On my own
No poison in my bones
On my own, this is where I build my home
My home

I need someone, to hold
I need someone, to hold
My home
This will always be my home
This will always be my home

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Goulding, Ellie Home Comments
  1. Neil Schlichting

    Europeans have a much better taste in music than we do in north America.
    I love Ellie's music before she joined American mainstream.. I can't stand to listen to her new stuff.
    Still I know she has great potential, I miss the old Ellie!!

  2. Arám Ch

    2018 ❤❤

  3. Growing in the Key of Ember!!

    LOVE the feeling of this song!!!!!

  4. Alan Love

    This is one of my favorite songs. Well this and "Human".

  5. Dev Debashis

    march 2018?✌✌

  6. Carol

    Anyone listening in 2018? Years later, still loving this song

  7. Shawn Murray

    I love songs about home they give me a feeling so deep it really is just hurts. Home by one direction almost makes me cry lol it's true though

  8. razrv3lc

    Why did they remove all of the good songs from Bright Lights and repackage the album as Lights for the US? It seems like Lights is missing almost every good song from Bright Lights.


    razrv3lc they dimmed the light

  9. Christian

    this song is really meaningful and I love it and almost all of Ellie's
    other songs too. #1eaSBHD2ssA

  10. Penny Ormos

    this song is really meaningful and I love it and almost all of Ellie's other songs too.

  11. It'sColleenHere

    This song gave me chills

  12. StrangeStrawMan

    I listened to this song on my first day of Uni with dreams of one day finding my home. 5 years later and I'm still listening, but I'm getting closer. I can feel it.


    i wish i could go back 5 years

    Night Shade

    I hope you find it! Keep us updated.

    Ansuuk Suzuya

    So? You did ? (if you're dead no need to answer)

  13. BadWolf567

    Such a great song reminds me of family and home and defending them

  14. Meg Mitchell

    This is beautiful, am I the only one who gets reminded of Applejack from mlp?

  15. fbturco

    Elena Jane  Goulding

    Gwenevere Nugent


  16. Amber Swanson


  17. GMcC.Still I Rise

    So beautiful ~~~ <3

  18. Christina Branam

    replayy :)

  19. KaleiKitesWrites

    This reminds me of deforestation for some reason. 

    AJ Murphy

    +KaleiKitesWrites It reminded me of the Hunger Games.

    Sofiya Dunn

    It reminds me of Tris in Abnegation

  20. TheImpetuousComedian

    This is a really touching song

  21. jaimearndt

    Guys ,i love this song ...im serious

  22. Nathanial Johnson

    yeah we do lol

  23. helloblackblue

    Hey... don't give Snickers a free commercial.. they could make money off of this stuff!

  24. crazy4topmodel1

    i think we all know the real winne here

  25. Bjarne Bjokkes

    :O 'Bright Lights' that's the name of a 30STM song :D I can see the connections..!!

  26. Jarl

    You did not come from england. America was founded on a majority of english, yes, however immigrants from all over europe can be found in american blood, not to mention native americans as well. Saying you are better fighters is wrong as well. The british have their heroic victories and so do the americans. America is the most powerful nation at this moment in time however I can assure you in a couple of year they wont be. The scales of power is ever changing and you are a fool. So, shh pleb.

  27. Cap'n Dimples

    Canada is a country? Huh... I forget that sometimes.

  28. Prooty1

    Mate you stole a whole language and decided to call it American with messed up spellings... WTF???

  29. Hanna Humana

    Actually we came from England so fuck off. The only reason we are Americans is because we are better fighters then you guys. You guys were using Americans before we were even named Americans.

  30. Doogy

    dont forget scottish, wee speak english kinda

  31. Rissa B

    Hey hey. I am American and I respect everything displayed like Ellie Goulding and Skins so please just share :D and you can have some McDonalds

  32. tbdance16

    This is and will always be my favorite Ellie song :)

  33. Islaqui

    guys who gave u the right of saying that something you didnt made urself is yours ? thats really retarded way to live your lifes.. how miserable you have to be to take others achievements as your own...

  34. Bianca Gillam

    I was replying to Killer Cash's comment, not setting out a vendetta against American people?

  35. montey2

    And now being human.. D:

  36. LovelyRadPoppy

    And Kinder products, I think.

  37. Dave Dass

    Thanks SKY

  38. missjaimara

    i'll always adore this. hopefully i'll be seeing her this summer

  39. Fortazer117

    ...and Life On Mars

  40. dizzigrey

    How convenient of you to not list the shows that are originally American and remade for British television.

  41. Cassandra Myers

    omg this is an ellie goulding video not some political debate. america and england are both cool. ellie goulding is perfect so lets all calm down.

  42. CandiGlow

    Calm yourself.

  43. Becomethecolor

    While I think all british shows are usually better than their American adaptations, The Office US and Shameless US were unfortunately MUCH better than the originals.

  44. Sylina Logan

    i love how she names one album lights, then comes up with bright lights, just so ou of the blue, jk i love ellie

  45. Carly White

    Can everyone just stop with the Britain/America! What's the point anyway? Arguing over Youtube? Is that really going to get you anywhere? I've been to Britain okay, the songs there are awesome but you know what? I live in America and I think the music here is pretty damn awesome too. Sure, Ellie is a british singer, but hell, so are a thousand other famous actors and actresses and singers. There's Australian actors in America, do you see Australians complaining that we "stole them"? No!Seriously

  46. omgwaffles09


  47. Minerva de Terralba

    Who the hell cares about nacionality? Ellie Goulding is a great singer.

  48. emily

    can we not try to compete against each other just watch the video enjoy Ellie's angel voice and please be quite thanks

  49. Sahara Parker

    There's 'America's next top model', 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader' called 'Are you smarter than a 10 year old' in the UK, 'Family Feud', 'The Golden Girls', 'Jeopardy'...should I go on?

    Like what is really the point of arguing??

  50. Sahara Parker

    Everyone arguing about Brits and Americans is dumb. People come to America to get famous or become MORE famous. We aren't taking shit from Britain. They come here. We aren't TAKING anything, so shut up and enjoy the music. :)

  51. emma

    calm down

  52. emma

    Britains got talent then america's got talent, BRITAIN MAKES THE BEST TV SHOWS!!!

  53. Ronan Cregan

    Top gear.

  54. iAmStevey

    Telling people you would beat the fuck out of them with your fist on YouTube....You are so solid.

  55. Chloe Rea

    Well said =)

  56. Jessica Murray

    Same here

  57. Lex Alex

    Heard this from the Sky advert...Nice song...

  58. Nikesh Patel

    I see where you are coming from,and antifyfa98 has a limited scope clearly, but you said it like a c**t.

  59. Nikobelico1

    America isn't US, i really hate when everybody refers US to america :L, and ellie goulding is from England if you don't know

  60. Lorelei Rose

    You do know history repeats itself in ways you obviously can't comprehend. Everything America is and ever will be will be a knock off of something British. Except some of our foods which will still have a British style to it. Our TV shows, our music, or ways of life are in the most literal form... Knock off British stuff. I'm American, always have been. Soooo, don't even try it.

  61. catie wheeler

    I'm American & I am appalled that you would say that to anyone. No, most music and movies don't come from America; we are just sheltered from the music and movies of other countries and automatically assuming that someone is stupid because their preference in music is different from yours shows that you are uneducated. So they knocked down some (pretty crappy if I must say) American singers. Get off your high horse; your opinion about music is as irrelevant to him/her as his/her's is to yours

  62. Paul Smith

    i did as well and am glad that i did :)

  63. pacnite

    you can add top gear and the entire film industry to that list :)

  64. Lee C

    Why all the racism? It's a good fucking song. Who cares where it comes from? I'm British, but I couldn't care less if Ellie wasn't. What does it matter? Just enjoy it.

  65. Spulunky

    And don't get me started on almost every originally British TV Gameshow that was remade by Americans like Who wants to be a Millionnaire.

  66. Dylan De La Pena

    they still have some good music. try listening to "tool" thats my favorite american band :p

  67. d1n4m

    I do and I did, what you gonna do about it? dick.

  68. greatmac007d

    Americans - Originally British people (and more), remade by Americans

  69. greatmac007d

    hakuna matata

  70. greatmac007d

    maybe because advert music are real songs now? an advert no only advertises the obvious product, but the hidden as well. music, is one of those.

  71. greatmac007d

    Why is it that everytime i find a song i like, people are either fighting bout religion, or its america vs uk. -_-

  72. Thomas Jenssen

    What? Many people hear songs in adverts and comercials that they like. So they search for it to listen to it or find out what it's called. Why is that sad?

  73. Dan Julke

    I just wrote a 400 character comment to explain exactly what was wrong with your comment, but I decided that you were already too far gone...
    Only thing to do now is kill it before it lays eggs.

  74. Paul Smith

    most music comes from America? how'd you figure that out? because most of the music you listen to comes from America? if so then that statement is just stupid!

  75. Dan Julke

    Why not? Makes perfect sense to me.

  76. Dan Julke

    I didn't know there were rules to such a stupid thing.

  77. Salami Puddin

    Yeah I am...majority of those remakes sucked.

  78. Lembo B

    Nice one Ellie for a great song. Epic sound,

  79. Bianca Gillam

    Skins - originally a British programme, remade by Americans. The Office - originally a British programme, remade by Americans. The Inbetweeners - originally a British programme, remade by Americans. Shameless - originally a British programme, remade by Americans. Are you starting to see a pattern?

  80. Ezio Uchiha

    Bitch please, we have the highest grossing film series in the world, Harry Potter, we have the second highest grossing film series in the world, James Bond. You yanks have tried copying both; the most hilarious one has to be 'Jason Bourne' which is such a failure compared to James Bond.

  81. nenil1040

    I did
    So what??

  82. nenil1040

    America copies quite a few British shows...
    To name a few: the office, Britain's got Talent, Skins etc

  83. Kesser


  84. Ngandjui Cynthia

    this song is soo catchy!!!

  85. Gerelt

    Using a copypasta. And not even using it correctly.
    It needs 10 or more comments to be considered an adventure, not 3.

  86. Will Moores

    We populate America aswell, so you're using our land.....BOOM BOOM

  87. snarkey5

    you're just sooo cool

  88. lolololololololololololololololololololololololololowat

    i assure you i didn't.

  89. Gerelt

    Erm... you did? ._.

  90. Gerelt

    I think reason he acted like that was because he got butt hurt by the fact he said he doesn't like justin bieber.
    (I lol'd)

  91. joe2snj

    Melody sounds almost identical to the main riff to Otherside by the Chili Peppers. Still like what she did with it this song.

  92. EmilyJayne1234

    i love this song


    it was sky ATLANTIC

  94. xsirenflyx

    actually no, im english. we've copied prom, they had a show called 'real world', and england took it and renamed it big brother, also the apprentice was copied by england, too. By the way, it's spelt 'British'. Only one 'T'.

  95. Snail

    Are you American? ._.

    BBC= Brittish Broadcasting Company.

    BBCA= Brittish Broadcasting Company America.

    And we copy them? ._.

  96. omgwaffles09

    when i first heard this i thought it was 'he will always be my ho'

  97. Sasha Rabson

    Americans are like kiddy snatches (no offence to any one) you guys lure great people in with sweets and puppys then they are lost for ever. Just leave Ellie!! x

  98. Sasha Rabson

    Well said !!!