Gotthard - What Can I Do Lyrics

In my thoughts, you're there as ever
In my dreams, we stay together
See your face in every place I go

And here I stand, the great pretender
Borrowed times, I do remember
I need you more than you will ever know

I do complain
To live without your love's to live In vain
What can I do to make you love me
What can I say to make you smile
Won't you gimme that sign I'm waiting after
Don't turn away don't turn away
How will I know this is the right time
How will I feel this is the right place
I'm walking on fire forever, after
So what do ya say what do ya say
Tell me what do ya say

I'll be the one for you to lean on
Fill your mind with things to dream on
One step away to catch you when you fall

You and I, today, tomorrow
Trust your heart and what will follow
Feel the love I'm dying to give to you

I do complain
To live without your love's to live in vain
What can I do to make you love me
What can I say to make you smile
Won't you gimme that sign I'm waiting after
Don't turn away don't turn away
How will I know this is the right time
How will I feel this is the right place
I'm walking on fire forever, after
So what do ya say what do ya say
Tell me what do ya say

What will it take to make things right
What can I do to change your mind
Gotta find a way to get to you

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Gotthard What Can I Do Comments
  1. Rickey Engle

    i say,,i love you

  2. kmglover1

    what a voice! So much feeling. Love and miss you Steve R.I.P

  3. 1994SirLancelot

    Pořád se mi chce brečet...Moc závidím lidem,kteří ho ještě stihli slyšet....Jednou se setkáme Steve :) Drž mi místo v tvém rockovém nebi :-*


    MR E

  5. dbell souza


  6. Neil Crump

    Can a song be perfect? This is about as close as you can get to it for me. Just awesome stuff

  7. O Z

    Perfect! I miss You...

  8. 발성전문- 바디사운드

    perfect!!! 와우 !!!

  9. 발성전문- 바디사운드

    perfect!!! 와우 !!!

  10. Diego Franco

    Quiero escuchar música!!! NO!!! propagandas doble h!"·$%&/()=?!!!!

  11. Soňa Petríková

    život je krutý... prečo musel odísť takýto človek - skvelý spevák. Teraz už spieva v nebi - R.I.P.

  12. Юрий Гаранин

    добротный исполнитель.

  13. Janna Zaverkova

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

  14. Tompa.Oslo

    Amazing voice .RIP  / Tom Norway

  15. Vanja Leber


    Gerhard Baumgartner


  16. Eirik Pedersen

    Steve.....come back, you will be in my heart forever...!

  17. Elkethus

    first time i hear this song is actualy pretty good

  18. TheDiamondDie

    ...I don't have words to explain....but the question still remains!...

  19. Hatcheck Acoustic Duo

    Einfach eine Klasse für sich!!!!!! The Hatcheck´s

  20. reallyboardstiff

    There is a great deal of sadness knowing such beautiful music has to come to a end!

  21. reallyboardstiff

    Time stood still when he moved on to the great heaven in the sky!

  22. Ala G.

    diamond rock:):):):):):):):):)miss:(:(:(:(:(

  23. Rune Svendsen

    It`s not often songs give mee goosebums, but this is absolutely one of them. Great job Gotthard!!!!

  24. realmeny

    What Can I Do To listen more great songs like this, Thanks a lot Gotthard

  25. zbl68

    nádherná !

  26. MultiKtk

    Love this song!!

  27. KryptoEH

    i heard this song and I ______ (fill in the blank with the band name)

  28. Kaz Lee

    Sadly missed and irreplaceable he left so many memories...a legend!! RIP Steve, rock on in Heaven dude. Love you xxxx

  29. Stephanie Lawson

    @NYFalconman bless you, I wish someone loved me like you love her. Good luck!

  30. Jim Mangiarella

    Awesome Song, I wish my soon to be ex wife could listen to these words cause its everything I feel from my heart ever since she's asked for a divorce. I love her and will never stop. Awesome Song!! RIP Steve

  31. Seto Relentless Crusader Kaiba

    @destroyer8604 dont forget steve perry.. & your right to me he is the best of the best

  32. btkandy

    RIP Steve Lee

  33. destroyer8604

    @onecrazylemming I know. Steven Lee was one of the greats and hardly anybody as ever heard of his band. He has a voice comparable to Steven Tyler and Bon jovi and yet not even close in popularity.

  34. Bonjavi66

    Qué grandes !!

    Y cuanto te hecho de menos Steve !!

    Siempre entre nosotros MAESTRO !!!!!!!

  35. Noel Par

    what a songgg!!!!

  36. diolanica

    Linda esta musica...miss you Steve...

  37. troyusa0727

    I'm not one to post comments here but Steve Lee's death is a true loss. I just learned of his death now and have the biggest sinking feeling in my stomach. To his friends, family, and all in the Gotthard family, I offer my sincere sympathy and wish that you find comfort in the many wonderful experiences you shared with him.

  38. Alex dracula

    rest in peace MISTER STEVE LEE... \m/

  39. Trevor Dennett-Thorpe

    R.I.P. Steve Lee ;(


    Descansa En Paz mi Queridisimo Steve!

    Siempre llevare tus Canciones en mi Heart!!


  41. xMALIOx

    Menschen werden geboren, Menschen leben, Menschen sterben und Menschen werden vergessen. Dich aber Steve Lee kann man nicht vergessen. Your voice and your spirit will live forever.
    Finde Ruhe und Frieden. Das Schicksal kann grausam sein.

  42. Barbara

    He'll be missed. Great voice!!!

  43. Seto Relentless Crusader Kaiba


  44. Glinnbo

    s'trefft emmer die beschte...

  45. Meie

    wirklich ein echt super Song!!! - wie viele andere auch! <3 R.I.P Steve Lee!

  46. fany srilangga

    RIP Steve Lee... your songs and your music is always in our heart... :(

  47. Tonyr67

    Gotthard is one of the best melodic rockbands out there.
    Steve Lee is the best rockvocalist from the last 20 years!!!

  48. horibia

    This is for the special person that every body should dream of....….

  49. eduard lee

    i love gotthard

  50. Bogdan Ionescu

    great song!!!

  51. TheAnonym96

    This song is so freaking cute !!!
    Jesus, I love it !!<333

  52. dannywizz

    Great songwriting going on here.

  53. Mohamed Galal

    nice words ,

  54. lesley van den berg

    Great SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Lena (SentimentalMe69)

    Hammersong und sehr passend dazu der Clip! Gerneee 5 Sterneee...*smile*..., lg Lena

  56. Silverfuck1981

    ¿Qué puedo hacer... para que me ames?

  57. Klaus Koch

    sauber,einfach ne supergeile band 11

  58. unselfcontrol

    listen in peace

  59. Angelika Steinhart


  60. Brett Herbert

    get down australia

  61. Ironman.Mk84

    ragazzi che spettacolo sta canzone!!!
    Gotthard 4 ever!!!!

  62. seebao1

    This is good music. Absolutely. Great band and vid made with taste. Thanks!

  63. Matthias Müller

    @ WASP1973:
    was ist dein verschissenes problem, lass doch die leute mal in ruhe, auf jedem Gotthard video sehe ich deine scheiss Kommentare. gehts dir noch!!! hat es dir das Hirn durchgebrannt ?! ach was welches hirn....
    du mit deinem hardrock oder Metal was gehst du überhaupt auf diesen Clip. ist es dir so langweilig das du andere Leute stören musst ?!?!!!

  64. Flo Wer

    Die Musik is toll, bestimmt eine Millionen mal toller als alles, was Du, Wasp1973 jemals machen könntest.

    Die Stimme is einmalig, wie Kurt Cobain, genauso groß!

    Und die Balladen sind großartig! GROßARTIG!
    Und wenn sie rocken, dann bebt das Publikum!

    Pförring Open Air '09 mit Gotthard - Eintritt frEi - ich komme!

  65. GoodGuySauron

    The best rock band in thaaa fucking world!

    Rock on!^^

  66. Mauro Opresor

    buenisimo el ritmo de la cancion no latea como otras canciones

  67. Lucia Smit

    Thank you Brittha, not just for your lovely clips but also for making it possible for me to listen to this beautiful song and other songs you put on YouTube.

  68. nazgulius

    love it

  69. redbull2511

    Nach "Let it rain" sicher einer der gefühlvollsten Songs von Gotthard! Und Deine Bilder passen perfekt dazu! auf alle Fälle 5*****