Gotthard - Starlight Lyrics

If you wanna be what you see
Just put your name down
And if you wanna feel what you think is real
If you wanna pick up a steel
Just put your name down
Anything at all but only when the deed is done
Anything at all will tell the moon into the sun

Starlight I don't even know your name
Starlight still you wanna play my game

If you wanna be higher than the call
If you don't believe you can fall
Just put your name down
And if you wanna feel stronger than steel
If you wanna get on the wheel
Just put your name down
Anything at all but only when the deed is done
Anything at all will tell the mourning to the sun

Starlight I don't even know your name
Starlight now you gonna play my game
Starlight I've think I'm gonna make you sane
Starlight I'll give you everything with shame

Come and stake your game
Cold and rain
Get your pleasure and pain

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Gotthard Starlight Comments
  1. Sorahia W

    O ROCK VIVE! JUL2019

  2. Davjovi Smith

    Why Can't Gotthard Tour the UK ???? Bring then to London Someone

  3. Daniel Radina

    This band is amazing. ROCK ON \m/

  4. Juan E.

    Gotthard's Thunderstruck

  5. Tiéli Musi


  6. Jamila Andersson


    Shaun Ethan Chaudhury Phangcho

    Jamila Andersson hey, it's you again. 😂😂. I see you following Gotthard a lot eh.

    Jamila Andersson

    Shaun Ethan C. Phangcho
    Hello Shaun Ethan:-) Yes I'm here and nice to meet you:-) Yeah I really Love Gotthard they are damn AMAZING WOOOOW
    I had never heard them before and now I Love Them!!!! Every Song Music with them are Damn AWESOME. ..
    What An Incredible Amazing Fantastic Excellent Band \m/
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. BKD Vickers

    I close my eyes and can picture Steve singing this . Thanks to Nic, the band was able to keep going and do it in a very powerful way.

  8. William L.

    Aren't they in the wrong century?

  9. Tomas Ludvigsson

    Damn ive allways liked Gotthard,but tbh,,theyre even better now

  10. Peter Sitzwohl

    Nice video Rock n roll yeah

  11. Jerre

    The background looks like fall out new vegas when you are entering new vegas

  12. Tales Mendes

    SHOW....Algum BR? curte?


    Official Music Video for "Starlight" from the album "Firebirth."

  13. Cimerio por internet

    no conocia esta banda

  14. Sault RocksAgain

    Solid Tune and Band !!!

  15. Mr.Scary Scarysteria

    * New Single Out Now 18/ 19.11.2016 Come ! New Album Come Year January 2017 ( Silver) ! This Not Song from Silver Album! Okay!? *

  16. Charleston11

    i tempi di dial hard sono bella che andati...

  17. Dirk Carolus

    Nic did a real great job - he´s got something trashy in the voice. R.I.P Steve

  18. XxSkorpion1988xX

    Ein schallendes Grüzi in die Schweiz!

    Echt geiles Lied!

  19. Jenny Guzmán

    Excellent job Nic Welcome to Gotthard but I miss Steve

  20. dbell souza


  21. Maurizio Spagna

    GODO sotto queste luci da star.....
    L'esplosione del rock è tornata sulla terra.


    Oh jaaaaaaa !! L'esplosione del Rock, Gruß aus Nürnberg :)

  22. Heker Novoa


  23. Music lover

    Album (GOTTHARD Firebirth) in my collection, vid in my favs. Thanks.

  24. 1stSaintsFan

    That one chick in the sun glasses looks like a fuckable version of Taylor Swift. Much cooler.

  25. icehockey 1946

    Полное гавно.Не тянет новый.Блять ,как жаль...да распуститесь лучше .Кто сравнится с Стивом Ли???

  26. Bryan Aristigueta

    does anybody know the name of the short hair blondie?

  27. Celine Gruber

    I love this song so much!! Nic is incredible. And yes there will never be another steve lee but there will also never be another nic!!!!! Gotthard forever

    Carlos .Juárez

    I saw him live last night, yeah there will never be another steve, but nic delivers the goods, it was a great show

    Jenny Guzmán

    Celine Gruber you're right excellent comment

    carlos urrego

    Celine Gruber i hate the new queen whit Lambert but i have to admit that gotthard whit nic have a really good sound the difference is the new music.

  28. drazenka da silva

    nic, du hast es drauf,stimme geil gut abgestimmt mit der lead Gitarre von leoni,einfach voll mega,weiter so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Yunnanblack

    House Of Lords это делали намного качественнее. Но группе простительно, так как прежнего вокалиста заменить почти невозможно.

  30. sesamharold

    Klasse Song. Aber das Video ist peinlich lächerlich.

  31. Javier Rodriguez

    Suena muy bien

  32. RipChorde Released

    I am getting that Cult Sonic Temple vibe from this song ..Great straight-forward rocker!!

  33. Dimitar Tepavicharov

    the swiss bon jovi

  34. Александр Константинов

    Не суждено услышать песню в исполнении Стива, однако мощи она от этого сильно не теряет, не покидает мой плейлист уже год :))

  35. MrBERNI25

    Pas la meilleure compo....mais c'est bien ficelé.

  36. Elena Shchepetnova


  37. Kidafu Na-ama

    hes voice
     sounds like steve :D

  38. perkelesataanaa

    thanks Gotthard. Really THANKS

  39. Antonio Ramirez

    Metal still alive

    Aivis Latvian

    This one is pure HardRock.

  40. Europe Rock Band

    our version:
    "Steve Lee
    We missing you so much"

  41. Viktor

    A voice lost in time of such horrible examples as lady gaga and such.

  42. agga

    Myślę, że jest nas więcej :) Uwielbiam ten zespół! Dla mnie to najlepsza kapela rockowa na świecie! (Tylko dlaczego płyty są u nas takie drogie ????) Zapraszamy na koncert do Polski !!! 

  43. socialcody

    HeHe , yeah

  44. kiskipuich1

    Danny lane s reencarnation?
    the previous singer was better


    We know that all but we must life with them

  45. shaman black


  46. lloret de mar

    but nic maeder makes a good job !!

  47. Wallace Rocha

    hes good , but ...miss you steve !!!

  48. Natan Patussi

    Nice voice too.

  49. Timo Nikku

    He aint Steve, but he's good!

  50. Sam Well

    ' just put your name down '

  51. OLGA KM

    great voice ! He has the right voice for the band

  52. Bau do Junior

    hard rock

  53. AV Event Center

    Nie jednego znalazłeś! Zajebista kapela!!!

  54. diobelek76

    I TO SIE NAZYWA MUZA!!!!!:))) Cinderella,Skid Row,W.A.S.P.,itd...itd.....Kapele palce lizać:))

  55. matijas97

    Cieszę się, że znalazłem Polaka, który słucha Gottharda. Zespół jest strasznie mało znany u nas, a wielka szkoda. Ich naszywka będzie niedługo dumnie mieszkać na mojej kamizelce (:

  56. Hollie M.

    he passed away. RIP

  57. Mauro Rosa

    Bla bla blah... Of course!

  58. Edson Barros

    Very nice job guys! Grettings from Brazil!

  59. Livi Long

    Love this so much!! COOL <3

  60. Severin Black

    In Heaven...

  61. TheArsenPL

    No to w opolu

  62. Pomaraczowy

    na festiewalu polskiej piosenki w opolu :]

  63. Sacret

    Just ...
    Argentina <3

  64. Michael Torres

    mmmm Idon´t like the new singer but this song is fucking great..
    greetings from Southamerica..

  65. TheArsenPL

    R.I.P Steve Lee [*]

  66. TheArsenPL

    Z tego co mi wiadomo to Gotthard był w Sopocie. Albo na innym tego typu festiwalu ;)

  67. Jason Turner

    This guy fucking sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Sonja Berger

    suuuuuubbber,gratulaischen from Switzerland :-)

  69. Hector Cross

    Where is Steve Lee????

  70. TheArsenPL

    [*] RIP

  71. Michael Henawy

    Steve lee died

  72. dimmu1405

    This not Steve.. but it is good!!!

  73. Mike Conroy

    There will be another Steve Lee it is just impossible.

  74. Mark Vukovich

    Steve, it is not same without you. :(

  75. Mike Conroy

    There will NEVER be another Steve Lee.I think someone broke the mold with him.See you in Harley Heaven where biking NEVER ends.

  76. Fernando Pato

    Best swiss band ever!!

  77. lionheart4x

    164 people didn't see the starlight

  78. Dj Wąski

    Tak naprawdę to zrobili im zaszczyt że chciało im się do Polski przyjechać na badziewny wybór gdzie panuje czysta komercha.

  79. splackey1

    Killer song!! Want more!!

  80. John Marsh

    GREAT US SOUTHERN RIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. MrTrolololol15

    great new singer but i can't deal with fact that Steve is dead

  82. troyusa0727

    Gotthard is still great but I miss Steve so much. :(

  83. Loulounet

    J'adorai GOTTHARD avant le décès tragique de Steve.
    On ne peut pas vivre sur des eternels regrets. Gotthard est le nom d'un groupe, donc il faut laisser un peu de temps au jeune nouveau (que j'aime bien, par ailleurs).
    Steve avait un timbre de voix exceptionnel. Mais que faire ? Enterrer Gotthard parce que le malheur l'a frappé ? Nic... Let Them Talk !

  84. steevo454

    They really couldnt have got anybody better to replace Steve

    Steve would be Proud

  85. Francesca Orelli

    È stato veramente bello partecipare come "figuranti" alla realizzazione di questo video stupendo! Grazie ancora ragazzi <3 <3 <3

  86. Timo Nikku

    If you like to hear this band many times / day, load iTunes, click RADIO - HARD ROCK / METAL - and SONATA HELLVETICA ROCK RADIO.
    Damngood swiss radio!

  87. Señor Anillos

    Muy bueno,1000!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Barbo

    Concert in Bern tonight ! Fuck yeah !

  89. Kaz Jet Luver

    Bring it to Australia Boys !

  90. John Marsh


  91. Caledonia1986

    Awesome music, lovely girls and roaring engines... Did I die and end up in my version of heaven?!

  92. Cory 10k

    Would have loved to see these play at Firefest but i'm in Perth Australia at the moment shame cause this rocks :)

  93. Demonique

    ja tam wolę ich poprzednie piosenki ale tu też nieźle wymiatają

  94. Tonyr67

    I don't know!

  95. Tonyr67

    OK, funny guy! My apologies... It looks like one!!!

  96. Tonyr67

    A Slash guitar???? Hahahahaha.....
    Are you for real?

  97. nightfall

    de steve werd niemmer chönne ersetze, aber es cha e neue gäh wos genau so guet cha, eifach anderi stärchene. Im steve sini si gfühlsvolli rocklieder gseh, de neu het e rücheri stimm --> tönt besser bi söttigene lieder. Also beidi si guet, uf ehri art & wis.