Gotthard - Feel What I Feel Lyrics

So much for love
You must've come from way above
Just for a smile and just for an inch
I'll run a mile, I'll run a mile

So much it seems
Might only be just mirrors and steam
Might be the wine
But Iʼve never known a love so fine

Don't wanna wake up from this high

Say that it's fate, say that it's real
Say I'm not dreaming and you feel what I feel
Don't say I'm sleeping, don't let it end
Don't wake me up, I'll never find you again
I'll never find you again

So much to say
Perfection in every single way
I'm taking the dive
Cause I've never felt just so alive

Don't wanna wake up from this high

Say that it's fate, say that it's real
Say I'm not dreaming and you feel what I feel
Don't say I'm sleeping, don't let it end
Don't wake me up I'll never find you again
I'll never find you again, I'll never find you again
I'll never find you again

Say that it's fate, say that it's real
Say I'm not dreaming and you feel what I feel
Don't say I'm sleeping, don't let it end
Don't wake me up I'll never find you again
Say that it's real, say that it's real
Say that it's real, say that it's real
Do you feel what I feel? What I feel
What I feel, what I feel, what I feel
Do you feel what I feel? What I feel

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Gotthard Feel What I Feel Comments

    Great, great rock song. We love ;) Congratulations

  2. Corinna Loeber

    Hammer song mega❤️😀

  3. Fritz Fritz

    Still hangs the style of the band, but miss the old brother.

  4. lolman

    These guys should wear crop tops :)

  5. AngeloAlberto urso

    Amo ghothard

  6. Andi Freisinger

    Nothing similar to Steve.... Vocalist changes Style also😢

  7. Hastin Nuraini

  8. Hastin Nuraini

    the greatest ever

  9. Tommi Takamäki

    Huippu 👍best after him😎

  10. Grant Chang

    Is the bartender with the eyepatch Martika

  11. Charlotte Ziegler

    Meine Lehrerinnen haben diesen Song einmal abgespielt, da wir in der Schule das Thema „Schweizer Interpreten“ hatten. Und ich muss sagen, dass ich dieses Lied einfach nur liebe 💕 Wahrscheinlich sogar noch mehr als lieben, wenn es das gibt :))
    Viele von euch kennen wahrscheinlich diese Band, vor allem die Schwiizer 70,80er Chindli da draussen :)
    Ich bin auch ziemlich schockiert gewesen, als ich herausgefunden hatte, dass der alte Sänger bei einem Unfall ums Leben kam.
    Klar, Nic Maeder wird Steve Lee niemals ersetzen können, das sind zwei so unterschiedliche Personen!
    Und eure Frage an mich ist bestimmt:
    Wen magst du mehr?
    Beide gleichviel!!!
    Wie gesagt, die Band hat sich mit dem Nachfolger sehr verändert und ich mag wirklich beide „Versionen“ von Gotthard. Leute, und warum haben so viele etwas gegen Nic? Ja, er ist neu zu der Band dazugekommen, aber das heisst noch lange nicht, dass er nicht dazugehört
    Steve und Leo haben die Band gegründet und es ist nun ein Schicksal, das wir nicht vorhersehen konnten, dass Steve nicht mehr da ist...
    Man muss damit leben und wenn ihr den neuen Sänger nicht mögt, dann müsst ihr die Musik auch nicht mehr weiter hören. Aber für mich wird sie immer noch die beste Band aller Zeiten bleiben, mit grandiosem Gesang und legendärer Musik

  12. Khlain Syiemlieh

    Greetings gothard , you have hard

  13. CBH440

    Bit of an odd video.

  14. Ritamoni Gogoi

    He looks like Charles xavier

  15. Ritamoni Gogoi

    That's some awesome shit

  16. Oliver Hahn

    wenn ich das wüsste..:

  17. Aa23 aaa

    Viva palencia

  18. Ponypool

    This is the most satanic video I've ever seen. :D

  19. onmi jamang

    my new favourite

    say im not dreaming and like if u

    feel what i feel!!

  20. лариса ошукова

    Привет из России,я его люблю.........

  21. Last Reign

    gotta say this is a great tune



  23. Cleia Cristina Nery Silva


  24. Clau LG

    Who in 2019?😍❤

    Jovener's Tv

    november 1,2019

  25. William McCorrister

    Wake up Boy

  26. tytahxamoh1

    GOTTHARD without Steve is not GOTTHARD. Sad but true.

  27. Kévan V.

    Enfin une voix grave , dans 1 monde de ténor!

  28. William McCorrister

    Awesome song love it …

  29. schwarzerkuerbis

    Sorry but... Bad singer. Rest in peace, Steve.

  30. Fred Dtive

    Feel what I feel🤘🏻🤘🏻😍

  31. Adao Firmino

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk what a mess

  32. Joan Jett

    Great to hear some of the best music...... Isn't that what it's all about, THE MUSIC??? WELL HELL YEAH , OF course it is...

  33. MiouziK 4 All

    Great new singer !

  34. zen poe

    I am glad hair bands like harem scarem pretty maids gotthard from the 80's and 90's still make music,


    Bad song bad voice bad video.crappy band

  36. Emmerich Preissler

    Sorry. Nix geht über Steve

  37. Nicole Enzmann

    Ich liebe dieses Lied 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  38. Loly Benitez


  39. Sinah Scheidegger

    Es isch nömm s gliche mit dämm sänger höt
    Steve Lee isch viel besser gsi
    Schad das jetz e neue het müesse cho .....

  40. David Watson

    Absolutely superb chorus, but it needs to come in sooner and it needs to be repeated more (with straight beat) at the end. Pity they ruined one of their finest moments!

  41. JOKER

    He's no Steve that's all I can say.

  42. Lyana B


  43. Loly Benitez


  44. Mike Powell

    Class act number one band. Too good for the crap being played in the states.


    Wow, this is one of my favorite bands today. Great sound, great mix, great talent. -And, they remind me of old friends.

  46. Random Guy

    A swiss rock band yet is in English with imperial units... something is a bit off here.

  47. David Crabbe

    great song though..

  48. David Crabbe

    deserved it...shuda picked the nice chick at the bar..but then it sez a lot for the new gen...pick ugly then you wont cry when she

  49. Philipp Vonderschmitt

    Noch nicht live gesehen aber eine hamma Band mit hamma Texten !!

  50. Niels Großer

    I can feel the appropriate style, still I miss Steve...


    Say 'Im not dreaming and you feel what I feel.....Don't wake me up, I'll never find you again.....

  52. Al Gore

    There is no such thing as "No one is like him " or ''her'' or whatever. No one sounds like Steve,and no one would sound like Nic. The purpose of replacing is not to copy the previous one.Gotthard was great with Steve,and now it is great with Nic. Both are absolutely amazing.

  53. Andrey Kozlov


  54. ricky moore

    Awesome 1st Single Love it Hope more Come

  55. Baron Kelvin

    Him....!!!..but Him is better!

  56. vali69m

    Great !!!!

  57. Trevor Shear

    Steve will always be the main man.Even though the legend has left us.But this guy isnt bad.

  58. Andy Williams Lopez

    Amazinggggggg 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 yeaaahhhhh

  59. salozmen29

    No Steve Lee. Fuck this.

  60. Roger Schabelreiter

    Amazing Song )))

  61. Scott Eibel

    Holy Shit!! Where has this been! Love it!

  62. Michel Pesenti

    Gotthard continue is Life ! with the Steve memory.... very good ! With a new great singer... Thanks

  63. Виалетта Кириленко


  64. Hakan Dursun

    Brilliant !

  65. Frank Baaske

    Klasse Schweizer Rockband !!Super Song!!!!

  66. Paul Wylde

    4:08 he knows he is a witcher now like Geralt of Rivia xD

  67. Nikki K

    My middle name is Gotthard love this tune 👍🇦🇽

  68. tforal2

    Nic is so handsome

  69. Bruce Wayne

    OMG Great Song!


  71. El Jesik

    Nevím jestli češi...ale na moravě dobrý 👌👍😉😎

  72. José Augusto dos Santos


  73. Renée Matte

    💖♪ ♫ 🎸🎷 🎻🎹🎺

  74. Patrice De Neve

    super groupe !!

  75. DORIS O

    Great video.....great song!!!!

  76. Doge di Amalfi

    Leoni ti sei rincoglionito. Ma manco i fungaroli del Grigioni arriverebbero ad ascoltare sta merda. Il cantante fa cacare.

  77. Yunnanblack

    There was a great vocalist and composer Steve Lee. And now there are parasites, music graphomaniacs, who make money on his name. They can't record anything significant. Music banal, ordinary, vulgar. They have no courage to call the project otherwise. Because without it, they're worthless. And it's not friends, you can't act like that.

  78. Rafa Bierhals

    She dosen't feel what I feel...

  79. QTee

    As i said .. i just feel what i feel...i don't control it..

  80. Rüdiger Müller

    That's my birthdate... 4.4.1984! ... I just thought it's only GammaRay/Helloween, AmonAmarth, Glittertind, (singerexchange tricked) Shakra and Saxon following ...

  81. horse lover

    Fuck of and day

  82. Fanor Castilho

    Banda fantástica! Baaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!

  83. Aline Oliveira

    Miss you Steve...😭😭😭💝

  84. Zorai Nascimento

    Eu. Gosdo. De. Vc seis. Saudades. Da. Musica. E de. MAis! !!!!!!

  85. Graphicsor

    similar voice with steve

  86. julio cesar ortega arellano


  87. Ikidu Auren Auren

    Fantástico tema!!!

  88. 81 Black


  89. Debora Dias


  90. Zakk Jang

    Just amazing!

  91. Fritz Fritz

    Nik, don't fuck up.....

  92. Fritz Fritz

    Salute to Steve, hope the new groove measures up.