Gotthard - Cupid's Arrow Lyrics

How long, do I have to feel the blame
I don't know
So wrong, I'm only wasting my time
It's been a strange kind of love and I know
It wasn't meant to be
Found it so hard to believe
It happened to me
But I can't live without you
Don't know if I want to
Always trying so hard to understand
Still I'm holding feelings
Still I can't believe it
You've always got the best of what I am
So why does it have to be me
I know, out there someone's waiting for my call
Ain't no doubt
Yeah I would do anything
To share this sweet love's desire
I got a fire burning deep in my soul
Guess it's so easy to see, yeah
Here I stand with my arms open wide

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Gotthard Cupid's Arrow Comments
  1. vali69m

    2019, wake up !

  2. Frank Klaudusz

    great band

    Rasmus Eriksson

    Yes They are great

  3. 41Mandalorian

    Knock knock

    Rasmus Eriksson

    WHO are there