Gosdin, Vern - This Ain't My First Rodeo Lyrics

You say you're mama called and you must go
She's down in the bed and needs you so
And you don't know if you'll be coming home tonight or not
But, honey ain't your mama sick a lot?

Lately, you're head hurts every night
Could it be you wear your clothes too tight?
Since you don't seem to hear or see a thing I say or do
Then I know there's nothing I can do for you

This ain't my first rodeo
This ain't the first time this old cowboy's been throwed
This ain't the first I've seen this dog and pony show
This ain't my first rodeo

You're telling me you lost you're wedding band
Somehow you say it slipped right off you're hand
And when I asked about those boxes stacked there by the door
You say it's just some old things you don't wear no more

I didn't make it all the way through school
But my mama didn't raise any fool
I may not be the Einstein, of our time
But honey, I'm not dumb and I'm not blind

This ain't my first rodeo
This ain't the first time this old cowboy's been throwed
This ain't the first I've seen this dog and pony show, honey
This ain't my first rodeo

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Gosdin, Vern This Ain't My First Rodeo Comments
  1. Tina Windham

    I love me some Vern, but I am not bashin any other artists bc I have love enough for all them good ole country songs!

  2. Richard Baker


  3. Bobby Fairchild

    This song reminds me of my ex-wife who got unbelievable pissed off because I divorce her because I disagree with her having a boyfriend. Lmao. This is the song. My ex hates it


    well Bobby just like a man if a woman isn't getting sex at home she will go out and find it somewhere.

  4. Charlie Hightower

    Makes my panties moist.

  5. Dave Wollenberg

    RIP, Vern. The Voice.

  6. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  7. George Swift

    Like my first (and only) ex- wife! Another cheatin song!

  8. Christy Rowland

    This anit my last rodeo

  9. Gio JAJE

    Country songs are always in my heart everafter...

  10. Heather Brown


  11. Vize Iron

    I can send a picture of my grandpa hes dead now he died a few years ago but I can litteratly look at my papaw and they look like identical twins theres no way in hell you can tell them apart

  12. Mike Allen

    Love this REAL country!

  13. Mg Giezentanner

    The velvet voice .

  14. Ingrid Sjöberg

    this is the voice. EVER. Love from Vilhelmina Sweden

  15. Jeffrey Simpkins

    If you keep your mouth shut and your ears open and afew other acute senses .It'll take you about 8 seconds to reach a conclusion.He or she is stupid or full of shit,or both.

  16. Bobby Thrasher

    I seen him in hiawassee ga when I was 8 with my mom and dad.never forget it.still got a bandanna from then..memories

  17. Thomas Dignan

    One of the purest country voices of all time.

  18. Michael Blackwell

    Helll yes i know how this feels

  19. Mark Breland

    New country ain't a pimple on Verns ass.

  20. Franklin Warner

    Nice. Song.

  21. Mike Pokai

    Watching again ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #14 on the country charts in 1990!!!

  23. Mike Pokai

    Love Vern his music suits my voice,I wished I had found him years ago ❤️😎👍

  24. Hagy Railenno

    gimme some sugar

  25. chip Reese

    Love vern!! Ain’t your momma sick a lot😁😁😁😁

  26. Keith Richard

    Man I would two step to this song back then!

  27. im not a polotician look at pictures on phone

    Yea Wisconsin i lived it

  28. Davebow Hol

    Dead 10 yrs. wow !

  29. phoenix 22

    don't it though..........look nice

  30. Patricia Arnold

    Pure country😎

  31. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Dont forget the new shit.No excuse for a flyby to see if pining.Ive decided you're a petty instigator and dont fall into place with my PLAYER 45 of Baby Come Back.So get some gone .

  32. Nolan Gentry

    He was the voice

  33. Greg Francis

    If it sounds country, man, that's what it is ! Great song / Great artist !

  34. Donald Vanderford

    its the real deal I love it!

  35. Vize Iron

    I swear I'm not kidding my papaw hes dead now but him and vern gosdon looked exactly alike and another thing my papaws name was Vernon

  36. Teresa McClanahan


  37. Jesse Carver

    Rip vern gosdin

  38. Erica Conley

    What the heck!?! Why isnt this played on the radio today!😢

  39. Josh Deere

    True story: My brother moved to Nashville in the mid-90s to pursue a songwriting career. His first job there was washing dishes at the Bluebird Cafe. One night Vern Gosdin came in and he and my brother started talking. After they closed down for the night, he and my brother went out to his truck in the parking lot and sat on the tailgate and played guitar and sang together for about an hour. My brother always says it was one of the greatest experiences of his entire life. What a legend.

  40. Brandi sherwin

    This ain’t this COWGIRLS first rodeo 👍🏼

  41. Brian Allen

    My momma didnt raise no fool!

  42. Jordan Johnson

    i dint make it all the way to school but my momma didnt raise a fool i may not be the einstein of our time but im not def and im not blind i flet thta man

  43. Jordan Johnson

    the voice hats off to this man he deserved alot more respect then he got

  44. bob dean

    aint mine either

  45. Mark Howard

    real country stop

  46. Bennedict Arnold

    Mine either pig

  47. SS Guy

    Does he harmonize with himself on this track?

  48. Shawn Duncan

    I was 17 years old when I first heard this song. His voice and his music is something that I never forgot. His music is definitely one of a kind

  49. Bee Penn

    fuck the public

  50. Robert Burton

    Fine great country

  51. big kuntry

    has any1 else seen tgat even tim mccgraw n kenny chesney are drifting away from this country n singing that shit pop country bullshit

  52. highnrising

    Great record--and the only country song I know of that name-checks Einstein.

  53. Larry Crawford

    Vern Gosdin is the king

  54. btownmxer

    Miss that whine of a steel guitar

  55. Tricia Frazier

    Now, this is country!

  56. George Kovacs

    Mr. Vern Gosdin was a true "Country Artist", he sang about what he knew, hard work for little pay, social ostracism and 'deep as Hell' loneliness!

  57. I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?.

    In that picture he looks like that guy who runs the bar in the show Walker Texas Ranger lol.. Anyone know what I'm talking about?. LOL
    Anyways I grew up listening to this great music and I wish I could live in those moments forever!. Sure I had ups and downs but this kind of music truly made it home, if that even makes sense. RIP Vern Gosdin and thanks for the memories!.🙏🙏🙏

  58. alan betts

    I'm not dumb and I'm not blind.

  59. mary avenatti


  60. Cecil Wells

    Please comeback country music. This man was fantastic.

    Angela Allen

    Ive always loved vern

  61. Nicky Pippin

    Country music at its finest

  62. ACE M

    Oh I love his voice ....

  63. Brian Allen

    Great song

  64. Ron Burgendy

    Me at my second rodeo

  65. Erica Ferron

    when I was a child back in Jamaica, my mom brought back country music from Canada. this was one a them. I,ve never forgotten this song during 36yrs after. I just have to come here and put it on repeat. puuull up!

    Davebow Hol

    what part of Canada. I'm in N.S.

    Erica Ferron

    ottawa.she doesn't live there anymore

    Anita Davis

    At least Canada knows real country music

  66. Wayne Hargrove

    Country period.

  67. postcardsfromheaven

    what a cleaver song !

  68. Kay McClain

    Vern Gosdin sing and I can't help crying Its like being at church again.The spirit moves

  69. E Neves

    For damn sure, to the slick ones.

  70. Michael Keegan

    Now This is country music!! Pure country that i really miss.

  71. Outlaw 9020

    This is REAL country this is COUNTRY MUSIC

  72. Cecil Wells

    Vern is, and will always be one of the greatest entertainers of all times. Country music will never be the same with out him. Miss you man.

  73. Jesse Mask

    We need more of this kind of a sound in todays country Music, Listen up Nashville this switch might just sell some records...its what the people want

  74. Ruth Boykin

    Love all Vern Gosdin! Thank you!

  75. J Hawk

    Been a fan of Vern ever since i was shitn green....

  76. Harvey Prockiw

    How many times I've sang this song, with and without music!!God Bless you Vern Gosdin!!

  77. Antonio Luera

    Priceless musis

  78. Greg Francis

    Classic Country!!!

  79. Chris Bolin

    Vern had the Voice

  80. Harvey Prockiw

    Love this song and use this saying all the time, being born and raised on a farm.

  81. Greg Francis

    Another timeless classic!

  82. Debra Holst

    This is one great country singer.WHAT happened to country music? I miss the old country music. I miss the twang....My mama didnt raise no fool...

    JIM Donovan

    CHRIS STAPLETON & LUKE COMBS will set ya straight

    Ramona combs-Carter

    Debra Holst koiu

    Ranch Managers

    What irritates the hell out of me is when they get on the same lyric/line and repeat it over, and over, and over, and over, etc adnauseaum. Hell, even I could write a song if the lyric(s) were (was) only one line long. lol

  83. Phillip Reynolds

    The greatest!

  84. Terry Boren

    Well what can you say. I guess it wasn’t his first rodeo. Thanks for the post

  85. hoss glover

    I think alot of us have been too the rodeo once 😉

  86. Vicki Davis

    He's one of the true voices from days when you're sounds defined you. I miss his "Voice".

    Eugene Stepp

    Listen to him all the time

  87. ichigo hollow form

    great Country singer

  88. countrysinger1951

    Just saying...... there must be 103 really DUMB people out there !!!

    Andy Norvell

    countrysinger1951... It up to 107 now...they just a bunch of jealous Toby Keith and Aldene and Eric Church fans

  89. Eric Grosch

    It's a great song, musically, but the following lyric spoils it slightly for me because of its obscurity. Can anyone explain it? It seems to imply some logical connection between losing her wedding band and the boxes stacked there by the door. Why does he considers her explanation of the boxes as "just some old things she doesn't wear no more" to be somehow her deceiving him about how she lost her wedding band? What does he consider to be the true explanation (which she is not giving him, but which he understands to be the true explanation) for her having lost her wedding band and for those boxes stacked there by the door? What things does he know are really in those boxes stacked there by the door, if those things be not "just some old things she doesn't wear no more?"

    "You're telling me you lost you're wedding band.
    Somehow you say it slipped right off you're hand.
    And when I asked about those boxes stacked there by the door.
    You say it's just some old things you don't wear no more."


    Eric are you really that dumb?  what this song means is that she is running around with other men on him. come on I know that you are not that dumb. and the boxes by the door means that she is getting ready to leave him. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Eric Grosch

    I'm not the Einstein of our time either but, in my anguishing experience, as a divorced man, a woman would not give so subtle a hint that she's about to leave as to set boxes by the door, preparatory to the final exit, nor would she pawn her wedding band, though, I suppose that a poor woman could do that. I would think that she would leave him physically first, then pawn her wedding band. Signs of slipping around and preparing to leave would be more obviously evident, I would think, such as long, unexplained absences from home, then the appearance of a process-server at the door at 7 AM one day to deliver a notice divorce-action, then a court-order to vacate the family-home. According to my understanding, in about 75% of divorces, the woman is the petitioner.

    Eric Grosch

    I'm not the Einstein of our time, either, but, in my anguishing experience, as a divorced man, a woman would not drop so subtle a hint that she's leaving him as to leave boxes by the door. The signs of slipping around and preparing to leave would be more obviously evident, such as long, unexplained absences from home, appearance of a process-server at 7 AM one day to deliver a notice of divorce-action and a court-order to vacate the premises. It would be pretty difficult to pack those events into a rhyming lyric, though.

  90. Cool Beans

    Good ole VERN!

  91. Ron Link

    Holly dunn only when i love

  92. Lyn Rains

    Vern can sing anything anyway. Always sexy...like my love....hugs

  93. Terry Porche

    Now that's country music.

  94. Jerry Hanner

    on . .

  95. Franklin Warner

    Good Stuff

  96. Robert Meeks

    this is a good song i drive my 18 wheeler to and my good trucking mu

  97. Barbara Ferris

    Good old Song for Vern

  98. Harv Smith

    hang on and hear that Nashville that is hard core real country playing the way should be oh that's right Nashville you went Hollywood now