Gorillaz - Ascension (Nic Fanciulli Remix) Lyrics

[Vince Staples:]
You are now tuned into the tomb of Jehova
Play my tunes loud enough to shake the room, what's the hold up?
Heard the world is ending soon I assumed that they told ya
They tryna dinosaur us
So now it's time to go up

The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash
The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash
The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash
The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash
(Drop that)

Shake the room (room, room)
Shake the room (room, room)
Shake the room (room, room)
Shake the room (room, room)

[Vince Staples:]
The roof is on fire
She wet like Barbra Streisand
Police everywhere
It's like a nigga killed a white man
I just wanna find a baby mama 'fore the night end
So don't be coming 'round Vince
On that batter ram shit

The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash
The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash
The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash
The sky's falling, baby
Drop that ass 'fore it crash

Drop that
Drop that
Drop that
Shake the room (room, room)
Shake the room (room, room)
Shake the room (room, room)
Shake the room (room, room)
The roof is on fire

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Gorillaz Ascension (Nic Fanciulli Remix) Comments
  1. disconnected lol

    Put the song on 1.25 speed. you can thank me later.

  2. Hawks Zockerleague

    Beat mal sehr geil

  3. Vincent Gladue

    still digging this remix

  4. Maest nyrme

    Un des meilleurs remix de Gorilaz

  5. Edu Fonse

    Este track sin voz seria todo xd

  6. Jamie Mohan

    Fuck sick

  7. Raphael Malik

    Great Vibes 😎. This track is bangin!

  8. 風 kaze :D

    90% of the coments say:
    90%de los comentarios dice:

  9. Dereck Jacamo Velasquez

    i just love the idea the fresh sound of gorillaz with the great fanciulli´s style

  10. Lemonade Child



    i cannot agree but its way to sprawled out and i cannot disagree

  11. YoloJoeTheBro347

    This sounds like something in the John Wick Club Shootout Scene. Idk I just noticed that. Also this song is dope Af

  12. YoloJoeTheBro347

    Gorillaz - Ascension ---ASMR Edition.

  13. NinjaPanda

    I normally don't listen to the remixes but I've heard a couple and they're awesome!!

  14. charon epouvantail

    It s a wtf remix ! My head is on fire ! Thx Nic

  15. deadlock

    1:47 the actual start of the song.

  16. why fye

    1:47 pretty premium

  17. jœl

    The real song dont start until 5:49

  18. ParastaKatrina

    old music will never die :3 I love song Ascension soo much !! :DD

  19. Valentina Roblesb


  20. Sam Howard

    What the fuck is this. I'm not even going to finish whatever noise follows after a minute. Your slow builds and long dramatic intro ruined your remix for me. Maybe next time loop less lol. I love the original song it's so catchy you could have gone serveral directions that would have been fun and easy to listen to but no you repeated the same garbage over and over. Best of luck on the next track.

  21. agustín villa

    que maestro fanciulli

  22. Jhordy Cardenas


  23. heliopyre

    much prefer the remix over the original

  24. DriftErKidZ


  25. damf son

    Snare too loud at beginning, rip earbud users

  26. GabeTYJ

    not as good as original...

  27. darren foster

    Only just heard it. Praise God for annie mac. Very bouncy 🙂.

  28. Evan

    annie mac in the mix

  29. Cameron

    4:21 sounded a little bit like DARE for second there, gave me flashbacks

  30. Bingocharts

    This is AWESOME

  31. vishal chan

    "NO CAPES"

  32. Denisov

    Hotline Miami 2 edit

  33. Ezekiel210

    Eles estão de volta, Oh yeah!!!! finally they are back, boa musica pra relaxar, good music to relax. another one please. mais uma por favor. BR HUE RULES!!!!!

  34. Ezekiel210

    quem diria que aquela pequenina iria ficar assim, até a Noodle cresce, pq sera que a Meggie Simpson e o Ash Ketchum nunca crescem?

  35. Hok 494


  36. Gerald Schön


  37. Cheeky Monkey

    Uncle Sam brought me here✌️


    ya se parecen a Mr oizo :v

  39. Erik Lightner

    Hi there Noodle...

  40. haglenfurger

    why does this sound like a payday2 police assault track?

  41. Cheeky Monkey

    Looking 4 obscure music brought me here ✌️

  42. El Gato Lince


  43. Harmless Basket Likes Chicken

    It's been a bit since they put this out, but I'm here to say it sounds sooo much better at 1.25 speed

  44. Francisco Xavier Alvarez Rocha

    La mejor combinación!!

  45. Daniel Galvez

    I was wondering how it went from 2:30 to 6:09... now I realize it's like the song smoked a blunt then remade itself lol

  46. Pantôrra

    E eu pensando que não tinha como melhorar Ascension


    Amaziiiing <3

  48. Mayara Vieira

    OH MY GOD 💜

  49. Edwin Hussey

    Oh My Fucking God..... laying down heavy, this is soooooo PHAT

  50. ig bay enis pay


  51. Daniel

    wow this is good

  52. Michael M

    I love how the Gorillaz are so open to other people's remixes that they upload the remixes on their channel. I love you guyys. you guys are limitless

  53. Vanllo

    Everest Is Russel with The Barrett? :V

  54. K'la Johnson

    Noodle's garage brought me here lol

  55. Marcos Doria

    Con el fanchuliiiiiiiiiiiiii

  56. Don Traja

    Dope Stuff

  57. Mestre Near

    This reminds me Feel Good Inc

  58. PC Master Race

    0:30 It sounds like 80s-90s exercise music. 😆

  59. Maui

    I came here from a pandora ad

  60. kep p

    Fuckin amazin!

  61. Poop

    i think the remixes sound more like gorillaz then the originals

  62. Noodaru

    the worst song they have ever put out

    Stephen Shaw

    i know right? ...bad-assed. ;)

  63. MrTheinter1992

    nadie en español? es en serio?

  64. Jon

    Staples* 😬😬 Sorry imma hated on for this

  65. Alexander Salz

    0,75x for creepin mambojambo terrorbass ^^

  66. DJ Deano K

    Good !! Dark pop progressive House.....

  67. Mary Anderson

    Sorry but this is sooo much better than the original....can't get enough of it!!

  68. Lluvia Rodriguez

    this makes me want to kidnap my older brother

  69. Haziel Gtz

    i like it

  70. Kermit The Dog

    BBC radio 1 appear to be in love with this remix, and I hear it everyday........ Not complaining.

  71. mindless monk

    Bring fourth the drum machine.

  72. John Heathrow

    wow all the videos are the same thing. lame............

  73. im not east

    Ass Cension

    this song keeps saying ass so i had to say it

  74. Rust

    I got a Roblox ad on this.

  75. Yaha Saki

    This remix could clearly be an Hotline Miami OST. Love it so much ! Congrat"z" !

  76. uhh commenter??


    Stephen Shaw

    lol ...remix. ...should be an hour long. :)

  77. Ben Moreau

    anyone else here because of the app?


    This remix is awesome tho.

  79. La PaúL

    like si hablas español y te gusta la música en inglés 😏😏😏

  80. Shunky Tonk

    A good song to play with overwatch

  81. R KS


  82. R KS


  83. Jason Molyneux

    Its 7am and this REMIX is a banger....whoop whoop....

  84. im not east

    Who the heck is Vince Stapes?

    Jacob Gardner

    a rapper, he's made some good music. I'd suggest you check him out.

    im not east

    You clearly don't get the joke

    Jacob Gardner

    +Da East Zombie I did after I said it, but it was to late😂.

  85. yeah

    Idk i dont like this remix, it doesnt fit the energetic vince staples voice and its overall mediocre tbh

  86. DeadManzHand

    when does the song start????

  87. Stephen Shaw

    This version ought to be the big groove of #Summmer2017 #MakeItSo

    Stephen Shaw

    wow. thanks SPS. appreciate it. cool tune huh?

    Stephen Shaw

    Stephen ~ yeah; it's groovy, eh? ;)

    Stephen Shaw

    Still :Dancing with the :Devil, Steve?

    Stephen Shaw

    Stephen ~ you know it! ;)

    Stephen Shaw

    Oh, thanks for the remix, Nic. :)

  88. Антон Мосолов

    its better

  89. John Smith

    Sweet as Cola!

  90. Cristian MJC

    why isn't this on Spotify

  91. Kendall17

    están genial 😍💕

  92. Andres Clari

    una chota

  93. Diego López

    But why does it say Vince Stapes in the description? Isn't it Vince StapLes??