Gorilla Zoe - Waddle Lyrics

Can't talk about money
That ain't really fair
He talkin to his girl
But she lookin over here
Smokin on his mid
And hes drinkin him a beer
Bubbas got a blunt
Put some kush up in the air
And I'm like pass me a bottle
I don't want your girl man I'm finna pull a model
Lady man shawty I'm a young dun dodda
Them thangs on my waist
So I walk with a waddle

I walk with a waddle
Walk with a waddle
My jeans hang low cause my pockets fulla guapa
My chain hang low cause my ice fulla water
I walk with a waddle
I walk with a waddle
A whole lot a swagga
I'm a young dun dodda
I walk with a waddle
I walk with a waddle
See us in the spot
We don't dance we just waddle
Walk with a waddle
Walk with a waddle

Get any bitch I want
Cut it like a schwag
I walk around with 20 grand in the gucci bag
All my niggas G's
Ya'll just hella fat
We move em by the three's
(yall just sellim bags)
I been gettin rich
I heard you niggas mad
I heard you niggas broke
I heard you down bad
You need to work it out
Gon to your gym class
We been workin out
Droppin off them gym bags

I'm stayin countin gualas while I walk into the kitchen
My rang and my watch (told) my necklace I was trippin
I hit em with a holla
I'm down for a shot a
I walk it like I talk it gucci actin like a balla
My iced out doggies same size as a yorkie
But if you touch this dog tho the owner start barkin
I'm hood a then your boyfriend
Richer then your husband
Wabble with the bottle
I'm a east atlanta scolla

Yuuuuuurm it's borin
Block wake us up,its no clock, we snorin
Six rings on you can call us robert horry
Still bust supremes down zone 6 cornin

Yeah we on the block still lotterin
Brought the A down from west side at the marlin
Catch us in the club it ain't rainin it's pourin
When we leave the club it's with a bitch in somethin foreign

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Gorilla Zoe Waddle Comments
  1. Phinesse DaPlug

    They never released this video.

  2. Piotr Richie Rich

    Poland 2019 still walk waddle

  3. HolyShicks

    holy shit never knew there was a video!!!

  4. Anastasia UNDER CONSTRUCTION! garcia ross

    Still bumbing this in 2019and at 0:07 yeah that’s meh heeeyyy world

  5. Jean Rhys Forges

    The Only Gorilla Zoe I Like

  6. UrbanSkaternotreally

    ol dirty gucci mane

  7. I'm an Asshole

    Love when the beat drop🔥🔥🔥

  8. David Cosler

    Hey I love you guys , my son has me listening to Y'all! 💋

  9. Mc001Rem002

    Just installed one SA 12D4 in a slamboxusa of eBay custom box, and this was one of the first songs I played after a little breaking in... with my mrd M605, paralleld wired to 2 ohms... a lil over 600 clean watts from my baby alpine... Sounds NICE!💯

  10. Julian Pittman

    Nicki Minaj is in this video!

  11. Donald Long

    this is probably his best track to date.

  12. George Luna

    2017 Washington state 509

  13. Chris Conway


  14. San Yates

    shorty with the blue hair STILL BADD in 2016

  15. San Yates

    NANDO RIP 🙏🙏🙏

  16. Red Foxxx21

    one of his best tracks.

  17. TwistedCoiler

    1:40 PAUSE your welcome ;)

    charles makoni

    TwistedCoiler e

  18. the Mexican

    walk with a. waffle

  19. Ganja Puff

    mind blowing beat

  20. Ganja Puff

    mind blowing beat

  21. Ganja Puff

    sub plus this beat equals mind blown

  22. Ganja Puff

    sub plus this beat equals mind blown

  23. Ganja Puff

    sub + this beat = mind blown

  24. Ganja Puff

    sub+this beat = mind blown

  25. Ganja Puff

    sub+this beat = mind blown

  26. 662chillin

    Underrated track by Zoe.... the beat is crazy. You won't appreciate it until you hear it on some subs in ya ride


    Subs in my truck countdown.... Uhh well whenever I get my tax return. can't wait!


    2 12 jl audio hatchback vw golf - destroy my dome everytime . Agree underrated - and this is where Gucci started coming into the game for me at least haha

    Yura Bond

    oh when high


    662chillin or after that sour d.

  27. Maxwell Cullen

    Gucci and Zoe and Luney Tunez? Now That's a HIT!

  28. jr sanchez

    This ma jamm tho!! Bumpin dis in 2k15!!!

  29. jr sanchez

    No wonder his Girl lookin over there her man fat as hell lmao

    Anastasia UNDER CONSTRUCTION! garcia ross

    jr sanchez that is only acting I was Actually dating Zoe at that time but I’m a good actress so he wanted me to do that little scene to look like I was looking at another dude but YO THAT SHIT WORKED !!! you know all the shit acting most of the shit fake but that’s me that’s is with the fat dude lol but do you peep old Gucci mane??

  30. Fab


  31. XIts GeremiX

    Dis my issshh)) !!

  32. Cusi maniac

    Tits @ 1:40 LOL #nipslip