Gorilla Zoe - Untamed Gorilla Lyrics

Ya I'm an untamed Gorilla
Hit you wit a slug
No its 9mm
Find me in the projects straight hood nigga
Red beep beep
Yes sir Im gunna hit em
I'm an untamed Gorilla
Ya I make the chain do flips I'm a wizard
Real nigga say (Hey)
If you go throw money like confetti then let it rain
I'm 8 towns hannibal
Mo Fuckin cannibal
Untamed Gorilla bitch you should of fed the animal
See I been to hell and back
Sold weed, sold crack
Bust first, bust back
Fuck beef whats that
Kill them, shit to lose
Shit to prove
Whats the move
Time to eat
Wheres the food
Barrel to the head
Bust a tooth
You know what a man nigga gunna do
You know what a man nigga been through
Now you don't want beef with you know who
Tell me what I do
Stay strapped

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Gorilla Zoe Untamed Gorilla Comments
  1. Brandon One

    Time to eat where's the food

  2. Mr. Goldfish

    2019? This song reminds me of my "rebel" days XD

  3. Mr. Goldfish

    This song reminds me of my "lil rebel" days

  4. Theresa McFarlane


  5. Joe Moe

    Darth Vader on a hoe black Benz black gauge on the flow black jeans black shoes to match try me get splat

  6. Majestic Lyrics

    Dude 2018 + still

  7. Emmett Larson

    Find me in the projects straite hood nigga

  8. Emmett Larson

    2018 not a big gorla zoe fan but this album defently good!!!

  9. Emmett Larson

    U should of feed tha animal!! ... Find me in the projects straite hood nigga!! Ya

  10. Wear Montgomery


  11. Wear Montgomery


  12. Emmett Larson

    ya should of feed tha animal

  13. Emmett Larson

    love this song I blast this often seriously find me in the projects straite hood nigga. I'm white tho lol

  14. Kame Dot

    catch a krakka duck em one time 🔫😈🔫😈

  15. Dallin Shepherd

    I like to listen to this before I play football. you have to be in the zone if you want to sack the quarterback every other play!! :)
    it helps me envision the quarterback's face as he gets a face full of dirt and grass. #number18  #D-end 

    206 guy

    Keep smackin em bro!

  16. jr edward

    Im Edward Gaskin i have two youtube accounts because im raw like that

  17. Edward Gaskin

    this song rules

  18. ricky john

    this song sucks

    Lambo Rambo Famborghini

    Fuck you

    Cindy Mathena

    My name is Ricky Bobby and if u don't listen to gorilla Zoe then fuck u


    Fuck you you piece of shit.

    Mr. Goldfish

    Fuck off dick

  19. _FredTheFish_

    that lots of money

  20. allen haskins

    ....piece of advice...act like you have a mother.....serious.....it's your life and it is this world

  21. allen haskins

    fuck it i give

  22. allen haskins


  23. allen haskins

    fuck we all cool these days?.....or quiermos carne

  24. allen haskins

    no quiere carne con tu ares sabe who

  25. allen haskins

    if you want a fairly decent 101 street education pay close attention to this advice.......or be a fucking stupid idiotic fien that believes one is king

  26. Hunter Bigelow

    @XxBlackOpsThugxX im 110% with you on that i respect all musci to just couse i dont like it does'nt mean im going to talk shit and hate im a strereo fan so when it comes to putting a thump in the subwoofer i lissin to gorilla zoe and any good tru rap with bass like this sing this song is perfect. ill admit i dont like rap were they sing all about there cars,money,houses,drugs and girls and thats it. i can lission fron gorilla zoe to we are the ocean it also really depends on my mood.

  27. LDOGG517

    @houstonn005 thats basically the basis of rap


    Fuck you you piece of shit.

    rj benjamin

    @WORLDBEATER 01 that was 7 years ago lmfao wtf